Hair conditioner

Because that & rsquo; it is good to recognize sometimes that & rsquo; it is a small Parisian bitch with narrow ideas of Paris. Though, I do not think my little trip shampooinesque concerns only Paris, not like, yet a Parisian idea of ​​believing only in the world !

Good gone, spit your valda, c & rsquo; is your problem aujourd & rsquo; hui with your tive ? Well precisely, I don & rsquo; have more guys ! Quoiiiiii ? A girl who n & rsquo; no problem with her hair ? Lekker, lies truce, j & rsquo; have problems LESS, grâââââce my new shampoo. And watch, my savior is the last horse on which j & rsquo;'ll bet the p & rsquo; tits wolves as c & rsquo; is the head & shoulders fraîcheur menthol, yeah, even if you do not goof you take it for a toilet deodorant lost in the bathroom. Not glamorous huh ? But that & rsquo; is it that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; cares ! My mane is shining and I & rsquo; me with my farts lioness mane (pffff ok there are reports that I m ​​& rsquo; digress here).

Non, more seriously, it had been years that only drugstore shampoos, carefully selected, n & rsquo; brushed my dear and difficult hair. That & rsquo; is it that I & rsquo; there I thought these shampoos, more stink over j & rsquo; there even thought (whereas, cracked, I knew it, c & rsquo; was also marketing). Still, that paying my color shampoo molasses bomb satisfy me at the highest point.

If you saw the way I looked with contempt, supermarket shampoos my fiancé, unworthy flashy bottles placed there, next to my concoctions on the edge of the bathtub. And then one day shortage, I forced myself, not without expressing my disgust d & rsquo; a heartfelt grin, emprumpter to him one of his horrors. Pouark, le head & shoulders, blue sky as the cif marine freshness, I am frothing fingertips and I & rsquo;'ve rinsed it quickly as if nothing s & rsquo; happened.

Et là… After brushing, a small miracle, my hair was shiny, soft, light, a real pub. J & rsquo; had to admit my snobbery, and have adopted this ugly but effective shampoo. Depuis, both, we are not left ! Happy end :).