Amanda Smith

J & rsquo;'m doing d & rsquo studies applied arts, where m & rsquo; learned to watch, questioning and enjoy painting, this n & rsquo; has never really been my thing. J & rsquo; have been moved by a picture 2 or 3 Only once in my life, but each time it was hard Putot. But I don & rsquo; not like this because c & rsquo; was difficult to explain, I never find the words to describe what m & rsquo; moves in a table.

When I & rsquo; have discovered work Amanda Smith, j & rsquo; have been caught by his strange universe, its layering materials trompe l & rsquo; eye, settings that are revealed, a bit like when we dream and the materials are impalpable, but imaginary pieces appear in a row and that & rsquo; is not too knows what & rsquo; we look. C & rsquo; I know is confused, but c & rsquo; is somewhat how I feel watching this…