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The title is pretty self explanatory : I was in Madrid for a few days. I take d & rsquo; a trip to Tenerife for a stopover in a friend who lives in the Spanish capital for some time.

I never travel too in Spain (except when Taking me by the hand) because I do not speak a word of & rsquo; Spanish, which makes communication a bit complicated (without being nasty, Spaniards are also gifted us French English, ie not at all). Mais is, as I do guide me no worries. I miss faraway in the pretty little streets, the parks, good shops and tapas bars. Nothing beats the premises for you to discover a city and its anecdotes.

Here are some pictures of the lovely Retiro Park, its squirrels, his magnificent palace of crystal and some sunshine.


Me voilààààààà !! I know I never used to a long silence outside holidays, but now j & rsquo; admit, between the time difference and the job, j & rsquo; have mismanaged and I have neglected you : evil will !!
I'll catch up a bit this weekend for punishment :)

Okay so, as you & rsquo; have understood it'll be a delusion to London, part I intro, part II places, part III food, part IV shopping. I'll pretend that you don & rsquo; had read nothing in copines if j & rsquo; have not much to tell (Remember also the pictures’Anne so, c’est fou, was the same…).

But first things first because this trip to New York was a sacred history.

Il y a 3 weeks I get an email “sony vaio invites you to new york”…But of course !! J & rsquo; ready are hardly attention and do not even read the email.
A few days later I still deigns to take a look, then both eyes, je lis, je re-lis, je re-re-lis, naaaaan c & rsquo; is a joke, leave my computer Marcel Béliveau, hé hé, it is not to me ! On m’y explique que sony a organisé a competition sick to promote his new laptop, the winners go 4 days in New York with a crazy program : hotel 5*, restos crazy, fashion show, shopping… J made there & rsquo; I almost stopped reading j & rsquo; admit. But some later it m & rsquo lines announced that & rsquo; as a great French fashion blogger (…) j & rsquo; was also invited to this trip.

Pusieurs investigations, googlisation facebook and the chick who m & rsquo; sent the email later : all that m & rsquo; s a & rsquo; serious look my dear watson, but still… She'll answer that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; erred, It's certain !
A week at this sauce here, I don & rsquo; have been some really from that when I & rsquo; I saw my electronic ticket.

I just asked if it would not just purchased d & rsquo; accept this package to promote the pretty laptop vaio, but since I'm writing this blog from 3 mois, for one of these little wonders (in white, history to pass incognito my agency where everyone runs on mac) Ben had no problems what some will think.

Once sure that I & rsquo; going from, that c & rsquo; was not a joke, and d & rsquo; I was not going to be lynched, j & rsquo; have had a bit of a warm relationship with my passport done there 3 years old, believes that & rsquo; it was necessary that & rsquo; it is biometric j & rsquo; I thought all was lost. And against all odds a weird rule allowed my passport delphine just wandering up & rsquo; in New York, j & rsquo; have called 2-3 tourist agencies, checked a dozen times on the site of the & rsquo; American tourist office so c & rsquo; was weird, but OK, know it, if you have a machine readable passport dating d & rsquo; by October 2005 it works, not need a visa or biometric passport. J & rsquo;'m still freaked out when I l & rsquo; have shown for the first time in & rsquo; airport, dork when we are not renovated !

Weekend = no joke, éthique blog = ok, valid passport = c & rsquo; was certain, I was going well for New York whouaaaaaaa !!! Hiiiii j & rsquo; was hysterical and I & rsquo; did so live a very painful week my fiance suddenly small wild cries as soon as it took me, flea jumps in & rsquo; apart and compulsive shopping because shit, had to dress up to go to the US (saw that I & rsquo; have nothing, and I see naked !).

I will not deny that & rsquo; more, Copinettes with it s & rsquo; is largely excited to senvoyer mails all day as Sony had put us under pressure issue dresscode… But that c & rsquo; s another story…. Until tomorrow, promised :)


J & rsquo; was a little let down my little of Sunday bazaars, but now j & rsquo; have little tricks to tell you then c & rsquo; this is handy bazaar.

– First, suspense, I am preparing several surprises you : This Week, and two next week. Come on, some clues : photos / mode / delusions / staging… Ah oh no they're not real clues as you will not find anything with it ! Hi hi hi, I sataniiiiiiique !

Hmmm I corrected myself

– You did see ? If you've seen ! There in the left column link to a pretty lively mes albums photo. I'm sorted, stored, j & rsquo; spent hours there but I like it ! So I will more often 3000 Photos that & rsquo; should always remove me death in & rsquo; ââââme when I made a selection of & rsquo; images in a ticket.

– Rhooo and then j & rsquo; I forgot to tell you, j & rsquo; was blogger of the week mylittle paris (with my p & rsquo; tite flowers designed by kanako) and I & rsquo; it gave my best level terrace… It's here.

– And… Voilà, j & rsquo; had not seen so much to finally tell..