I left you a little about your hunger non yesterday ? You think I'd settle for some views only of my new home while cozy ? Ttttttt course not, Here the pictures it took me some time to sort and rework.

I left you hungry for more yesterday, didn’t I? You think I would be content to only show a few imagines of my new and cozy home? Tttttt of course not, and voila here are all the photos that took me a bit of time to sort and rework.





As I said yesterday, the small redevelopment my apartment was designed especially to recover the light from the bedroom window. By opening between the bedroom and the living room is now enjoying a real studio and the whole room volume.

Like I told you yesterday, the goal of this small rearrangement of my apartment was to especially capture the light that comes through the bedroom window. By opening up the space between the bedroom and the living room, we now can enjoy a true studio with its space.



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This is the first thing one sees on entering my apartment, provided it is always nice and tidy !

By rearranging, I took the opportunity to give me a true corner office, just changing in seat. It's not much but have a real place in the office chair and place of a simple chair that asks you a true workspace ! Plus I kind of feel suddenly the boss and I like that :) I had planned to work on the basis of the small office on the wall, but it was not serious : I did not have enough room and I turned my back to the door (not very psychologically safe).

This is the the first thing that one sees while entering my apartment, therefore always need to be pretty and neat!

While rearranging, I took the chance to create a true corner office, by changing just the seating. It’s not a big thing but having a true office chair instead of a simple chair creates a real working space! Also it makes me feel like a true boss and I like that :) At first I had planned to set the office against the wall, but it wasn’t realistic: I didn’t have enough space and I would turn my back to the door (not very psychologically assuring).


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It is also an area where I have arranged a whole bunch of small objects mimis, lamps, flowers, feathers which I admit sometimes forget that a man shares the apartment with me (my darling I love you stronger !)

It’s also the corner where I displayed a bunch of small girly objects, the lamps, the flowers, and the feathers that make me swear sometimes I forget that I share this apartment with a guy (my dear, I love you bunches!)



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All white and full of little lights my living room has become a hyper little corner cocooning since we added a pull element. Before there was a large circulation area which crossed the (see my post yesterday), we did not feel really well to land.

With all the white and small lighting, my living room has become a great cuddling space since we added the couch. Before there was a big passage way that crosses and you couldn’t rest too comfortably.

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Straddling the room, lounge and dining / office, the cabinet made by Vianney did a little separation from the chamber sufficient to isolate a bit. Hair cell was calculated depth and height of the box in terms of pocket books and comics. I added after a saucepan lids on storage for storing magazines, too clever naughty :p

In between the bedroom, the living room and the eating area/office, Vianney arranged the furniture to create a small separation for the bedroom. We calculated the exactly hight and depth of the case for pocket books and the comics. I screwed on some holders at the end for the magazines, very clever this mean girl :P




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In the room we had to tweak. It lacked the closet makes headboard office ten centimeter to cover the entire width. It was therefore necessary to extend the library, and you can not see the small space between the two was the closet and covered the tip of wallpaper library. Trip FLAMMANDS roses trotted me since I discovered Paul shop & Joe sister rue vieille du temple, Cole wallpaper & its only waiting for the little kitschy garland adorning the cornice of the headboard.

The bedroom was tricky. It needed a cupboard that serves as a headboard for the bed that’s 10ish centimeter long in order to cover the width. Therefore it needed to extend with the library, and in order to not see that little space between the two, we covered the cupboard with wall paper. The pink flamingos have been on my mind since I discovered them in the boutique Paul & Joe sister on rue vieille du temple, the Cole & son wallpaper is used only to decorate he border of the headboard for the bed.

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The only problem with these small changes, the room was really in the room. To isolate us from the rest of the space at night, so we installed a white curtain with a metal wire (bought at Ikea), that's all con but in the evening when it was shot, we feel much more in our corner in the bed.

The only worry with these little changes is that the bedroom was really in its place. In order for us to have an isolated place to rest at night, we installed a white curtain held by a metal thread (purchased at IKEA), it’s all a bit silly but at night when we pull it close, it makes us feel more at ease in our corner in bed.





The wardrobe is part of the room actually. I need to stand on the bed to catch him my robounettes :) She quasimenent 2 times larger than before and I use all the space from floor to ceiling. In spite of that, it is full to bursting, he'll have to empty it all myself…

The wardrobe is actually a part of the bedroom. I need to stand up on the bed to get my little dress :) It’s practcially two time the size as before and I use all the space from floor to ceiling. But even with that, it’s still so full and about to burst, I’m really gonna need to empty it all…


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I could start with that, the kitchen is immediately to the right when entering home. She has not changed much since the last time, but who knows maybe that soon I would be taking a sudden desire to transfer the space invaders… Not Vianney strangle me :p

I could have start by that, the kitchen being the first thing to the right when you enter my house. There isn’t too much change since the last time, but who knows maybe soon I’ll be compelled to make a sudden transformation to the space… no Vianney will strangle me :p

Thank you to my lil bidous have lived my apartment so gracefully on photos :)

Thanks to my lovely cats for living in my apartment with so much grace in these photos :)