Yataaa ! C & rsquo; is my birthday aujourd & rsquo; hui buddies :)

And even if I & rsquo; have 27 years and it makes me not jump for joy m & rsquo; approaching thirties (nan does strike me paaaas), j & rsquo; always have that kid fun to celebrate my birthday. C & rsquo; is even a super important day for me see supra… I was born a week before christmas, the neigeait, j & rsquo; was almost p & rsquo; tit jesus say… But result is m & rsquo; often zapped when I & rsquo; was a kid, So now I'm there on a big fixette !

When I & rsquo; was little, the guys were thinking that & rsquo; this con santa, so my taste d & rsquo; anniv’ it plugged person. Then, as everyone s & rsquo; was ruined gifts for 25, ben budget for my birthday is often reduced to the coup price & rsquo; a packet of peanuts. And worse, some rats were me 2 in 1 completely sucks that & rsquo; they put me under the tree (I hate that). Yes, good, I know, c & rsquo; is it a drama, but it m & rsquo; a little conditioned to become obsessed relou of & rsquo; all that anniversary.

My poor fiance scratches his head minimum 6 months in & rsquo; advance to make gifts to the two-level events, organize a REAL anniversary D-Day and verifies that everyone m & rsquo; has called. Heursement for the geek that I am facebook loads aujourd & rsquo; hui heads in the & rsquo; air in my style, because yes, the height c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; usually I j & rsquo; everyone forgets…

Pouêêêêt (Noise cotillion in which I have to blow to celebrate !)

Edit : when I & rsquo; wrote this post everything was fine (dimanche), aujourd & rsquo; hui I'm actually in bed with 39 fever and bronchitis. Not very funky l & rsquo; birthday….