As you are curious ones who adore I tell you my life, I am told that some pictures of my new office would make you happy :D

Never will I be launched me into the freelance adventure if I had not had the opportunity to take owls shared offices. Otherwise I would have ended after 2 month work in your pajamas all day munching smacks out of the package, only companions with my cats and conversation of a grandmother 85 years old.

At the sight of this show, my husband had left me for a nurse from the hospital where he works (“all ugly” my eye) and I finish bachelor, diabetic with oily hair.

So offices. I share with a good band geeks, but especially talented and motivating people : Colorz, Monsieur Lâm/Than/lense, Le journal du Geek, Fubiz, First and also a small business buildings (it is not sectarian us bloggers).

And to survive all this testosterone, I brought my girlfriend under my arm Anne-so, which was strewn with the bunnies offices, green plants and roses all accessories, like a dog peed all over the room (but OK, they too have their gris-gris, you'll find them ?)

While the boys receive by courier consoles and other high tech phones, we are received tights, socks flowers and lovely fragrance.

Joyful atmosphere as the evening, when the console is plugged and that balance lady gaga thoroughly balloons. My employee of life do not miss believe me…

*We have not yet decided who played Michael…

Pretty pictures

Almost all of the supplies : Ikea – Helmet URBANEARS – Parfum Marc Jacobs – various kawaïeries – rabbit lamp available at Bianca&thefamily



J & rsquo; there have alluded several times since the beginning of & rsquo; year, and those who follow know : j & rsquo; have a new job since January and it n & rsquo; is not displease me.

I officially longer works for modepass for which j & rsquo; worked as a project leader for launch. Preceded by d & rsquo; d & rsquo other bloggers, I decided to leave the project for reasons I didn & rsquo; not dwell here…
And aujourd & rsquo; hui ? I work in a Agency girls where we see life in pink. J & rsquo; make it a whole lot of things (whose development du blog “the little echo of Montmartre”) that allow me to m & rsquo; blossom because I think I'm definitely not for a single task, j & rsquo; like playing creative Swiss Army Knife, it m & rsquo; amuses.

And I am happy to finally work for someone & rsquo; one who understood that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; not need to work as a 8 am damned to 21h to be effective and think it & rsquo; is as important d & rsquo; have a personal life to be creative and fulfilled. C & rsquo; is someone & rsquo; one that has the same requirement as me and concern for the job well done what pleases me enormously every day, I hate nothing more than sloppy work, quickly hurt in & rsquo; emergency that wastes time for everyone. C & rsquo; d & is a joy rsquo; having to worry about the quality of what I do as timing.


But the best c & rsquo; this person is also understood that I & rsquo; needed freedom and agreed to m & rsquo; to hire 3 / 5th, allowing me to devote myself to d & rsquo; other projects. 3 days in office, 2 days at home, the dream… C & rsquo; is a fairly ideal pace for me, I do not see the weeks pass as it is impossible that I m ​​& rsquo; bored. Continue reading