So, go, Bali c & rsquo; n & it's over rsquo; speaks more, chuuut !! I must furnish me back to work !

C & rsquo; is left for my little section of the look of Saturday in Paris. This week, c & rsquo; is special post-holiday because it n & rsquo; is not really the style feast…

After spending two weeks in the same clothes comfort, j & rsquo; have a little trouble m & rsquo; back there. Every year on holiday, I wear the same blue and red dress with hibiscus, the same khaki pants off, and white T-shirt.

I think d & rsquo; otherwise I wear the same clothes on my vacation photos of these 3 last years… Then back to Paris I need a little time & rsquo; adaptation.

I enjoy Paris in general is a little parenthesis in the last two weeks d & rsquo; August to make my transition : Meanwhile, I grow no look. C & rsquo; is very simple, morning, j & rsquo; REALLY grab the first soft tip that comes, and then I m & rsquo; dresses without thinking of anything else that & rsquo; comfort. I put flat pumps whatever j & rsquo; was able to, and sometimes it gives a rather unlikely mix.

Saturday, j & rsquo;'ve done a little effort, but c & rsquo; it was not yet… Luckily photos coffee catch up the rest !

– Robe bel air – Amber Boots BABZOE – cape naf naf – Magali Pascal bag –

– Small street cafe glassware –