? Unless otherwise noted, photos are Marianne Taylor ?

We made a little wait with Vianney to join the guests in our famous lil wood. We don & rsquo; were not far, Hidden in the forest with Marianne in a pose between the sheets, and we heard the joyful music (great playlist concocted by my sister, dispo sur unbeaujour) and the laughter of the guests off.

But the & rsquo; impatience everybody is felt, Virginie, the shock of my marriage Manager D-day, Vianney therefore calls for us to make our entry.

Photo Anne-Solange Tardy

I think c & rsquo; is by far my best memory. After passing under the & rsquo; balloon arch that gave the place the look of d & rsquo park attraction, the table of our guests all smiles, grouped together on the dance floor under the ivy and lanterns for us throwing rose petals paper was the most moving. I read the joy in their eyes, I was very moved (but that the you & rsquo; ve seen, about Baptiste the beautiful video – parodiée here in P&P ce week-end).

Everyone has his little ball hanging on the arm for a shot that n & rsquo; has never happened because nobody wanted s & rsquo; separate… Me first !

The guests had discovered with great curiosity kindling we were talking about them for months, people strafing anything goes, we don & rsquo; was very proud !

We who had taken so long to arrange everything : the corner for tea and cocktail to serve as a “Hall” in the evening to dance, small lounges installed here and there to s & rsquo; sit among the trees, the tent area for dinner. There was also a small campsite for those who were still sleeping on site (whose married yes yes) and everyone loved the decor : a great giant mirror bought at Emmaus.

Photos Anne-Solange Tardy

The taste starts to be served : Maria Chemor the my super catering shock with which j & rsquo; spent months imagining appetizers and funny dishes to surprise my guests did a nice job. A waiter passes among invite distribute packages of candy and popcorn as in a cinema.

There are cherries d & rsquo; love, sweets of all kinds, marshmallows, amazing floral waters : captivating the lotion & rsquo; rose water and flower elixir d & rsquo; orange beard neatly arranged on our stand at Dad… Everyone s & rsquo; marvel, dance a little, humming to the music of Peter Pan, je suis super happy :)

Mais il y a un hic… Some men & rsquo s shirtsleeves, working around power generators : l & rsquo; a d & rsquo; is not working and making test they lost the second candle in its metal casing. More generator = no cotton candy, no light, no music, no party. It makes me believe that & rsquo; one of them is in the harbor and all is well, but I feel that c & rsquo; is stretched.

I then decide to cross fingers and hard not to think about it. On the intimate & rsquo; order now my husband d & rsquo; go photos with family and friends in our photobooth with me and not to s & rsquo; address these pb d & rsquo; electricity. And it has relaxed us (these are the only pictures “asked” marriage which acted as group shots).

And… And then c & rsquo; s all for aujourd & rsquo; hui ! Until tomorrow !


Pfiouuuu well I do not know where to start… For almost 9 months we expected this marriage as a son with Vianney, it asked us so much work, and d & rsquo; energy I find myself a little idle aujourd & rsquo; hui.

Oh I assure you, we will soon find anything now making our weekend to replace the intensive digging, wheelbarrows brambles, the sprees at Casto… Ice cream and stroll the streets of Paris should fill us quickly !

But just about marriage, what to tell you… Not easy, I try myself to gradually gather my memories because ultimately a wedding day even if it lasts 24 hours (15h in the town hall the day after with the survivors amid the ruins of the evening) this is not very long in the end.

But everything was magical, beautiful beyond my expectations, merry, sunny, gourmand (to that & rsquo; m is & rsquo; because I said n & rsquo; have not been able to swallow). Everyone was euphoric, there prevailed a good mood that m & rsquo; was really heartwarming.

We partied on until the lamps & rsquo; at the end of the night to await the sunrise around & rsquo; a campfire with all the friends landed at dusk .

But I & rsquo; have so much to tell that this will be a record in several episodes when I & rsquo; have been sorting through my memories, photos… I have the d & rsquo; also not all in my possession, I still collecting snapshots friends, of the family, and through Anne-so who took my camera on hand in addition to his you should see some beautiful pictures d & rsquo; soon.

It will take a few weeks before I think that I & rsquo; have the sublime pictures Marianne Taylor that m & rsquo; teasing sent this photo you see the start of ticket.

D & rsquo; by then, Monday promised it will issue the dress and if I & rsquo; have the courage, I'll post a small pot pourri pictures this weekend.