N & rsquo; fear, I am not crazy, I do not do it again on Mondays ticket, I do not even going to tell you how much I'm talkative, anyway, and then you already knew.

Non, actually the trick c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; & rsquo and more; being talkative I am a real gaffeuse. When one is discreet, there was little risk of making gaffes even if you are someone & rsquo; an awkward… Whereas if you are talkative, it can easily be a disaster…
D & rsquo; first because & rsquo; multiply gaffes, and secondly because not content & rsquo; do we add, s it & rsquo; astray and is lost forever.

Worst, this comes as s & rsquo; add my têtenlairdise, I did not even see when one beckons me m & rsquo; stop, to shut up, to hide, to escape, m & rsquo; bury. Non, one can throw me panicked eyes, to mills with arms, give me a kick under the table to m & rsquo; stop my gaffe, I do not see or I do not understand. I am even able to say “ooohhh but stops, why you m & rsquo; have spun a kick ?”….Pathetic.

Rhâââ I see you curious small band, You want me to tell you a good, huh ? I hesitate a little, j & rsquo; have a cute and well-trash, I do not know which to choose… Continue reading