When I & rsquo; was a teenager my best friend had a passion for US.

Born in Connecticut, it n & rsquo; had lived a few years baby, but spoke like d & rsquo; a kind & rsquo; Eden.

I did everything like her (it is designed to & rsquo; adolescence), on s’empiffrait de Ben&Jerry’s, we listened to Michael Jackson, and we always tried to undermine as in the US series like Beverly Hills or saved by the Bell (bombers bicolor white and red, uniforme de pom pom girl…).

J & rsquo;'ve always loved that reminded me that time. So when I & rsquo; saw these small red patent leather sneakers at Etam, it m & rsquo; it inspired.

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Shirt and sneakers Etam, short Zara, chaussettes american apparel, lunettes urban outfitter, Pine & rsquo; s offered by my fiancé