belfast-giant lollipop

Belfast… The name of this city resounded in my head with much gravity. Report to the & rsquo; history, In the name of the father, the wall separating Protestant and Catholic. Very heavy, a little scary, not necessarily endorsement.

And yet, j’ai adoré : despite the & rsquo; architecture of the city center and its major arteries entirely without d & rsquo; soul and the historical background that I & rsquo; have discovered much more concretely when d & rsquo; a black taxi tour. The program we had concocted the & rsquo; Irish Tourist Board and the friendliness of the people was there for many.

D & rsquo; our first hotel, the Fitzwilliam Hotel, a marvel of design and d & rsquo; lovely little touches : some cookies waiting for you in the room, with a handwritten note welcoming you. A stunning view of the city lights and a breakfast with onions. When I travel I always judge hotels at breakfast (and restaurants in their toilets) : breakfast served in place of & rsquo; a buffet and I conquered. My father has long been in & rsquo; hospitality, I know what I'm talking about !

On paper the & rsquo; hotel is quite expensive, but we were assured that the rooms were often offered at bargain prices. Gentlemen, to impress your lovely here is a nice romantic place that will make you believe me score points (if you let your love rush on topshop, urban outfitters and Primark in addition to all this, you are the king of oil).

The first day we went to visit a small candy shop (Aunt Sandra’s Candy) where & rsquo; family team that holds the shop showed us how to make lollipops, candy and other sugary pellets coca. J & rsquo;'ve won a giant lollipop, and drooled in front of chocolates, le fudge, and other delicacies.

Then Ulster Museum and greenhouses and gardens : a marvel, j’ai adoré, strafed ! C & rsquo; was very refreshing to see people s & rsquo; walk there on Sunday, quietly. A nice discovery and a nice surprise.

Followed by very nice covered market in Belfast or j & rsquo; have – without lying – ate muffins the best of my life : chocolate, fondant & marshmallows fondus. S can & rsquo; ask there for lunch while listening to young artists with their guitar : really nice !

Enfin, a small tour of the city and its history (recent) s & rsquo; required. So we made a black taxi tour commented by an Irish. I'm usually not a fan of this type of visit that make me ill at & rsquo; comfortable, but our guide could not have been more awesome : a bit gruff, l & rsquo; not super friendly air, with a voice that knew household graaaave heavy silences between his sentences. J & rsquo; loved to talk to him & rsquo; before his taxi, to do, choosing good guide of his race !

Last but not least, I could not leave you without you about the beautiful Merchant Hotel, voted best bar in the world (by I do not know which agency) which offers the most expensive cocktail in the world also (the Guinness Book n & rsquo; is Irish for nothing !). A cocktail made of & rsquo; rum from d & rsquo; a single bottle that will disappear once the source has dried up to only £ 750 ! J & rsquo;'ve found it very funny, and the gentleman hat that told us this charming.

L You & rsquo; will understand therefore, j & rsquo; s loved & rsquo; Ireland and its two capitals. I left that & rsquo; to explore the countryside with my lover !

~ Some addresses in Dublin + tips ~

To eat :

Ads The John Hewitt, 51 Donegal Street – Where j & rsquo; ate one of the best salmon of my life !

Le Nick’s Warehouse, 35-39 Hill Street – The memory based toffee pudding and butterscotch dripping haunts me in my greedy hours.

For shopping :

Everything happens in the same area around Victoria Square : Topshop, Urban outfitters, Primark… I returned plucked, avec 2 extra bags on the back, j & rsquo; was not a pretty sight !

To go to Ireland :

We were traveling on the low cost Air lingus from Roissy, mais il y a également Ryan air (… but must love from Beauvais).

Then Dublin – Belfast en train puis Belfast Dublin en Bus (advantage, that takes you to the & rsquo; airport !)

Have a good trip !