Light photo, c & rsquo; is the sinews of war : no good light, no good photo. By purchasing a super bright lens (50mm f / 1.8 for those interested) I spared myself some hassles on that side, c & rsquo; it was already.

And lately, I don & rsquo; & rsquo had that; an obsession : get a warm light, have lights halos, a warm and light atmosphere both. My first tests, I l & rsquo;'ve done for photo shoot under the bridge at sunset : not easy, mostly I don & rsquo; & rsquo was getting that; an ugly against the light. J & rsquo; so I blithely cheated in post processing by fiddling the levels and colors, but I do not despair d & rsquo; d get one day & rsquo; as beautiful pictures that my little fellow flickr.

Credits : #1 dreams by Lexie Kolosky, #2 It’s over yet I remember first day that I saw your face by ?Mayu?, #3 into the light {at home in the light} by Blue Algae Creative, #4 Miss Vicky by Aveling, #5 untitled by Sasha Nikitin, #6 untitled by gridlines, #7 untitled by Margaret Durow, #8 Aura by Laney Butler, #9 .. by fiercebloom, #10 untitled by Olivia Bee, #11 feelings by {peace&love?}, #12 thesefeatheredbreaths by yyellowbird.

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If you followed all the previous episodes you know that I & rsquo; have worked for 1 year 1/2 in the & rsquo; Oreal, luxury products division at. All this time, j & rsquo; have held various positions (VRP, trop bien…, then Designer ouf !) within the brand Helena Rubinstein.

And this brand, c & rsquo; has become my favorite brand makeup. Not that I & rsquo; have suffered brainwashing and skull jams, but because I & rsquo; have had & rsquo; opportunity to test a lot of products in the & rsquo; Oreal, of all luxury brands (Lancôme, Armani, Biotherm, etc…) and those who still inhabit my bookshelves are those in HR. For a long j & rsquo; & rsquo have refused; make the & rsquo; apology here, to avoid it out for a post pub for the brand for which I worked, but now the problem since I work elsewhere (ah want, I no longer works for either modepass, I'll talk soon).

I do not know if you know a little l & rsquo; history of this brand, but it is quite exciting.

Ms. Rubinstein was the first to commercialize care creams that & rsquo; it manufactured in the kitchen and in the & rsquo; back room of the pharmacy where she worked in Australia. She had a very beautiful skin despite the sun, and had the & rsquo; idea of ​​selling his care to all those who asked her beauty secret.

Then she opens a shop in Melbourne, several in England, a Paris rue Saint Honoré, in the US and several, thus recovering quickly at the head of & rsquo; a big deal, One of the first major brands of cosmetics (face à Elisabeth Arden et Estee Lauder).

It is the & rsquo; & rsquo origin; many d & rsquo; innovations in skincare and makeup : she invented the first “tube” mascara and version “waterproof” (before he appeared in a small pot in which spat…) which is d & rsquo; moreover always marketed by brand, a real little gem vintage (the “long lash”).

It also introduces the first self-tanner, the first moisturizing and is the first to advance the concept of “skin type”.

And, surtout, she had the & rsquo; intelligence to think that beauty, it is deserved and that & rsquo; he had to eat healthy (which was a fairly new idea in & rsquo; time). She was organizing “beauty class” where she taught women how to take care of & rsquo; and they liked to say : “it n & rsquo; there are no ugly women, it n & rsquo; is as lazy women”.

She has lived all over the world, known and rubbed the greatest artists of his time as Picasso and c & rsquo; was a real woman & rsquo; affair. A legend even says that & rsquo; she had just sold his business before the crisis 29 for then buy for a pittance.

J & rsquo; loved all those little stories that make this brand a legend. Malheureusement, like the world of cosmetics n & rsquo; is that “marketing” aujourd’hui, c & rsquo; is a brand that not suffer badly in France and that few people under 40 years finally know. For those so inclined, HR products here that I & rsquo; uses absolutely EVERY day and I could not live without :


– Le mascara Lash queen : j & rsquo;'ve tested many mascaras, but this one is by far the best, it thickens, lengthens and curls the lashes like no other.

– The Makeup color clone : it unifies without “masque” with an ultra-natural finish, I just finally let go of my bare minerals for him.

– The foundation Spectacular : when I go in the evening, or when I want my makeup absolutely takes all day until late evening. It makes a super bright and natural complexion.

– Le collagenist lip zoom : made all soft lips, Gently plumped without stinging, to effect a “bitten lips” with a red, c & rsquo; is perfection.

– La crème de soin skin life repair : j & rsquo; have dry skin, who shoots and kills me l & rsquo; winter… this care without perfume (Finally, if, it smells a little baby) for very dry skin lifesaver.

I'll spare you the rest, that I & rsquo; also uses (the Reds, gloss, crayons, eyeshadows, etc…) they are tops, but the 4 products above are to me real must-have !


Under the beard, there is skin and it needs to be addressed she told me one day.
At the beginning, I therefore refourger "tricks for the skin".

– "Oh darling, a moisturizer. »
– " More, what is it for ? »
– « Bah ! A hydrate ! »
– « … »
– "More you, when it feels tight after shower ! »
– « Ok, I see. »

– "This is the scrub"
– "To scratch the face ? »
– "This is to remove dead skin ! You should use this before your cream, for what penetrates. »
– " If you say so… "

Au début, I used it occasionally, when I saw the bottle and she told me to put my cream. But in fact, I discovered this winter it's the little things very well. I advise you today:
– scrub the face T PUR ;
– moisturizing and energizing cream High Recharge ;
– for those like me who are a little (even much) Palotai, the powder Badger Power Bronze
– and in addition once a week to make a mask with white clay to purify T PUR skin.
I know all these products come from Biotherm but I do not work for them (we do not have in the pharmacy where I work). I've tested different brands and even if the level of the active compounds all brands offer approximately the same, Biotherm products texture is really nice.

But what I can advise you what is best to avoid excessive sun exposure : it messes up the skin including the desiccant, but especially that of melanoma file (skin cancers) whose incidence has doubled in the space of 20 years old. And believe me, right now I work inInstitut Curie, Cancer is a real dirt.