The n & rsquo; is not a legend : the more one is p & rsquo; tit, the more one is nervous and violent. Because that & rsquo; we crapped in the playground, perfectly ! Mais si, think about it : the big fellows are often super quiet, quiet, flegmatiques, while small are often nasty and brawlers : it has things to show the world what !

I don & rsquo; no exception to the rule of course, and I easily start lap quarter when m & rsquo; emmerde. And one day, I think I'll die on the floor foolishly after confuses two ball.

Last week, I'm still proved to me that I don & rsquo; had not gone beyond the playground in fightant me with p & rsquo; tite big in the metro. Whatever s & rsquo; is passed, it is rarely very objective in telling this kind of & rsquo; episode, but it came at the hands (atmosphere on line 14….shielded more…). She m & rsquo; has nabbed the face and I & rsquo; I immediately threatened “fart his teeth with my huge knot ring if she clung to me immediately”. J & rsquo; was all red, her too, when s & rsquo; is finally released it was all red, ready to bite and we had to endure as they could during the end of the journey, glued course if c & rsquo; s not funny.

After I'm not necessarily proud of me, j & rsquo; want my man who always takes everything with quiet and prefers to spend his way that confuses to risk a stampede, and he is so right…

L & rsquo; d last year & rsquo; I even almost come to blows with a guy who had almost m & rsquo; crashing on a pedestrian crossing. When you refuse me when I cross the priority and that & rsquo; there is a lack of roll me over, I do not know why, I can not m & rsquo; prevent spinning kick in the car : error ! I do that every time even if c & rsquo; is ridiculous and I know for a fact that & rsquo; one day, a lover blood of his car will unscrew my head. Imagine a little nervous d & rsquo; 1m55 who embarks on a kick with his ninja-heeled boots ! C & rsquo; is me, Health ! No, actually I'm going to hide….