Photo credit : Ktjean shop

I do not often talk about job here, I find it a bit complicated to tell what I do for a living so it goes in all directions. But then I & rsquo; too had wanted to shout a blow as this project occupies my mind (and my days) recently !

After months of working with Anne-so and the super team Colorz the new version of & rsquo; one day sort aujourd’hui. Whether you are a bride or just a love of beautiful pictures, the decor, des do it yourself en papier, j & rsquo; hope you enjoy this website, there put a lot of us.

I thought it would be the & rsquo; opportunity for the curious to answer your questions about my work. I often receive mails about it, but I still lack time to make them real answers. I'm also pretty busy aujourd & rsquo; hui, So not sure that I can answer for everyone but I will do my best !