I am one of those Parisian who would prefer to die than to get caught in a tourist area :

-“Hein, comment, no I'm here for work, you can imagine !” RI-DI-CULE j & rsquo; agree, but I can not m & rsquo; stop.

And what is more touristy than the sacred heart, the Champ de Mars and Champs Elysées : Our Lady !

But there, around notre dame, there's this beautiful bridge near the square Jean XXIII that I & rsquo; love, tourist area or not.

This place is for me one of the nicest of Paris at night : flies boats and lights, notre dame that & rsquo; we see between the trees, Area of ​​the park under the street lamps…

A very nice place to coo full shot !

I went to check it out Saturday night, Fall outfits with my new found pleasure (vest wholesale, striped scarves, my boots Mary Poppins, My trench d & rsquo; love…)

See the photos in larger

Vest & monoprix scarf, bottes chie mihara, short zara, Flower H&M, sac vintage century

Quai de l & rsquo; archevêcher Paris 4th (See the map)