Photo credits – Sheenalu

Little episode 3615 ma life – or how j & rsquo; have come to buy a fluorescent pink suitcase with an eagle on the back.

My return Kenya n & rsquo; has not been easy for nerves, and yet j & rsquo; had a good trip, slept well, avec 3 seats to myself. J & rsquo; was enough jaded by my last journey by plane in the month & rsquo; April and my 6 consecutive flights : Papeete > Sydney > Bangkok > London > Paris. 8h without change next c & rsquo; was like a subway ride ! Finger in the noze !

J & rsquo; have therefore – for the first time in my life – quietly took my time to break the & rsquo; plane, clear customs and conduct myself as a zombie to the baggage belt.

D & rsquo; usually c & rsquo; is my number one stress by plane, my only stress actually tout court. I snoozing takeoff, opens one eye to the & rsquo; landing, even in ptits cuckoos 20 places that pitching. J & rsquo; have no fear of flying.

By cons I flip to the & rsquo; recording when I see my suitcase slide gently into the abyss baggage sorters with its slim label on the back, Such a mother who leaves her child in & rsquo; school for the first time. J & rsquo;'m almost a tear in & rsquo; eye. Same as the & rsquo; arrival, when the carpets are beginning to spit travel bags one by one, I look for eyes, hands clasped and & rsquo; worried. Continue reading