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The collection it's always been something for me, j & rsquo; have been completed workbooks stamps, dried flowers, de pubs (and remember), and objects are not left : glasses, record player, Vintage phones… Ado, j & rsquo; did the magic nestlé to win a radio collection, j & rsquo; d had a can & rsquo; pannini pictures, and then also kits filled pens of all colors or smelling strawberry basil.

In recent months came s & rsquo; add my greenhouse collective heads (j’en ai 23…) and p & rsquo; tits knots. Collect c & rsquo; is my hobby !

But s & rsquo; it is something that I & rsquo; like to collect more than anything, these are the best pictures. I remember the hours spent in the cellar with my mom paring all that cosmopolitan & rsquo; she kept since 15 years to snatch the best pictures and sort them by genre in a big pocket. On Internet, I put favorites all I can on flickr and a few months ago I spent my life on we?it. But then I think I will find something that m & rsquo; obsess a time : mon tumblr.

J & rsquo; there whenever I can collect images that make me dream, I can just as well store j & rsquo; like with tags, and especially, I find in one click the & rsquo; original. And for that, I am a dingo : I do not collect any picture which I know the provenance, I can sometimes spend hours, click from blog to blog, to find which is the & rsquo; & rsquo author; a photo.

And, I have a bunch of tumblr, Rather, those who collect more that & rsquo; they do not produce the same, because there are people who are terribly good at finding great images, which form a, and that, I adoooooore.

Credits : #1 untitled by by Yvette Inufio, #2 svart1 by arvidabystrom, #3 untitled by Valeria :), #4 flights of fancy by IRENE, #5 pink rose by chiaralily, #6 untitled by David urbanke, #7 daydream believers by IRENE, #8 untitled by dorellana, #9 Through rose-tinted spectacles by Miss K.B, #10 love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea by *etoile*,#11 castle by silversaga, #12 April 13, 2009 (360) by Calliope rose.