Also in the series REDIF, aujourd’hui, I think of all the poor who seek apart in Paris and begin serious stress because approach in September.

Today & rsquo; therefore hui, redif du post : “home sweet home” from 22 June 2006

Find Vacation in Paris sometimes falls under & rsquo; feat, or c & rsquo; is downright impossible mission 12. Then saw that my love and me found one this time without much difficulty I thought that telling my galleys and share some impressions, tips and tricks to be a nest in Paris lil could have some utility.
The hardest to Paris, c & rsquo; is to find a small area, something less than 500 euros, good room type. There are very few, and all students are pulling their, for 2 it starts to be simpler and less expensive. The wealthy will go through an agency, but for others begins PAP marathon. Continue reading