It throne in my bathroom, on the tub edge. He reminds me every day how much I am influenced a dindasse… Le 3 minutes miracle Australian Aussie shampoo brand.

J & rsquo; s have cracked & rsquo; last year in London : advertising in the subway was full of promises “I’m no angel but I have the hair of one” or something like that… On the picture, long shiny hair, a smile, a bottle that m & rsquo; calls. Neither one nor two, I hang my boots Vianney in the first corner of the right eye stars. I see myself already shaking my mane idling as in pubs, I am about to lay hands on a miracle product (and he do not understand, tsss).

Shampoo radius, I discover the full range of the brand : whaaaaa came from d & rsquo shampoo; Australia with lots of odd flavors, I'm so happy… J’embarque 3 Products, completely mesmerized by the little kangaroo logo. Boing boing boing, made the pea in my head.

The evening at the & rsquo; hotel, I go out of his bag as if I held a sort of feminine grail, the ugly anti-hair remedy, the late “bad hair days”, What the dream. I contemplate my magic loot, I smiled sheepishly as if I m & rsquo; about to purify my soul through my scalp and I start my ritual shampoo.

Daydreaming under the & rsquo; hot water I start to imagine an English in Paris, discovering with the same wonder a range of shampoos “Small Marseille”, go home, in to smell the edge of the tub like a pub and wash hair at the edge of & rsquo; ecstasy. The foam begins to not be as sweet, my smile gradually declines, I feel stupid.

And splash… The dream of my goddess hair is gurgling with party & rsquo; rinse water in the pipes of my Londoner hotel.