dorothy shoes

Ah, that I & rsquo; s like & rsquo; been to Paris : not a soul in the streets and shops (Paris beach I t & rsquo; love). We can make great business and identify wonders by being the only instantly (exit the furies biting you l & rsquo; object of your lust). In Tatters (n & rsquo; not insist, I do not give my best addresses, I am naughty !!), j & rsquo; have found my graaaaaal : des dorothy shoes.

Just by Typing “Dorothy shoes” gogol on to realize that many girls have, in seeking, dream about (like d & rsquo; d also by typing the & rsquo; found it, nothing n & rsquo; to see but c & rsquo; is nice)… This m & rsquo film; also many marked when I & rsquo; was a kid, and these shoes have remained a kind of fantasy. J & rsquo; d had & rsquo; s also cracked & rsquo; last year for manoush red glitter shoes because they rappellaient me the magician d & rsquo; oz.

Except that my ruby ​​shoes are beautiful leather shoes, Chantal Thomas, without the potentially more rock & rsquo therefore node; n roll, barely worn and that & rsquo; they m & rsquo; cost € 60 : I swim in happiness :)

My lover has struggled to understand my joy when I tried and that I & rsquo; have noted with joy that & rsquo; they were my size hair cell. I kept telling him “but do you realize, no but you realize ??” turning on myself in the mirror in the shop. For him it's just red shoes that shine and which will saloper carpeting s & rsquo; crumbling, then when j & rsquo; have finally “and my size and more, c & rsquo; is a sign from heaven”, I think I l & rsquo;'ve definitely lost…

Et vous, l & rsquo; aesthetics of this film also marked you ?

Images taken on screencap heaven.