Pastry Gift

Chez Bogato, 7 Rue Liancourt 75014 Paris

Yesterday we talked about change life, and I'm really touched to see that the experiences that I share here make you want, and motivate some to start.

C & rsquo; s why that & rsquo; & rsquo aujourd; hui j & rsquo;'ve finally decided to post these photos in Bogato. I made I believe in September, and I do not know why they have remained in my hard drive so long.

What relationship you tell me ? The report c & rsquo; is Anaïs, Who created this small business : pastry & lovely shop. J & rsquo; loved talking to her of his creation & rsquo; business, because before playing the market cake, Anaïs worked in the pub. And yes ! When I told you that everything was possible, CAP pastry and a business plan later and hop !

And n & rsquo; has not lost its time before it all, there, if n & rsquo; had not had this experience, it n & rsquo; have no plans and mounted Bogato as it & rsquo; brilliantly done : with a concept, a nice identity and creativity.

It seems that many & rsquo; comm old pub and reconvert in this kind of small business, and I find it nice.

And if not c & rsquo; is it Bogato ? For those who follow, you've heard this little name somewhere here : c & rsquo; is actually in Bogato that & rsquo; we ordered our wedding cake : Super beautiful, Super good. A striped cake with chestnuts and blackcurrant. Bizarre as it says, but I & rsquo; had trusted Anaïs and I n & rsquo; have not regretted.

It therefore made big cakes and cupcakes for events in its large and beautiful kitchen with its iron team. She also sells all funniest delicious pastries in its shop d & rsquo; where it is difficult to leave without a small trinket choupinette. A place of perdition believe me !

Attention photos !

Birthday party en vue !


It flies a wedding, very quickly… I remember I had small strokes of blues throughout the day by finding that & rsquo; a long-awaited moment for months ended : the town hall, afternoon tea…

But fortunately, joy and good humor that reigned in the wood lil quickly came to grips with this unpleasant feeling. J & rsquo; was so happy to see that everyone was amazed, that people were laughing, s & rsquo; amused that I could really consider this marriage with & rsquo; j man & rsquo; love as one of the happiest days of our lives.

? Photos Marianne Taylor ?

At the end of dinner, when the night began to fall, j & rsquo; have felt the pressure slowly down and I knew that something new was about to begin : buddies were coming.

We wanted to do a small wedding with everyone that & rsquo; we love, while wanting to invite everyone : not easy. They would not be the trip where n & rsquo; invites people for wine d & rsquo; honor to then tell them bye bye.

So we decided that all our friends that & rsquo; we could not invite to dinner would be for dessert, champagne and party !

Around 22:30 they began arriving, guided by the music that echoed in the woods, and the light path small lanterns. It s & rsquo; is all jumped into the arms, c & rsquo; was like another day which began.

Our lovely cake arrived : a cake of course floor ! It's you never fantasize in comics or cartoons that kind of cake ? Whether !

Maria Chemor the (My caterer) had the & rsquo; excellent idea to mandate Anaïs in Bogato to concoct a wedding cake with onions ptits (yuck ! :D).

A priori strange mixture of sponge cake, cream brown and cassisrecouvert d & rsquo; a thin layer of paste & rsquo; almond. We have trusted them on this one and it was good : c & rsquo; was a delight. It n & rsquo; & rsquo remained that; a little bit the next day and guests n & rsquo; had not a crumb left on their plates.

And our super witness bis, author of our cartons & rsquo; invitation had made us a cute little cake Toper paper, c & rsquo; était choubidou, a nice gift !

After the cake, a special little thing had been prepared with Vianney for the first dance. Repeated choreography with my sister-super witness on a Beggin remix of Frankie Valli.

She had found it on Youtube and s & rsquo; was told it would be fingers in the nose : we were far, but I think it's a good laugh guests.

At the end of our little show witnesses have all joined us on the dance floor with us, and other guests with.

Frankie Valli Begin reedit – Pilooksi

Then hop ! The party was launched, with our great dance floor and pink star (M thank you again. Gilles !) and playlist concocted by my sister (available here on a nice day), red lanterns above our heads.

There was a pretty amazing atmosphere : I think that & rsquo; absolutely everyone danced, like what is no need to clo-clo for everyone s & rsquo; fun.

? Photos silver N&B : Rémi Chapeaublanc ?

See my grandmother dancing on Lily Allen, all my friends banging on a slow reality by rolling shovels, to jump into the arms of time of my life, and screaming like crazy in rage against the machine in the middle of the forest trust me it was worth the detour.

The guests who were there from 15h started slowly up from & rsquo; to 2 am, les potes (fresher) super later danced with us. Most stayed with us sleeping in tents, and while some danced, d & rsquo; s other & rsquo; held to a campfire.

? Photos Lam Hua ?

We all ended up dancing around (non unattended, l & rsquo; alcohol and fire do not mix, n & rsquo; is it not you over there !) and gradually s & rsquo; sit down to talk, and leave quietly off to sleep when the birds begin to sing and the sun rise.

This day ended looooongue, we were exhausted with Vianney, and after a few things that tidy feared, s it & rsquo; is asleep in our pretty blue tent listening to the latest crazy laugh not far from us…