Dress Asos, chaussures Bertie + knots Mlle Pierre, rouge à lèvres Lancôme, Pictures taken at the’hotel seven

So yes I know, we ate at all the sauces & rsquo; last year, and the title of this post had to make you want to kill yourself suddenly compilation of muscular.

But when I m & rsquo; buys a blue dress, I can not m & rsquo; help take me a bit to Alice c & rsquo; is like this. Like when I see a pair of red shoes, I think of Dorothy and I & rsquo; buys, hop !

It's a good bitch or the one & rsquo; is not. And yet I will not make it a fixette on Minnie dresses or we would not be out of the woods.

Hence the blue dress I find pretty cool, Dynasty has a small side with pleated neckline j & rsquo; make me feel like a big glittery brushing with it would be so funny !

P.S : Nothing to do with the sauerkraut but thank you for your votes for GBA, there was 2 semaines, j & rsquo; had the prices :) Fashion blogger, cuvee 2011 (to enjoy with a good foie gras).

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles


Since j & rsquo; have mon tumblr, you l & rsquo; have understood, j & rsquo; have a real bulimia beautiful pictures. So I'm all the time looking for some outstanding sets pictures, c & rsquo; to me is my quest :)

L & rsquo; other day when I went on le tumblr d’Anne so, I got off to a photo’Elena Kalis, especially d & rsquo; s Alice & rsquo; Looking Glass (even if others are equally sublime). Many of his photos weheartit or spend daily on tumblr, in recent months as they fascinate. Pour ma part, when I want to dream a little, I'm doing a tour on its website I sigh and before his aquatic pictures…



And for those who n & rsquo; have not seen, Here are the first pictures d & rsquo; Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton unveiled last week :





~ Click on each image to see & rsquo; original and its author ~

I monomaniac ??? Noooooo you can imagine… Good d & rsquo; agree a little while !

I actually tape often the same keyword on flickr : Alice, tea, rabbit, wonderland… And regularly I find pretty pictures that delight me (j & rsquo; the pretty pictures adooooore !)

C & rsquo; s why I do not understand why I don & rsquo; had never watched this group “is alice still in wonderland?” the title has a double meaning, and that I love. There are a lot of things, everything that reminds of near or far the & rsquo; d & rsquo universe Alice, especially far in fact… Yes c & rsquo; n & is a great rsquo; anything this group, much like the book which I find absolutely brilliant. S & rsquo; rub shoulders with girls disguised by their parents, marie layer of you there in costume & rsquo; Alice in suggestive poses, teacups, synthetic images, des photos de dorothy (yes there are some who have confused the…), and a great indescribable jumble.


But it fits perfectly with the little phrase d & rsquo; introduction of the group : “About the surreal conception for nowadays behavior…or how would you make a photograph that can be an illustration to Carroll’s book…”

I had a lot of fun to go watch the most incongruous potos and try to understand where was the hidden meaning, the link with the book, etc… C & rsquo; s funny to get into people's heads… And suddenly, I find my séance photo Alice done with Alix a little p & rsquo; tit player compared to the seriously ill plaguing the group.

by Picking wildflowers2 by lagatita by Suzie Vanilla by Brandon Christopher Warren by Danny B! by Mariana David by Mariana David by Little Ring Eye by Nihal82 by Brandon Christopher Warren by samgoodie by millylillyrose