When I go to my grandmother, there are a bunch of beautiful wooden furniture, pink fringed armchairs, flowers carpet, es placemats, pretty teacups….

And that inspires me a lot.

Last Thursday, I made the acquision (not without difficulty *) This blouse and boys for H&M, and suddenly I felt like playing dolls…

*Ahhh it was a sacred history. Going in search of what blouse to 13h in H&M d’Haussmann, I knew it was a lost cause. Not far…

Arriving there was more than a T-shirt with polka dots and other pink shirts, but 3 or 4 girls held it in their hand blouse.

Alors… I have spun, one after the other : the first went to checkout with, the second cabin, the third grilled me, and the fourth… has eventually the rest, yes !! She had barely sketched movement to the effect that I rush over, and it was my size.

RIDICULOUS, the blouse is pretty but still…

– Robe H&M, Blouse Like boys for H&M, chaussures Chie Mihara, bas vintage –
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