It happens to you you ? To imagine full of things when you buy a garment that you like very much ?

Perso, when I do the shopping I always do a little Rebecca Bloomwood in my m & rsquo; imagine in very specific situations with my new purchases, I'm telling myself stories, j & rsquo; guess I'll put all the time, it's going to be my favorite piece bla bla bla.

Except that it never works, sometimes there are garments for which j & rsquo; have real shots heart and finally sleep in my long months of closet. And regularly, something that I & rsquo; bought by necessity (such a navy blue warm jacket goes everywhere), or to go with a dud that I & rsquo; love but I never wear because & rsquo; it goes with anything. These purchases that do not excites me more that & rsquo; & rsquo purchase; a saucepans sometimes become my favorite parts. J & rsquo; have such a vest zara open holes Cashmere, patched up in a hurry who, I know it, gives me small but nothing looks like a lousy n & rsquo; & rsquo incl fact, is my favorite jacket, I put all the time.

Alors, when I & rsquo; I bought this little pink Robiche and these shoes at H multibride&M I thought it would be a great story & rsquo; love. For now it's going to s & rsquo; intends to, we go to the restaurant it is output, but where will he lead us to be able… We will see…

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– Dress and shoes H&M, sac vintage (goldymama) –

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