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Caban Etam, mittens Sonia Rykiel, robe Asos, Tabio tights, lacoste boots, écharpe American Apparel

The Paris metro… The first time I & rsquo; have borrowed, I had to have 15 years old, I returned only d & rsquo; stay in the Massif Central or my father lived (Destination CHOICE). Landing at Gare de Lyon, Montparnasse Bienvenue metro goal.

J & rsquo; nothing had captured these stories directions, and was happily mounted on the 1 without attention to it (obviously in the wrong story if n & rsquo; s no & rsquo; interests). I naively thought that the train was about to leave in & rsquo; other direction once arrived at the terminus as the plane above the doors suggested. Que bothered, I found myself with my suitcase and my big eyes little kitten lost to cry on the dock at the end of the line.

Paris for me c & rsquo; Navarro was Thursday night on TF1, l & rsquo; drug hell, j & rsquo; was afraid to kill me : I shaved tiled walls.

As you already know, I don & rsquo; have not finished in pieces in the Bois de Vincennes, an old guy m & rsquo; has taken pity and m & rsquo; said the dock to go in & rsquo; other way by showing me the change at Châtelet as a deep moron (perfect for a beginner Châtelet, PERFECT).

I warn you now, this story n & rsquo; no drop.

Good, continue. J & rsquo; therefore have tumbled at Châtelet with my suitcase twelve five kilos (without wheels s & rsquo; please) to which I clung for fear that & rsquo; a ENRAGE DEALER steals me my sweater and my pants ptites. I was hanging like a lost soul, j & rsquo; could go crawling I would have gone faster.

Discovery moved the line 4 and d & rsquo program frenzied entertainment. The sweaty cheek pressed against the window, I blessed my mother and her “you is great, you can get by you alone”.

If you know a little, you then imagine the maze of corridors in which d & rsquo; had to wander Montparnasse before & rsquo; get to the station from the line 4, at this stage of detours and signs t & rsquo; s & rsquo have; you'll feel like taking a plane.

Both say that my first experience of the metro m & rsquo; left a wonderful memory. To celebrate BIM ! Some Skytrain, because it, par contre, j & rsquo; really love.

And yes no fall j & rsquo; warned !

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

Blouse Asos, short topshop, bottines Jonak, Tabio tights

*Everything is in the title – that depresses me.

J & rsquo; s & rsquo have, look like that to me laugh when I went in the leaves and posing in front of a brick wall as a singer for years 90 on a poster d & rsquo; podium ok, hein ! While at the bottom of which was live bar it makes me sadder than the last episode of Dawson Creek (oh ça va on a TOUS chialé).

As you can see I always put the same shorts, what for d & rsquo; have a full closet chock I ask you !

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles
mustache disguise

Occasionally, I feel a little disguised…. J & rsquo; like so much in crates level accessories add that when I cross myself in a shop window, j & rsquo; & rsquo have the, impression of wearing a disguise.

And in fact… I love it, it m & rsquo; really fun. I do not know why, when I find myself with my knot headband, my glasses I n & rsquo; have no need, colorful accessories, striped, spotted, etc. well I think it totally looks like me.

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– Maje Coat, Loft scarf, Gérard Darel bag, Viktor headband & Rolf, H tights&M, fashionable mustache bazaar –

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J & rsquo; have been slow to dare all at the same time, I don & rsquo; not dare too, j & rsquo; & rsquo was afraid; have the & rsquo; ridiculous… And now I say “even if ?”.