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So… And then you can imagine that & rsquo; to Antwerp on mange aussi, and eat well and more !! It was therefore on our sacred drive best addresses, that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; unfortunately not all tested, but I keep warm in my d & rsquo book; address :


(Small market 1, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


We don & rsquo; have not eaten there, but who knew Yara confirmed that c & rsquo; was a terrific place to dine for both the & rsquo; mood prices.


(Schoenmarkt 12, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


There have… We tested and believe me it's worth it. J & rsquo; ve tasted two waffles, a hot cherries, una another “Desired lille” with a scoop of ice cream and marshmallow taste c & rsquo; was a treat…. Rhaaaa right now j & rsquo; want one !! The batter is light and crispy, best waffles in my life !


(Lombardenvest 78, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=324]

A really lovely place and I regret not being able to m & rsquo; stop longer. Their specialty : le ginger tea, that m & rsquo; made curious I must say. L & rsquo; warm atmosphere is great, j & rsquo; & rsquo c staying there; certainly.


(Ernest Van Dijckkaai 1, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


I don & rsquo; & rsquo have that; a picture of my meal, but not the place (pity) which was exceptional : designed by the & rsquo; architect Bob Van Reeth, lunch there almost onto the river. It has wonderful eaten course :)

After this meal, l & rsquo; tourist board has awarded us a price for our morning hunt. My team had for each person a voucher of € 200 to spend in one of the shops visited, yeaaaah ! I thus paid a sublime pair of boots at Elsa, I will certainly show you very soon.


That's for the weekend my friends, practical issues now. Antwerp, c’est simple, just take a Thalys to Paris Gare du Nord and you are there in 2 hours. One can easily go for the day only (but a little short), if you stay a weekend there are a host of excellent hotels. L & rsquo; tourism office had housed us Leopold Hotel which was fine : cozy rooms, park view, and not far from the station, pratique ;), I'm sure after that & rsquo; there are plenty of & rsquo; locations slightly cheaper and just as nice.



We continue the tour of small shops visited during this “safari photo” with our local guide (see My "fashion weekend" in Antwerp (Part I)) . What I & rsquo; I forgot to tell you c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; with Alix and Tony we were rather motivated to take pictures of all that & rsquo; we were asked to find because of big veeeeeery good d & rsquo; purchases in the shops we had visited were to win. Malins organizers, they really knew how to talk to us !! Here are other shops that we took the time to visit despite the race and the small competition :


(De Burburestraat 4, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=321]

As well tell you right away, during the visits I don & rsquo; nothing ever listen, I'm too busy taking pictures in ridiculous poses looking perspective that tears. So I do not know why this concept store s & rsquo; and calls, it must be an old hospital, or else a place to care for all patients in need of fashion… L & rsquo; damn place is worth a visit if only for its design which is awesome. The clothes are very expensive but c & rsquo; is like Colette, we go to watch, s & rsquo; inspire, and leave with a trinket :) (note that & rsquo; they stock a nice bike super trendy, la classe !)


(Kammenstraat 36, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=322]

Encore un concept store : more street art this time. Not really my cam base, but & rsquo; & rsquo expo in; entrance of the store m & rsquo; liked. And then with his sign smarties you can not miss !


(Komedieplaats 17, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


Even if the bags that n & rsquo; is not really my thing, it would be a shame to go to Antwerp without the Delvaux shop that makes d & rsquo sacks quite exceptional quality. When we see how much one pays dreyfuss bag crappy quality that sobering ! J & rsquo; it enjoyed the Antwerp-QUA LI-TEE ! The know-how, etc… I don & rsquo; gave desire to m & rsquo; buy beautiful things (although I l & rsquo; have not done :p)


(Lombardenstraat 2, 2000 antwerp – plan)


A high-end concept store to visit must not least as Margiela pieces for Belgian designers and countless accessories.



(Lombardenvest, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=325]

Right off, Anna Heylen home we had the chance to visit. Housed in a former paper this large house has created a bright space in this very old building. Again I don & rsquo; have listened nothing… I feel con when I write my reports if you knew ! J & rsquo; hope my photos will be talking suffisemment.


(Meir 78, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=323]

This rather exceptional champagne bar is located in a beautiful gallery where you will also find a large Urban Outfitters. So you will definitely see this UFO in the middle of the gallery : a cup-shaped structure that is downright visit ! Note that j & rsquo; learned in passing : Antwerp is one of the cities that consumes more champagne in the world…


(Nationalestraat 87, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=326]

J & rsquo; had already spoken in the last time, this shop is great ! A deposit sale that same dépote where to s & rsquo; dwell on all load bearing ! I do not know why I & rsquo; have rested Sonia Rykielle wool jacket adorned with gold buttons & rsquo; a big flower Susie had unearthed (160€ !!) but I & rsquo; try not to think about it, c & rsquo; is better for my mental health.

… Following tomorrow with lots of yummy :)



Yes I know bad bouhouuuu, I don & rsquo; have hardly posted the week. The cold that s & rsquo; is too brutally installed was right in my motivation… For I & rsquo; taaaaas had things to tell you about this great weekend spent in Antwerp, so much that I did not feel the courage to m & rsquo; put before aujourd & rsquo; hui. Hop, Let's go !

L & rsquo; & rsquo Office of Tourism; Antwerp organized this “fashion week end” in order to discover the richness of the city to 8 bloggers d & rsquo; Amsterdam, London and Paris : Susie, Steve, Renée, Wound, Tony, Frédérique, Alix and me. J & rsquo; had already visited the city & rsquo; last year and I & rsquo; had had a big crush, return in such good company was a pleasure !

We spent the first night in a small picturesque snack, where the fries with sauce and beer flowed in streams ! A great moment shared with all the small team this weekend, and a good way to make up for the day Saturday was busy.


[nggallery id=316]

Divided into 3 teams, we had the following morning to discover a certain number & rsquo; locations and bring trophies pictures : l & rsquo; opportunity to discover charming boutiques, owls restaurants and the city and its architecture…

Here is a small selection of my favorite places :

(Lombardenvest 2, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


The famous glove of the city welcomed us with open arms to show us her little merchandise d & rsquo; except. By entering this tiny place, we think of all these elegant ladies who have crossed the threshold of the door since 1884. Large cardboard boxes meticulously arranged in beautiful wooden lockers contain treasures…

[nggallery id=317]

A charming saleswoman s & rsquo; then grabs my hand, who is “small and therefore perfect for presentation”. She throws a look and m & rsquo; Announces “6 ½”, then looks me up and head to choose the gloves of my dreams. Et is whaaaaa, c & rsquo; is amazing how pretty you dress gloves, I don & rsquo; & rsquo have ceased; thinking about since I came back, next time if I have to do that back & rsquo; d & rsquo a thing Antwerp, it will be a nice pair of gloves, bad faith :


[nggallery id=318]

(Photos de moi by Alix)


(Nationalestraat 147, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=319]

When s & rsquo; this is approached shoe store, j & rsquo; d have & rsquo; winced first… Since the & rsquo; outside, she didn & rsquo; s & rsquo had not, frankly frolicsome air with its wooden storefront, the lighting a bit old and a bit banal showcase. Yes but now, Antwerp it is better to take a closer look… In m & rsquo; focusing on shoes I realize that I'm actually in a sublime shop, chic but with the d & rsquo button and eccentricity that characterizes contemporary Belgian creation. A gem for the connoisseur that I am not !


(Aalmoezenierstraat 4, 2000 Antwerp – plan)


[nggallery id=320]

Another shop that I & rsquo; have underestimated since & rsquo; outside, barely j & rsquo; there would have thrown a look if you do l & rsquo me was not shown. Yet in & rsquo; Inside we find wonders : j & rsquo; tried 3 d & rsquo pairs of shoes; sublime OCCAZ : a pair of miu miu-50 €, a pair of offset marc jacobs € 60 and a pair of gray derbies Dries Van Noten 70 €. Almost new course… After selecting difficulty with the pair I m & rsquo; emparerai I go to the checkout… Where unfortunately they do not take the CB. No time d & rsquo; go to a distributor, I left not without a small tear in the corner of & rsquo; eye. The next time, I will be decked !!

…Following tomorrow !!