Eh not !! Still no tree, “l & rsquo; arlésienne” as s & rsquo; is said in comments. Like any girl perpetually unsatisfied, I find that & rsquo; there are things to improve in this small tree, including finding some decorations with character, a bit Cheros, but just touches surely fulfill me ! So bin, you wait next week I've stayed in cheap this weekend, on ! Small relaxation / ticket so look…

Like all turkeys of the earth, once a week I plant myself in front of my dressing room and said to myself : “hmmmmmmffff blah…” followed by fatal “j & rsquo; have nothing to wear” who has a knack for spinning buttons darling who I still just poking a shelf in her closet. After m & rsquo; to be lamented in a vacuum and & rsquo; general misconception, I began to experiment, I come out of the old forgotten and I & rsquo stuff; invents ptits looks not always successful but have the merit of m & rsquo; care a bit and give me & rsquo; opportunity to take me for a stylist.

Le week end dernier, j & rsquo;'ve laid this one, Japanese inspiration, transparency, du romantiiiiiiiisme… Not easy, I'm still looking what's wrong in it, may be missing something… And you, what do you think ?.