Small tour last week toward the cheap, in the small park where an old school ride with tail mickey and other wooden horses, like j & rsquo; love.

No & rsquo; specific dress effortlessly, just my good old jeans uniform, blue shirt, black jacket boots and leather bag.

I do not know why, but c & rsquo; is this blend of colors that I & rsquo; loves the most, c & rsquo; is a bit my ideal.

Simple et un peu old school, I think that & rsquo; in fact c & rsquo; is what I like, those colors that resemble those of & rsquo; uniform.

I miss more that & rsquo; a small coat of arms, but in the meantime, c & rsquo; is pan pan that sticks to my heart (Rhooo yes, I need to talk to you about my p & rsquo; tite collective pine & rsquo; s…then soon !).

– Etam shirt, bottes AM mode, sac vintage century, jacket and umbrella H&M –