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There are several weeks now, I left a few days in Tuscany : a quick visit to Florence and a stay in the small town of Lucca where I & rsquo; going to a wedding.

Real holidays, no pressure to do nothing d & rsquo; other than sleep, strolling in the sun in the small streets, eat ice cream and good sausages without feeling guilty not to visit all that the city has museums and monuments.

I make you a little accurate account of it with lots of good addresses :)

Cannes 308-2
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I am soooo late in my report Cannes… I thought I do it at least before the delivery of the prize, but I & rsquo; was too busy mongoliser Moonrise Kingdom on images while listening to the soundtrack background balloons home.

Yet j & rsquo; have lots of cool stuff to tell about the festival spent in the rain (I cheat on photos, c & rsquo; was the 2 last hours) while I n & rsquo; & rsquo had that; a suitcase full of little summer dresses and sandals. Woman VS Wild ! Fight !

I landed in Nice after a short journey from the Tuscan (yes i n & rsquo; have not an easy life). I never put too much nose in the south and having spent my childhood rage against the coast d & rsquo; n & rsquo azure, big suns that had blossomed on the map d & rsquo; Evelyne Deliah, j & rsquo; imagined that the rain there was nonexistent. Or 2 minutes time d & rsquo; gently sprinkle salads.

So I arrived in Cannes, hair dripping and not fresh ballerina. I already saw me open the door by repositioning my sunglasses on my nose like a star more beautiful life, c & rsquo; was a great moment désanchanté (everything is KO).

But the rain was a consequence rather friendly : we went to see lots of films at Palace, and it c & rsquo; was cool. I would not say that I & rsquo; loved everything, but I & rsquo; had some fun surprises.

Especially short films of & rsquo; adami and the pool of young talents. Certainly the best moments in a dark room during the festival.

And, as I told you, j & rsquo;'ve climbed the stairs one night to see “like someone in Love”. And c & rsquo; was very funny (not the movie).

Car mount these stairs, c & rsquo; just mount actually steps. Except that & rsquo; there is a large red carpet and full of photographers. Awaiting the & rsquo; film crew and the real stars, therefore they nobodies s & rsquo; in bump (normal). J & rsquo; so was a little intimidated for nothing, j & rsquo; have mounted ten small steps looking my feet not to beat me up (although again, everyone s & rsquo; beat in race).

But it & rsquo; was funny, a little like crossing the & rsquo; screen and see this place that & rsquo; every year we look on Canal +.

So, the film was boring to death (or rather for me, sleeping with open mouth), I'm never a big fan of films in competition at the festival anyway (yes j & rsquo; have in Haneke and his fucking horror stills on non scenes & rsquo; outside).

But it was worth it just for these 2 minutes in the spotlight, after spending 2 days in the rain.

Another big thank you to the & rsquo; Schweppes team for the invitation, the program with onions, their kindness and cool evenings at the villa (especially Kavinsky evening ♥).

Edit : oh yes j & rsquo; forgot, j & rsquo; took out my light dress l & rsquo; last year for the red carpet (boouuuuuuuh !)


♪ ♫ I’m bluuuue tapeti tapeta ♫ ♪

Après my experiments worthy & rsquo; a student of CE2 to discover its felts kit, j & rsquo; I plunged in my lacquer box to go further, higher, harder !

And then eventually I calmed down and I & rsquo; did a simple shades of blue on my little claws fashion blogger. J & rsquo; have a red and pink package, I think in this case renewing d & rsquo; other colors.

J & rsquo; have a life GUE-DIN !

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