Marianne Taylor photography

Small break in my super wedding saga to introduce my favorite project of the season. A project with my associates Anne-so and Navie, a blog that & rsquo; we hope not-I and the gnan gnan & rsquo; hope- a really nice french site on marriage : One fine day.

It s & rsquo; is found all 3 around my marriage (they m & rsquo; have helped sooooo !!) and s & rsquo; is said that it would be great to do this project together. So we don & rsquo; not dragged and s & rsquo; is launched.

It s & rsquo; is much inspired foreign wedding blogs with chic ideas, Good addresses and tips. Because Once wed c & rsquo; is super nice, but when you are in France and that & rsquo; preparing his marriage, c & rsquo; s frustrating not to be able to contact photographers, decorators and caterers US.

C & rsquo; is the early start site, there is still little, but we're working on ! Even proposed to play photographe de mariage !

De mon côté, as it would take me ten posts to go into the details of my wedding, j & rsquo; started to itemize all the decor and music on One fine day.

And then we pretty things in preparation to show you very soon ! If you have any suggestions for us :

Photo credits : Marianne Taylor