The iphone rangefinder on photojojo

Enfin “Gizmon” rather, but Gizmo c & rsquo; is cuter. C & rsquo; is the name of my new iphone case, I know, I spend my money n & rsquo; anyhow.

J & rsquo; have therefore turned my iphone Small retro phone, I think I became fully calibrated and if this kind of & rsquo; object exists c & rsquo; is that our world is doomed. But it is s & rsquo; cares.

What is this for : nothing if n & rsquo; is showing off with friends, the trigger really used to take pictures and one can look through the viewfinder, it works almost.

I l & rsquo; have ordered with 3 small brilliant goals that allow me to do now Macro and real zoom (digital zoom of & rsquo; iphone sucks). I don & rsquo; have not tested in good conditions but it will not be long, if you're interested, Anne so had really convincing tests.

Why all of this ? Un sage m & rsquo; once said “the best camera c & rsquo; is that that & rsquo; we always have with you”. And c & rsquo; is true. L & rsquo; iphone 4S is very very good pictures when the light is good (in low light it is less malignant) and sometimes I couples pictures iphone SLR and it works great. Du coup, my iphone, I treat the !

If not the misfortune he took you & rsquo; want to do like me, still know that & rsquo; s & rsquo was; great air con with and by calling c & rsquo; is now dead to take pictures of people in the subway screud !