A small post quickly passing because I run I run I run at the moment and n & rsquo; not have time to ask me. Just to share with you some pictures of Kenzo fashion show where I went Monday.

J & rsquo; was very moved, because if there is indeed a brand that I like about winter collections c & rsquo; is Kenzo (yes j & rsquo; s like less their creations & rsquo; summer…). L & rsquo; d last year & rsquo; had fallen in love with this small flowered coat and all the & rsquo; Russian universe, mesh, the boots… C & rsquo; is full of & rsquo; enthusiasm that I went to the Tuileries garden despite the icy wind whipping my cheeks.

As these are the first shows that I visit this year, I do not lose a crumb of the show that begins at the & rsquo; shows input : streetstyle photographers awaiting their prey on the outskirts of the room (I got by shooter 3 No people but I & rsquo; not even ask why c & rsquo; was), the privileged who were the red carpet, the parade of photographers who are parked behind barriers, then the luxury that take their place, etc…etc… My sublime invited to the j & rsquo hand waited, expected…


J & rsquo; I thought losing my toes as I & rsquo; cold had in my pink shoes (I did not wait so long outside), and even once in & rsquo; & rsquo within j;'ve put a good twenty minutes to get warm. As usual, I approached the & rsquo; dais photographers, I found a nice gentleman who agreed that I m ​​& rsquo; sit before him (juperien important to come in just for that…) under the suspicious look vigils. Alix m & rsquo; joined and took a small room for two until it starts.

The decor was impressive : large straw bales that were going up & rsquo; ceiling, a sand-colored catwalk, c & rsquo; was rather warm for a winter fashion show.

And models entered, with music from the early 70 : America – A horse with no name, Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson, etc… Ambiance super baba cool, American desert, girls wore large round sunglasses, warm colors, brown, Very dresses baba cool j & rsquo; have A-DO-RE ! I, who am not very bag, I see right there craquerais !


J & rsquo; have better appreciated of course if a bitch n & rsquo; had not come to put before me, blocking the view of most photos. J & rsquo; have had beautiful claws out and tried to clear it s & rsquo; is royally screwed up my face : What the jungle ! I would have gladly done him a crooked foot seen or known to the exit but she had already decamped…

I leave you with some pictures of my favorite silhouettes :






And yet some nice figure (I don & rsquo; have not really liked the second part of that parade ;)

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S & rsquo; there is indeed something on which j & rsquo; have cracked this season, they are printed miu miu. While in London when I & rsquo; saw this playsuit “very inspired” a fashion editor in the backstage d & rsquo; a parade I gave myself the task of coming away with. Done since the day that pretty little things coming home Miss Selfridges*.

As he peeled his mother Friday j & rsquo; was a little covered my pretty combi and as the & rsquo; said a small very unhappy granny crossing the passage Jouffroy “if I & rsquo; had known that c & rsquo; was heated j & rsquo; would not come”. So unfortunately you will not see much in these photos, but n & rsquo; is that postponed. Meanwhile I leave you with some images of this wonderful place : its miniature shop windows, its booksellers and glass through which a pretty light filter.

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– Combishort Miss selfridges, sac vintage, manteau gap, umbrella topshop –









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Pour ma part, I still do not get tired of my little loved flowers coat (Gap, bought it 5 years old) and my satchel in which I can store everything as if it & rsquo; was the bag of Mary Poppins !

* En parlant de Miss Selfridges, I'm desperate search for the pair & rsquo; white shoes with the nodes page & rsquo; shoe Home the brand site (those worn with polka dot socks). HOLE-IN-VABLES ! Someone & rsquo; have a pipe ?



In there I walked the aisles I don & rsquo; not believe : I did not go once in Père Lachaise since j & rsquo; lives in Paris, not one ! Yet c & rsquo; is typically the kind of & rsquo; & rsquo place j; loves : mysterious, charge d & rsquo; history and truly picturesque.

I m & rsquo; y girl was walking when we went to Paris one weekend in two with my papa and my sister. J & rsquo; loved it, j & rsquo; was fascinated by the graves, broken all the old graves, cobblestone alleys askew, the statues that were scary, the Crows… And I must admit that I don & rsquo; have not changed much.

We did a tour of the famous graves with Vianney, that of Piaf and pink, the d & rsquo; Oscar Wilde covered with kisses, that of Jim Morrison (barricadée), etc… And then we tried to get lost in the small alleys, to find very old graves, d & rsquo; imagine the cemetery at night to scare us, and as d & rsquo; hab j & rsquo; took lots of photos. A trip to Pere Lachaise with me ?
















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