Tintintin… Here here it, holding my evening christmas… Ok j & rsquo; is a little late, you digest your evenings in the family and you & rsquo; had somewhat forgotten, but like many curious little m & rsquo; asked what I & rsquo; had finally chosen (or they s & rsquo; slapped in serious but it allowed d & rsquo; initiate discussion) for my evening at Christmas showcase, ben j & rsquo; going to let you down like that. Actually you can imagine a little non ? Indice : I am a girl (whaaa, scoop isnt’ it ?).

Yeah guys, I'm a girl and therefore I don & rsquo; neither chose held 1 not even 2 nor the 3. Like that you arrived you to one of 3 outfits you showed your beloved, even s & rsquo; he made the & rsquo; s effort & rsquo; rave about at least one. Non, it always puts another, in preference 5 minutes before leaving. To me it was obvious from your comments, none stood out, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; everywhere there was something wrong. J & rsquo; have opted for a derivative of the first for I & rsquo; had too keen to offset these and my p & rsquo; tite pin. And to be quiet, j & rsquo; put my basic home basic, one that always goes ALTHOUGH & rsquo; it happens : my little black dress vanessa bruno. Pretty neckline, empire waist to gorge on p & rsquo; tits ovens without suffering, short and just right for me jiggle on the track.

Voilou, I see you disappointed, oui, c & rsquo; was simple, but at least I don & rsquo; have regretted nothing !.