I did not think that & rsquo; many vintage telephones fans were walking on this blog until last week and my post on the hulger. Du coup, I went out that I did you'd never talked about my collection vintage phones, in & rsquo; & rsquo exception; one of the first posts of this blog but uh… j & rsquo; unable to lay hands on it (but basically I had just acquired my first baby, rhooooo).

It all started with my great discovery of & rsquo; time : ebay. Retro phones were there my first fad and I & rsquo; in average watched 15 per week. Mon but, c & rsquo; was to get hold of an orange dial phone Socotel like way too much that I & rsquo; had seen in a flea market. Finally j & rsquo;'ve won in a… and postage at the same price as that of the pitcher, damned ! En plus, this con did not work out with my free box, double damned ! For punishment, it is in a box, and na !

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And I & rsquo; have learned the tricks of & rsquo; ebay and I'm better informed on phones. He m & rsquo; were needed to “voice frequency”, keys dating minimum years 80. J & rsquo; have therefore won a Socotel orange buttons with which I telephone from d & rsquo; elsewhere :)

Then, j’ai eu envie d’un téléphone lady, because & rsquo; they are so chic and so glamorous ! There are in addition to all colors, and if j & rsquo; have long drooled on a red model, c & rsquo; finally a white cream that I & rsquo; have won for the modest sum of 20 € (and it c & rsquo; was well played !).

Enfin, latest acquisition, ebayesque not this time : a great stroke of genius from my fiancé m & rsquo; dug up a phone “collection bakélite” from 1933 in the street. Yes it s & rsquo; found on a sidewalk, impeccable (I know I should l & rsquo; dusting, but you know, I am not a good woman & rsquo; inside…). And this kind of phone sells for 100 and € 200 on ebay, darling has ensured serious !

And then there through cococerise, I drool over ces petits choupinous, will I last long ?