J & rsquo; could have called this post “one for all, all for one”. Reworking the pictures that m & rsquo; was evident : the sleeves of the blouse + l & rsquo; badge + the cape and it looks like d & rsquo; artagnan, Caution !

I do not know how I manage, but when I m & rsquo; dresses I always end disguised half, This must be my too great love of the range that s & rsquo; expresses unconsciously. Mais ça va j’assume, after all the clothes c & rsquo; is made to laugh.

Edit : my little sister makes me d & rsquo; also remarks that & rsquo; instead of “cape ASOS” j & rsquo; should have written “cape ACTS” has been !

– Cape Asos, As for boys blouse H&M, short topshop, derbies Garrice –

That's my second cape, that put up for ages to arrive & rsquo; to me : wrong item sent by Asos, Return to the post, reception, re-dispatch… Long but less effective, I am delighted with the d & rsquo services Asos (topshop least it makes me think that & rsquo; I must prepare you a small article on that).

To celebrate I went to roll in the leaves, Wait c & rsquo; is tradition, Every year I go roll in the leaves, one is a fashion blog cutesy girly or not ?