It was full of & rsquo; benefits to living in Paris, but s & rsquo; there is indeed something hard to swallow (it is the case to say) when you live in the capital, these are the vegetables that & rsquo; one finds there.

J & rsquo; have a nice little scoop near me, well that breaks the chick for decoration, everything is always very colorful, there is everything, even primroses to make nice salads. But the prices are exorbitant and taste rarely appointment. At this monop n & rsquo; is not better, small signs to large displays are jokes and again fruits and vegetables have a fleet of taste dirt.

I must say that my childhood m & rsquo; has made difficult. My great grandfather was a huge allotment garden with orchard and vegetable garden where I & rsquo; when I went frolicking & rsquo; was a kid. J & rsquo; ate strawberries are burning almost sun-baked earth which is wiped, j & rsquo; climbed to fish them for the joy of taste his high-pitched fruit, I was leaving “pick” raspberries a small bucket in hand to finally m & rsquo; empifrer and try my dress, j & rsquo; doriphores pulled the potato leaves, I planted seeds for small m & rsquo; fun…

There, this n & rsquo; is not the last film by Jean Pierre Jeunet, c & rsquo; is the memory of my childhood fruit (mouaaah on dirait que j’ai 60 years when I & rsquo; write this).

All that to say that if I & rsquo; really love Paris, s & rsquo; there is one thing I miss are the good fruits and vegetables. If the & rsquo; a d & rsquo; you has a miracle plan for s & rsquo; procure cheaply without going up & rsquo; I am taking in Rungis…


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Nereid or Nereis :
[Nereis] n. metal. or n. Vernacular masc.Nom representatives of the family of the Nereids, Polychaete annelids wandering characterized by a large prostomium (premier segment) with four eyes, two antennas and two palps and a dévaginable wrong with two mandibles. The Nereids live in the superficial zone of shallow marine waters.

What a nice name for a jewelry brand ! Even though I'm not yet ready to put as d & rsquo; money in high fantasy, I ogle the lovely necklaces and other pins of the brand for a while. And, j & rsquo; s have blessed & rsquo; N2 inlet, branch of the most affordable brand and their adorable d & rsquo loops; Alice ears.





I went to take some pictures of their new shop (and the offices and showroom of the brand) hidden in a small street of the 3rd : the street of the village L & rsquo; Abbée. Impossible to miss because it is immediately caught in the window as by that of a patissier, as a greedy one sticks his little hands on the glass, opening his eyes.







The interior is in the image of this small family business : warm and full of attention for that visit : a lot of details you are beset : objects and antique furniture (Also for sale), showcases, lights, spiral staircase, canopy, chandeliers, hooks of all kinds…








The light diffuses the sublime glass roof, its gleaming chandeliers and the greenery makes this very soothing space, and breathe on :




Largely ill and addicted, j & rsquo; I almost fall for the pretty knots lace vintage handmade by a Japanese in excluded for the shop. Pourtant, they m & rsquo; called from their window…




All m & rsquo; in fact called, cried the little jewels “Elodie, Elodie, take us with you”, but I'm naughty naughty I left there.





When my camera crackles, I resist more easily, I'm obsessed to find the right angle. I left happy as after a good shopping (it always makes me that photos).

Go for it, c & rsquo; surely boooooooooooooo (hop and a good excuse to get there : l & rsquo; invited for their private sales).



C & rsquo; is rare that I & rsquo; have real heart shots for restaurants, but the Pink Flamingo, is a marvel that & rsquo; it was absolutely necessary that I make you discover.

It had been weeks My sister tanait me that & rsquo; we go there together : “you'll see, This is too cute, on mange bien, and is a p & rsquo; tit funny dog”. J & rsquo; was doubtful, passing old street temple, j & rsquo; rather had seen a trendy place as there is so much in the swamp. And yet… Du concept, au service, in & rsquo; atmosphere, the decor and pizzas, all m & rsquo; seduced in this little lovely restaurant finally.


The concept of & rsquo; first : the products are fresh, bio when c & rsquo; is possible, and pizzas are delivered by bicycle. At & rsquo; entry, a sign offers “pink nic” : you order your pizza, you take a pink balloon to that & rsquo; we identify you, then you will ask in a park marsh and you are delivered.

The decor and & rsquo; ambience : the pictures speak d & rsquo; itself, the decor is so cute with tables in black and white tile, nice little reminder to tablecloths & rsquo; Italian, the objects to flamingos, pitchers d & rsquo; how water canteen, and small small lights right left.

[imagebrowser id=222]

L & rsquo; frankly relaxed atmosphere, and really nice service. If you have the & rsquo; look nice, “Tequila” the mascot of the places you will even claim a small piece of pizza making eyes at you. And, the connoisseurs, Edouard recognize behind the counter of the star ac 3 (it seems to me) that n & rsquo; is other than the owner himself.

[imagebrowser id=223]

The pizzas finally, are cooked with fresh and organic dough prepared daily flour products, d & rsquo; d & rsquo oil, virgin olive and salt guérande. The simple basilica tomato mozzarella (la Dante) is a marvel, and the rest of the hyper creative map (en dessert, there is pizza with Nutella to share, Notice to greedy :)

Pink Flamingo
105 rue vieille du temple, 75003 Paris

> There are also in the 10th, but I don & rsquo; have not tested :)