And I resume where I left loose on my fake post on Brooklyn. What say except that I & rsquo; loved this corner (great corner, Brooklyn is almost 3 times larger than Manhattan !) and if I go back to New York soon j & rsquo; try to stay there so low I & rsquo; loved.

L & rsquo; atmosphere is ultra cool and c & rsquo; is that I & rsquo;'ve found the best shops : small paper mills, thrift stores, sales deposits (awesome), etc…

Our first day at the Brooklyn we & rsquo; spent in Red Hook, Park Slope puis à Brooklyn Heights.

J & rsquo; d had & rsquo; first found a nice little walk in the guinea guide to admire the view from the pier (red hook), and see the Statue of Liberty d & rsquo; another point of view. C & rsquo; were really nice. To go, on avait pris un water taxi, à wall street : le water taxi ikea ! C & rsquo; was free on weekends, what more ?







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Lot was dragged into this industrial area, very rough and super photogenic :)

It was then up & rsquo; the “red hook recreationalcenter & pool” as advised guinea fowl to see families playing football, and above all taste the delicious cuisine d & rsquo; south america concocted by mamas corner : super cheap and so yummy. We enjoyed chicken cooked with small bananas, good rice, patties with cheese and drank delicious fresh fruit juice with watermelon and lime (avec 10 kilos of ice, hmmmm).





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Then, direction Park Slope (by subway, my feet were on fire). Every 5th Avenue between Carroll Street and St Marks square is filled with fun shops veeeeeery, j & rsquo; loved the vintage shop The odd twin – 104 5th Ave (where j & rsquo; bought a little tennis dress vintage sweet), and Beacon’s closet – 92 5th ave, an amazing sales depot where we met some great business, impossible & rsquo; come out empty handed (dixit my lovely reader who m & rsquo; gave this super plane ;). We feel that c & rsquo; is really a way to see the very special things in the US, instead of & rsquo; buy new, it contributes in its way to sustainable development by buying clothes “second hand”. Also do not hesitate to do the little streets that line 5th Avenue, There are also nice surprises.






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Then, stroll in Park Slope, une sorte de mini Central Park (same amenities, same bridges), Must Do, even if only to see the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.



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Direction enfin Brooklyn heights (still underground), to see the beautiful view of Manhattan at sunset, swallow an ice cream veeeeeery (brooklyn ice cream factory, renowned) and go on foot by taking the Brooklyn Bridge. J & rsquo; oddly had a little cold (it was over 30 degrees in New York), j & rsquo; therefore I donned my little sweater bought at € 9 Beacon & rsquo; s closet, even if n & rsquo; my faith was not super hygienic… Here's some shots :)




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The next day, plus cool, we decided to ride around the Bedford Avenue side. C & rsquo; was Sunday, therefore requires Brunch, We flew directly from egg, an ED-LI-HEAVENS restaurant cooking and homemade products more memorable (j & rsquo; still dreaming). As in any good place New York he n & rsquo; there is no place and a long list d & rsquo; waiting (no reservations) : we then entered his first name on the board and we will wander 3 good quarters d & rsquo; time.

not a big deal, Bedford Avenue and the surrounding streets are full of good addresses, small hidden galleries, of brilliant vintage stores and deposits still hallucinating sale. Hard to you a list, but I & rsquo; loved the small stationery and jewelry shop Cat & Bird – 219 bedford ave , The boutique In god we trust – 135 Wythe ave, mini market – 218 Bedford ave (where j & rsquo;'ve bought lots of crap), design shop the futur perfect – 115 N6th street (and all others in the same street). Somewhat hidden there too there Buffalo exchange – 504 Driggs Ave(deposit sale), et Monk – 500 Driggs Ave, absolutely brilliant vintage shop (where j & rsquo; tried this pretty little yellow dress unfortunately too small for me, and where the god shopping m & rsquo; told :)






At Monk



In “In god we trust”


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Then, egg back home for the best breakfast of our stay (we ate there the following week of the coup :). In the program : bénédicte eggs, pancakes, fresh juices, Spicy homemade sausages, sweet bacon (yummm !). A real super good address. Until the order is made coloring on the table or you talk to his neighbors table : charming !




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We then pushed up & rsquo; in Greenpoint where I wanted a ride to the store Fred flare – 131 Meserole Ave, and buy a lot of small crap. Not far, there are Old Hollywood – 131 Meserole Ave, a very nice tiny vintage shop that I & rsquo; loved.


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Brooklyn ? :)

If you go try checking city guide de design sponge sur brooklyn (really well done).