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Combishort Asos, Topshop glasses

As we & rsquo; told our little Lying, The suburb in Melbourne, c & rsquo; is must, en particulier St Kilda Beach.

We had a free day, and chose d & rsquo; go walk there to discover that Melbourne & rsquo; she wanted us to discover.

The luna park built over there is apparently one of the oldest in the world, Lack of bowl c & rsquo; was closed, we had to settle for the front door and her mouth wide open.

There are some streets to explore on site : et Carlisle street et Acland street. Surtout Acland street, Kolala which had recommended a small turn at Monarch to test its pastries : cheesecake polonais et caramel slice. The while chatting with the owner a glass of lemonade in hand.

It explored the beach and Jetty, to take a little break after watching the birds and listening to the fish little blue penguins. Sweet day…

Then watered all d & rsquo; a good burger at Barney Hallen & rsquo; s (with chutney & rsquo; onion, beet, déliceux a steak and bacon) to finish at Laika jazz bar sipping the best cocktails in the area.

I will copy-paste at the end of every ticket expert advice on the corner of Kolala (that & rsquo; she knows inside out SINCE & rsquo; she lives there !) :

“St Kilda is one of the most famous suburb near Melbourne, known for its small beach at the unique sunset. I advise you d & rsquo; stay for the whole day. there are restaus for everyone

  • If you like homemade pastries is Acland Street & rsquo; dream location in St Kilda (terminus du tram 96) not more than 4 shops are competing on the street. j & rsquo; personally have a soft spot for monarch which makes caramel slices (caramel shortbread) and always with his cash register d & rsquo fund; time.
  • Luna Park and the oldest roller coasters in the world of dating 1912, it seems ?the wood being d & rsquo; origin. L & rsquo; entrance is free if you want to take a look & rsquo; eye. Park is lit up at night.
  • at sunset go down the pier to see the little blue penguins.
  • At a time jazz bar that houses a former wine cellar accessible by a spiral staircase recover d & rsquo; a French ship. The decor mixing the & rsquo; Art Deco Moroccan decor with some keys, all in a cozy atmosphere. The list of cocktails is & rsquo; one of the best in Melbourne.
  • For nothing like dinner & rsquo; a Barney Hallen’s which is divine burgers, j & rsquo; hope you n & rsquo; re not vegetarian. the burgers are also available in mini version!
  • after nightfall he m & rsquo; d & rsquo happens, go into the garden to give Katani slices of banana Aux bushy– J & rsquo; go there tonight d & rsquo; elsewhere !
  • level shopping in the & rsquo; intersection of Barkly Street and Carlisle Street there is a nice shop vintage and designer shopping. the 116 Carlisle street is the & rsquo; one of the largest areas of second hand clothes – profits are donated to the & rsquo; salvation army.”

Next destination : les whitsundays islands !