When I was a kid, my mom m & rsquo; always dressed in blue, ALWAYS ! Report to the color of my eyes, j & rsquo; was always navy blue, sky blue, denim blue… So naturally, in & rsquo; j adolescence & rsquo; did a stupid rejection of this color, and then c & rsquo; was “too bad d & rsquo; first”, blue c & rsquo; is the favorite color of everyone. J & rsquo; had decided that the red c & rsquo; was much classier…

And fortunately, j & rsquo; to the great, and I & rsquo; have returned to this color that actually suits me the complexion and eyes. J & rsquo; found also at the hairdresser (ouaiii JD), so that I & rsquo; d & rsquo was decked out, a blue kerchief making pie on most people, that color was making me crazy in the eyes, like ants in 1001 paws.

C & rsquo; is therefore with great pleasure that I & rsquo; took this very nice gift from my mom this weekend : One of his youth pairs of boots, bleues of course. As I like him more and more, it will complete the good witch mini range. And even if d & rsquo; hab j & rsquo; not have the sharp ends well then there m & rsquo; cares !

robe à fleurs h&m

sac charlotte 24h

– Robe H&M, Gérard Darel bag, Vintage boots, Helena Rubinstein lipstick lips –