When I go to work in the morning in the cold, I always look at my cats and I envy : Sasha is the little ball on the sofa silk duvet, and Sophie basks fingers of feet up in front of the radiator on a small woolen blanket (it takes d & rsquo; otherwise indecent poses when she feels really good).

And I feel good when I returned in the evening that & rsquo; n & rsquo they, not really moved except to nibble a few kibbles, look out the window, yawning, or play with a few nuts (they love).

[imagebrowser=103] J & rsquo;'d really like to test a cat of the week, to see if I'll end up not m & rsquo; bored, with the program :

– Sleep every two hours
– Stay sprawled in front of the radiator warming my back.
– I go back to my belly heat.
– Watching everyone with this noble and condescending air that would make all my charm.
– Sulking because my meal & rsquo; he spent more than 2 hours in the bowl, downright begin a hunger strike for such contempt.
– Have a nice soft fur all.
– Beeeeelle me all day.

Liste non exhaustive, thank you god I'm not there all day to watch (although I can see that their Sunday & rsquo No program is too loaded !)