Dress Asos, Essie polish, étiquettes eat drink chic, clip Cults, lunettes Asos

Yes I know officially c & rsquo; is next week, but s & rsquo; not a damn ? We must prepare well. I personally mud, and even the gray days I wear a swimsuit top under my T-shirt to ward off bad luck. J & rsquo; am cold, mais j’ai la foi !

Bulk as d & rsquo; habit ! A small Asos dress with a heart-shaped neckline, j & rsquo; I want to put all the time since I l & rsquo; have received, a little dress d & rsquo; was I like, simple and feminine, the color is perfect !

A small set of pastels Essie polish : I don & rsquo; have not given up my desires varnish all the colors on fingers, c & rsquo; s funny and with an expected set for c & rsquo; is much simpler.

Of glaaaaaaces ! J & rsquo; I want to feed me only mister freeze cola or smoothies Picard (coco ananas yum yum !). Speaking of Picard, they have a new almond ice + flower & rsquo; orange + gazelle horns, c & rsquo; is quite indecent thing as, j’en ai genre 15 pots frozen. (illus “love & ice cream” download on eat drink chic)

The slow of & rsquo; summer : if you do not know who will see the CULTS this little video more girly you die, the title “you know what I mean” accompanying this series of d & rsquo sequences; for love is chantilly & rsquo; s time MA song & rsquo; summer.

Enfin, even if I & rsquo; have already 72 pairs, I thought that & rsquo; with such colors it would be ridiculous not to fall for these sunglasses that make you see life in pink !

Robe Asos 35€ Vernis Essie 21€ Étiquettes love & ice cream Cults : you know what I mean Lunettes de soleil Asos 15€


Between the blue room and the pink room there is a small bathroom, wallpaper covered from floor to ceiling. Take care when opening the door or you may scratch your finger on the nail that holds the handle…

A young woman prepares : some powder, a few drops of perfume and a last brush. She adjusts her dress chosen by a belt on her chest when she hears a noise. Who is here ?










– Dress and belt node H&M, T-shirt heattech Uniqlo, Bottes Chie Mihara –

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Outfits : Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles (blogmyspace)



The magician d & rsquo; oz left traces in every little girl… Anyway me, I can not hold me every time I see a pair of red shoes. Now that I have my perfect pair “ruby slippers” I can let go of me in peace n & rsquo; any pair of recalling or indirectly Dorothy slippers.

This weekend at H&M, j & rsquo; have opened wide eyes at the sight of such matched : in & rsquo; exam I also found them attractive as doubtful, once in my tootsies cabins ditto, Finally, the always the same house. Could not bring myself : she is cute and adorably weird mood or bad trip to Bois de Boulogne…

Can not decide, I love them as much as I look askance, c & rsquo; is very strange.

P.S : Ouééééé I know I am nothing that & rsquo; a little neglected with my liquette not ironed and put my clamps wrong shoes (and again to once j & rsquo; have too many white hairs on my socks cats :D). J & rsquo; tried ironing photoshop but c & rsquo; is too long…








– Wedges and H socks&M, liquette Zara, vernis O.P.I –

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Edit : good and well it n & rsquo; is more advanced with this poll, it looks like a presidential score, no d & rsquo overwhelming victory, one side or the & rsquo; another. There are many people who hate that people who worship : they are not the & rsquo; unanimity and j & rsquo; like it :)