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Nereid or Nereis :
[Nereis] n. metal. or n. Vernacular masc.Nom representatives of the family of the Nereids, Polychaete annelids wandering characterized by a large prostomium (premier segment) with four eyes, two antennas and two palps and a dévaginable wrong with two mandibles. The Nereids live in the superficial zone of shallow marine waters.

What a nice name for a jewelry brand ! Even though I'm not yet ready to put as d & rsquo; money in high fantasy, I ogle the lovely necklaces and other pins of the brand for a while. And, j & rsquo; s have blessed & rsquo; N2 inlet, branch of the most affordable brand and their adorable d & rsquo loops; Alice ears.





I went to take some pictures of their new shop (and the offices and showroom of the brand) hidden in a small street of the 3rd : the street of the village L & rsquo; Abbée. Impossible to miss because it is immediately caught in the window as by that of a patissier, as a greedy one sticks his little hands on the glass, opening his eyes.







The interior is in the image of this small family business : warm and full of attention for that visit : a lot of details you are beset : objects and antique furniture (Also for sale), showcases, lights, spiral staircase, canopy, chandeliers, hooks of all kinds…








The light diffuses the sublime glass roof, its gleaming chandeliers and the greenery makes this very soothing space, and breathe on :




Largely ill and addicted, j & rsquo; I almost fall for the pretty knots lace vintage handmade by a Japanese in excluded for the shop. Pourtant, they m & rsquo; called from their window…




All m & rsquo; in fact called, cried the little jewels “Elodie, Elodie, take us with you”, but I'm naughty naughty I left there.





When my camera crackles, I resist more easily, I'm obsessed to find the right angle. I left happy as after a good shopping (it always makes me that photos).

Go for it, c & rsquo; surely boooooooooooooo (hop and a good excuse to get there : l & rsquo; invited for their private sales).


The title is amazing, and yet, j & rsquo;'ve found a bunch of kid pleasures last week at Boucheron, place Vendôme (oui, oh, you know where c & rsquo; is, but I think the uneducated like me who n & rsquo; there had never set foot there is still one week). First, moi, when it shines everywhere I can not m & rsquo; m help & rsquo; marveling like a child (notice, boucheron or disneyland, j & rsquo; eyes widen in the same way).

Then, to help us discover the brand, his products, his universe, we started by making us discover the jewels…In trying them… I found myself gazing in the mirror with a sublime shows, very heavy and finely drawn rings (who spun complex my little engagement ring) colliers etdes manifiques (oui, it was still shining, j & rsquo; in taking eyes full). Back to childhood, flashbacks of my trying on all kinds of everything contained mom's jewelry box for “play the lady”, the pair of shoes 20 sizes too large feet and less. Very funny, because these small fittings have managed to make me dream of jewelry that made me neither hot nor cold 20 minutes ago, my fiancé may flicker…

Then, discover the work of creators, their sketches on tracing, their way of telling history to give birth to new collections. Painting Workshop, with palette and gouache, to draw a hybrid ring. Flash back past hours drawing jewelery, a brush in hand, a slice of Nutella put off my sheet. J & rsquo; was proud of the result, mais là, tuhhh, No comments…

thanks to Boucheron for this super rewarding evening, and full of longing.

Edit : I just got a picture of me, queen of the bitches with my ring :



Saturday, as quite d & rsquo; other bloggers, j & rsquo; took part in a creative journey in the 11th organized by heaven for us to test the mini mappy, GPS pedestrian future of the brand. Test a GPS that does me honestly m & rsquo; not really raced, but I & rsquo; was curious to see the little path that & rsquo; had concocted, what we would visit shops, d & rsquo; as far as I know little about the 11th which is a shame because I know that this district is full of surprises.

This course was designed as a sort of treasure hunt, a first envelope was taking us to an address where we discovered a designer who gave us the & rsquo; following address and so on. The first address sets the tone : a court & rsquo; building, a floor : 6th, this n & rsquo; therefore is not in a shop that we will. Effectively, arriving after the & rsquo; staircase, c & rsquo; & rsquo is d & rsquo workshop, we discover creative : l & rsquo; workshop Valentine gauthier.

On healthy, des prototypes, beautiful jackets, leather jackets, feathered dresses, behind a large desk : Valentine. Sublime, smiling and welcoming, Valentine introduced us to his world, his sketches, talks about the world of fashion, trends influencers, the risks taken by designers… It was a pleasure to talk with her, and its beautiful jackets will soon be enthroned proudly in my closet.

-Valentine Gauthier creations-

Our journey then led us up & rsquo; the showroom of the brand Koshka Mashka : warm welcome, beautiful fabrics that shine, and a nice collection for & rsquo; next winter ! J & rsquo; admit I was less attentive, j & rsquo; was still very moved our meeting just before Valentine.

-Showroom koshka mashka

We then made a small gap in our path to go put our buttocks and satisfy our hungry stomachs of our journey (…!). We asked at the cafe restaurant “pause café” not super friendly, but good !

-restaurant “pause café”-

Enfin, our course s & rsquo; completed in a nice apartment in the 11th, where we discovered jewelry tassia canellis presented by their creative charming. Ambiance, full of pretty necklaces, pins and loops d & rsquo; ears, who made the happiness & rsquo; some !

-Creations dish Canelli-

Thus ended our journey. L You & rsquo;'ll understand, j & rsquo; had a big crush on the work of Valentine Gauthier. J & rsquo; hope my account will have you made permi to share some of that afternoon rich in discoveries and have also had a few strokes of hearts !

Edit : I don & rsquo; have not really talked about the GPS because I m & rsquo;'m finally little used. d & rsquo; first because I knew a bit about the neighborhood, and then because it was not working super well (c & rsquo; was a beta version), I don & rsquo; therefore I too wanted to push the n & rsquo; was not a finished product. Par contre, to have already tested another brand of médion, the big snag GPS pedestrians c & rsquo; & rsquo is that they have trouble capturing nearly & rsquo; a building, which is very annoying to Paris… They then used more & rsquo; tools to generate a map, a route, that really d & rsquo; GPS… At least for now….