Like a lot of girls, mascara was my first best friend in my girly kit. Have beautiful eyelashes c & rsquo; was something that made me crazy, for I & rsquo;'ve discovered with this mascara as mine were very long. J & rsquo; in was very proud, and even aujourd & rsquo; hui, when m & rsquo; sometimes make me wear makeup j & rsquo; waiting for the time when the makeup artist will s & rsquo; marvel at length.

And I & rsquo; met my boyfriend who her real eyelashes doe : longs, super thick, recourbés (including bottom lashes), I am jealous mega… J & rsquo; did a lil test him by putting mascara (after hours of supplications, oui) et's, I can tell you that life is unfair, it looked fake as they were excessively long. J & rsquo; want the mêêêêmes !!

So since that & rsquo; we know each, I am in search of madness mascara that will make me sick eyelashes and above, j & rsquo; to take care to always have beautiful eyelashes. Continue reading