The pencil, 25 Rue du Bouloi – 75001 Paris

L You & rsquo; have already seen in the ticket dedicated to My hair delirium : the pencil is a charming small hotel in the heart of Paris which is kind of my favorite this year.

I often to test for the needs of hotels mon city guide (I live in Paris, So I don & rsquo; d not have & rsquo; go – implacable logic) and many of you wonder when you come to the slopes in our beloved capital.

J & rsquo; have so enjoyed this little paradise that I & rsquo; wanted to share it with you : des Meubles Chinese, work d & rsquo; really nice and unexpected illustration, an ambiance “like home” when that & rsquo; one enters the small hall. The little dej (a description may be, but I j & rsquo; it places great importance) is perfect, soon served on a large table & rsquo; guests. There are rooms from € 85, Paris center for c & rsquo; is a real good place.

P.S : that goes without saying, s it & rsquo; acts NO EVENT d & rsquo; a sponsored item, c & rsquo; is well to remember from time to time but I don & rsquo; never do.

teddy bear

Yes yes I know I repeat myself :) It has only a few weeks I spoke to you the small counter japonisant Kikoumaru. Mais is, j & rsquo; have some pretty pictures to show you and to share a new addiction !

I went to take some pictures of the store irresistable while ago, and of course, in and allant, I don & rsquo; could not resist to the front window and pastries. J & rsquo; so have tasted some Japanese sweets : paste the marron glacé fruit, small candies, and my new obsession : the Daifuku cream matcha and red bean (There are no photos d & rsquo; elsewhere, j & rsquo; have devoured…. The ? mochis ? my new passion ^^

All washed d & rsquo; a small taro bubble tea, miaaaaam !!

Therefore joined Kikoumaru my little book & rsquo; Parisian address that I & rsquo; have decided to return soon update, if you go through Paris soon, n & rsquo; please check it out :)