Relax !

When I have a problem, I am rather the sort to take care immediately now viiiite it is necessary that a solution is URGENT (and I thought that I was not stressed kind really !).

Then when I decided to take care of my problem of stress I have sought solutions to short and long term.

Short term first, because it was that I found a good way to calm me in periods where I am especially manned (If overloaded) and it occupies my mind and prevents me from sleeping. Tous my best stuff anti-insomnie do not work I'm really stressed.

I myself am so created a small ritual the days where I feel that it reached me the most. It's pretty easy to identify in fact I have a little more harm a breathe and need to inspire deeply several times per day (one of the glaring symptoms that my doctor had pointed the finger at the first time).

Warning tip of madness I have run a bath ! Scoop ! Breaking News !
Yes but I put myself in a very special atmosphere.


Relaxing atmosphere



I turn off the lights and I turn on 2-3 eucalyptus candle (for RES-ft-RER). And I creates a somewhat romantic atmosphere (I love watching the light of the candle that is reflected in the water).



I turn on app Noisly on which I put sounds foliage, the rain and the storm (storm at bottom). I balance the sound bottomed balloons on a small speaker that I take in my bathroom



I put a few drops of these essential oils “Breathe” (I discovered it in a hotel where there were samples of the product, Since I order it online, It's a little expensive but I really love)


Once I installed it, I look at the ceiling, breathing and imagining my body in water cm by cm. from the toes to the head, then I read a book while listening to the storm.

And it has become my ritual, I believe that the important thing is to be his thing in itself, with a whole bunch of reassuring elements. Drops of essential oils I almost have the impression that they are magical when I put them in my bath, have a ritual almost gives the impression that it was discovered an ancient secret to get better.

The first time I wanted to make me a bath of madness I myself am somewhat loupée, I wanted to reproduce the incredible feeling I had felt at the spa “liquid room” in Berlin in their flotation bath (in the dark with music in the water), and I poured 1 kg of salt in my bath. I have not flown and it scraped me buttocks all along : null !

After I have other genre techniques to make large puzzles (sort parts that empty head), listen to the soundtrack of little woman (It soothes me), do the coloring. But my super stormy bath is by far what makes me more good.

I barely beginning to understand how to address this problem of stress, long-term, It's going to ask me quite some work, because I will not change from one day to the next. It is my way of life has always been so it will still take a little time to learn how to better put into perspective. Deceive the enemy in my tub in all cases works pretty well at the moment.

If you want to learn with me how we can improve their lives by playing on small changes, or even out of his comfort zone in a multitude of area which are your daily life ? Enter your first name + preferred e-mail address and click on "Let's go ! Let's go !”

On the road to adventure ?


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42 "comments on"Relax !

  1. 20 June 2016 at 9:52

    I am sophrologue and I give some tracks to manage stress to my clients ;) (Finally when I have clients, you see for example do not have customers it can stress ^^ ) and in general I tell them that they are already spontaneously things to manage their stress, your ritual bath is a good example ;) hand me the music of rain, I hate birds and co.!!! My stuff is sophro, meditation steady and stronger dose in tough times, positive visualizations, walk, and bath ^^ it is my worst gesture ecolo but I love taking a bath at night, This is my Airlock after the day. If I do not, I have the impression that it is less well! (you made me laugh with salt, Once I followed the advice of a book “Spa at home” or something but I put too much oil essential-Mandarin I believe- and it got burned everywhere, I had the impression of heat all night)

  2. 20 June 2016 at 9:58

    ER drink wine :-)))
    When I am stressed I restored parental discipline from my 10 years old : to bed at a reasonable hour, I settle well, I read and I do more nothing else before sleeping. It is very beneficial for me to say “stop”, any place to have a real break between my connected day and sleep. It is not always enough of course but I am more calmed down after that small time.

    • 20 June 2016 at 10:00

      Ah want Yes, I read the comment above and tell myself to relax and immerse themselves in a book it is a form of meditation not? :-)

  3. 20 June 2016 at 10:22

    When I am stressed : walk fast quickly through the streets of Paris until well me tired physically and evacuate all its bad waves :)

  4. 20 June 2016 at 11:05

    Personally I'm going to walk, (run can be shortly a test) or I meditate, Hugs to the lover it's magic also

  5. 20 June 2016 at 11:17

    Thank you very much for this article, and for these shares, I did not know the app Noisli and I love! I sought one like that. I too am very stressed …See anguished-_-
    Which works very well for me what are essential oils of neroli and ylang ylang. I put a small drop of each on the solar plexus mixed with a vegetable oil the night before sleeping, I sleep like a big baby. Or I simply breathe the bottle open if the stress comes suddenly. Besides these two essential oils smell so good <3
    Good relaxation ;)

  6. 20 June 2016 at 11:26

    Go to mass, pray for his next, help the most “low”, do good.. and then forget it, stop all “Auto-centrer” on self-esteem, not asking anything, give… a lot ! That also tracks to get better. But OK, otherwise it just look at the news and to say that we are not so badly off in fine… To meditate.

  7. 20 June 2016 at 11:30

    All this would be beneficial for me also I think. Thank you ♡

  8. 20 June 2016 at 11:41

    I make the to-do list to stop telling me that I have too many things to do. Note, schedule them, allows me to take out them of the head. And above all I'm focusing on the next task and not what awaits me not in two days… Task after task, otherwise this is where I feel that I'll never get there ! :)
    And recently I registered to yoga to manage back pain and stress (related ? Naaaaaan !) And even when I have a lot of work I want to at least 1 lessons per week, as well as a workout of running per week. These are moments alone to me where I can think of something else. Vraiment.
    And especially do not surround me in these periods of persons that will come out me the age-old : “you not complaining, you got work” “stress not ca will be okay”… Yes thank you if I knew not stressing on command, I would do it, non ? You think that I stress by pleasure ? Because be stressed do not necessarily want to say do not evaluate his life and that stress but rather feel overwhelmed by events a moment time…
    Bref, put me in my bubble, put on paper the things to organize and surround myself with benevolence adapted to the situation.

  9. 20 June 2016 at 11:50

    For insomnia I had a super herbal tea to a herbalist who has unfortunately closed. It was called poppy tea. Taken every day she was doing effect at the end of a good week and it was without addiction.
    Currently I do Iyengar yoga. Aussi, a few sessions of hypnosis at a very good psy specializing in the psychology of work greatly helped me. The discomfort of stress in the workplace have been set. It really made me move and this helped me to let go Jack. Well led by a pro, Hypnosis is not something that some say mystical. We are aware of everything, means everything and after a session one has the impression of having a big NAP. Yet I was not very fan of this type of technique. It is my doctor who has redirected me to this person because there were good results.
    I have health concerns and I have large inflammatory attacks on the back that can wake me up at 4 o'clock in the morning and me rot my daily.. I went there one morning with chest and back pain. We worked on pain (because the psyche has a strong share) and just after the meeting I had more bad chest. And half an hour after, more back pain. And what she taught me during the meeting can serve me in times of crisis. So now I advise to who is ready to take the step. But of course it must be a person of confidence.

  10. 20 June 2016 at 11:51

    I listen to videos of ASMR on You tube, I don't know if you know the principle. I discovered listening to this doc of arte Radio, and since I'm addicted, I have my youtubeurs of asmr favorite and everything ^ ^ it also helps me to fall asleep

  11. 20 June 2016 at 12:13

    This article falls pic !!!! I'm in a period of enormous stress.
    Bath, effectivement, It calms me down many. My husband makes me do of Sophrology (It obliges me because me is not my thing but I have to admit that it gets good results).
    And if not I must admit that this little weekend at HELLFEST was a very good anxiolytic. hehehe damage I have no cross you, in any case I hope that it also made you good :)

  12. 20 June 2016 at 13:09

    Cliché but meditation and Mindfulness can be super helpful : It learns – slowly but surely – to be less flush with little, less reactive, more in the present moment, and therefore naturally live with less stress in a more sustainable way.
    Otherwise yes ! the puzzles it also works for me :D

  13. 20 June 2016 at 13:13

    Mwaha your messed up bathing experience reminds me of this episode when Chandler discovers the pleasures of the bath thanks to Monica and when he tries to make it an only it fails miserably !!!

    Thanks for the Noisli app is DL quietly I will try to do it earlier because I have a start of migraine I am sure it's going to soothe me !

    I do not know if you know but there is the app “Small bamboo” who is really top it helps to learn to manage his thoughts and succeed to put aside for a moment. Although the basis I am any fan of meditation and relaxation in general and many small bamboo made me a very foolish !

    And if not when I have a shot of stress I do any bogus thing I wonder on my couch, I eat a piece of chocolate and I close my eyes while trying to make the vacuum. The guy who invented the slogan “March and it starts” He was clearly right !

  14. 20 June 2016 at 13:53

    Hey the girlettes , I just read all of your ideas and good plans for anti-stress parades but y' still has a thing which has existed since the dawn of time and who eats any bread, It's still the good old big hug!!! A small moment of tenderness, Nestling in the couch with your Jules, or plug sandwiched between your children overflowing of love or Petting your cat, Purring pleasure is sometimes just what it takes to calm the game !! And that takes hours because nothing but the idea of spending a lot of time to relax in a schedule of Phew , when what is needed is planning small moments like here and ben me , çà me makes because I think that I have lots of thing to do and the coup çà me stress!!!
    Otherwise I can confirm that a small the HELLFEST tour is decompression ensured, not by the music but by the romping, the good mood of festival-goers,l’ community spirit which reigns, There you can be who you want to see even become someone else, It's more unzipping , non?!!
    Eleanor if you want tips on my city of Clisson and region, do not hesitate there are plenty other things to discover; including the edges of Sevre, the old mills, the history of the creation of Pollux and the manege delighted and so on…..

  15. 20 June 2016 at 14:12

    Put in background music and dance as if I was the star of a clip. It empty me head and makes me do sports (Let's say).
    The problem is that after, When I am in the subway or on the street and I listen to music, I also want to dance…

  16. Véronique Rémanjon
    20 June 2016 at 15:28

    It is geial this noisli!! free on site, but paying in app, pity

  17. 20 June 2016 at 16:22

    Dishes you yoga !! It changes life :)
    And otherwise, you give me much envy with tales of puzzle…

  18. 20 June 2016 at 16:46

    Ah ah ah ! Yes to me too your bath fail made me see you direct Chandleur and his missed bath :D :D :D
    And I took Noisli to enhance my imminent childbirth :in ;-)
    Bisou !

  19. 20 June 2016 at 16:56

    Super application :) I'm currently listening to a mix of wind and birdsong ;)… It is also perfect for focus. Me who also follows a stressed nature, I tried the Yoga that made me a good crazy but generally sport helps me to unzip ! For small rituals, I happen to bring me a small Disney, and immediately I calms me and I find my soul of child… ;) About essential oils, I discovered oils to disseminate Huygens with verbena (=> L’odeur parfaite pour moi !!

    En tout cas, ton article me fait me sentir moins seule :) Merci !

  20. 20 June 2016 at 16:57

    Ah the bathroom… I wish, but I have a shower :-P
    My stuff : Sports because it défoule me and read a book on a regular basis : the nightly or even the morning, it empty me head and I don't think anything else, (better than meditation in a first time). Good luck with all your projects !

  21. Gloss Framboise
    20 June 2016 at 18:28

    Definitely, on est tous victimes de stress en ce moment ! 😅

  22. 20 June 2016 at 19:24

    Rhaaaa le stress…. Déjà deux séances avec cette personne et les choses sont un peu plus tranquilles. Plus un peu de yoga et de médiationCela aide beaucoup.
    It is not yet perfect and this will surely not before a moment, but I am more cool :)

  23. Hilde Bald
    20 June 2016 at 19:49

    Super noisli! I also love the storm

  24. 20 June 2016 at 20:16

    Having a stressful and demanding job where the error hurts (I'm a doctor), It was vital for me to learn to manage my stress (me neither, I do me in realized not and I somatisais bottomed balloons!!!!) and psychologists that I company at the hospital, first advised me to try the heart coherence. It is a breathing technique where you breathe at a particular frequency to slow your heart, very little but just what it takes for your brain interprets this as: ah, my heart calms down so I'm quiet!! Very useful for urgent anxieties!!! Moreover this technique is used by fighter pilots.

    Second level, Once you manage cardiac coherence, You can move to the mindfullness or mindfulness meditation, focus on the present moment, Hunt invasive or negative thoughts, the mindfullness, It's a bit like out the “garbage cans” everyday, discard the unnecessary thoughts. There are also very nice programs for children, I recommended it to a friend whose doctor wanted to put her son on medication tranquilizers because it was too edgy, It worked really well, no need to give him medication.

    It's like making household, It should be regularly!!!

    And me too, bath, it hunts all the difficulties of the day!!!

    This is my little advice to me, I hope that they can help you!!!

    • 25 June 2016 at 15:51

      Yeah !! J’adore la cohérence cardiaque, j’allais en parler. Ca change la vie. Puis ça met en modealphaet on peut faire de la méditation.

  25. 20 June 2016 at 20:38

    I downloaded the shot Noisli, to try, even though I have no bathtub (it, the chimney, and a cat, It is my ultimate dream… for when I grow up… j’ai 34 years old…).
    In the case of major stress, I can really relax until after the problem solved. During, the voltage is too unbearable, It is too obsessive to be able to concentrate on me or distract me. And I am well aware that this is not the problem that is unmanageable, But what I am thinking. But fortunately, It happens only rarely, and I'm kind of the problem quickly enough to not suffer too long….
    The things that tend to soothe me (in the life of all the days or the days of manageable stress): go walk fast or run in the forest after the job, go swimming, take me a hot shower and put me in pajamas, cook (Finally especially cut vegetables, that's boring, but it défoule!), do the housework (oui, It is as if it allowed me to store my thoughts… I know I'm cracked), a body scan or meditation session (with a small bamboo also), call my mother who is quite comforting and rather zen, knit or sew, and especially if I don't want to go round and round in my bed, read before sleeping.
    Voilà! Good relaxing evening ;)

  26. 20 June 2016 at 20:52

    Meditation person is really a fan at the outset because we want to all still continue “to do” something, something that occupies us, whether concretely or even abstract ( reflect, think etc ..)
    You been used like that from all small and this is one of our big habits.
    doing nothing, This is the great difficulty, It is something that frightens us and say : “I have better to do, It is pointless to meditate” or “This is not for me, I can't anyway” etc.
    Well this is where it is wrong !
    Meditation concerns everyone because it is ultra beneficial for all.
    Meditate, this n & rsquo; is not” be zen”.
    Meditate it is simply sit (or take a bath regardless of, one can meditate anywhere, so that is nice, It's completely free and more !), focus on support (who can be his breathing, an object, a noise (the support can be varied, but the easiest way is to focus on her breathing).
    We can therefore count inspirations / timeouts and try to go up 21.(It seems simple, but it is not that much !)
    Whenever a thought appears in our minds, We do not judge the, It does not follow the, We're trying to pass as if this thought led nowhere and she had no real existence.
    Even if at first it galley, We do not judge negatively his meditation, c’est normal, trying to start over with sweetness.
    The important thing is to do this in the most natural and gentle way possible.
    It is best therefore to make small sessions of 15 minutes, nor at the beginning.
    Whenever you follow a thought and we lose our counting, one starts again at zero and we try to go again until 21.
    This has the effect of calming the mind, that is still very agitated and has the habit of always follow all his thoughts.
    Such as water and the clay of which the mixture is cloudy, While water based becomes clear.
    And the benefits of this are very numerous !!!
    Numerous scientific studies published recently (particularly thanks to Mathieu Ricard) show that someone who meditates daily, is not only able to stress, but also develops great clarity, serenity, empathy, joy, and it invites even parts of our brain not normally used, It also develops memory.
    The benefits are immense.
    I often use the example of Mathieu Ricard who is well known in the West and just tries to explain the benefits of meditation to the public.
    To finish, I saw a tv the last time report where some American schools start to implement the sessions of meditation in small and adolescents with amazing results on the children's stress : all children communicate much better, with more empathy towards the other one.
    This is also starting to be used in some hospital services in France, It seems to me and also in some schools.
    We have not had the chance to learn about small, but you can still set this up today !!!
    After we can go meditate in group sessions, or do the internship, It helps also alot.
    So I hope that this long comment can be useful.
    Bises ;-)

  27. 21 June 2016 at 10:08

    I learned through yoga and Sophrology to breathe through the belly breathe by inflating the stomach in and out with the tummy that flattens, to say ca coarsely, but abdominal breathing is really hyper relaxing when it's well done, essential oil more ( True Lavender …) candle ( my favorite is Chelsea but it is a true luxury that I rarely offer) and why not a “moving art” Netflix depending on the fire season of wood, Cascade under water … .

  28. 21 June 2016 at 11:41

    Oh it stress, I too am a big stressed and hyper anguished.

    I do small rituals to sleep better, soft music, reading and a good communities :>

    And in the morning I am survey tot often at the same time… I takes time, I me stretches… And I do a lot of meditation, have you tried to do meditation?

  29. 21 June 2016 at 12:20

    It is true that when one is stressed it is not really,me I try to do exercises of breathing but his does not work all the time, need to find his thing as you say :)

  30. Mavie Da Ponte
    21 June 2016 at 18:20

    Thank you ❤ you made me discover Noisli, I am so grateful to you!

  31. 21 June 2016 at 23:52

    I love your personal development-oriented articles. It is often very inspiring.

    I'm like you prone to stress, without giving the impression to the people who meet me yet I don't care for any pressure “organize a dinner with friends and be afraid to miss the dessert”‘ “Miss my plane while I'm toujiurs in advance”, “pass an important call and fear of not not enough insured selbler”…..

    My tips, first identify what causes my stress. Materialise of aabord physically : Belly aches, evil to the shoulders, fast breath…. so I'm trying to become aware. Explain it and get it out of the sphere totally organic.

    Then talk to me as I talk to a friend “You'll get there” “nothing serious’ you are prepared” It helps me a streamline.
    Then take a deep breath’ It frees my body and soothes my tensions.

    At home I go in the shower and I sing very very hard. I evacuated in fun but also shouting. Means less under the shower. It also works for shots of anger, instead of screaming on my guy for a trifle.

    Finally the night, If not have not evacuated, I allow myself a few solo caresses. I hope not to attract the crazy with this reference. But it allows me to concentrate only on me and my pleasure, without thinking to please my husband (still a potential source of tension if something jammed because it is stretched out). I do the empty minutes and secret endorphins which will help me to get to sleep.

    I understand that you delete this pass if the end leaves the door open for the nerds to spam here.
    But it seemed well indicate that girls may also think only of it for to appease a few linutes. We talk about little.

    • 21 June 2016 at 23:53

      EC * com and not pass !!!

  32. 22 June 2016 at 10:45

    welcome to the club! Sick due to large stress. What in good stressed grosse stressed me even more… Tone, ritual is top and the coup from the storm made me laugh (It calms me down to death also haha). And otherwise, I couldn't believe at the beginning, but the dynamic yoga has saved me from the many anxiety attacks I had (every day anyway, It is exhausting)/
    Go high hearts and extra stress!


  33. 23 June 2016 at 9:38

    Just a remark
    apparently it is with an I, Noisli =)
    I just search for the app to download for this


  34. 23 June 2016 at 20:15

    I've tested and loved noisly, thank you a lot! Otherwise as not a lot of people here: bain, Yoga and … psychoanalysis (approach to long-term).

  35. 26 June 2016 at 18:13

    What a pity that I did not bath, I think that the ritual of bathing, candles, sounds of nature is one of the best things to relax. This app is really great!
    Kisses and good relaxation ;-)

  36. 27 June 2016 at 14:13

    I have the impression that what you describe, These are meditation techniques. I am also a very stressed out person, and got almost daily meditation helped bcp. I started with videos of the chain the cribs of happiness. Maintenant, I am using an application in English (Calm), or just a timer.

    For small “crises” during the day, J'aime bcp the following technique (learned during the challenge 10 days of meditation on the facebook page of the cribs of happiness): There are in every breath / expiry of 1 to 10, then 10 to 1 and re of 1 to 10.

  37. 28 June 2016 at 17:57

    Je note, I have great need to channel my stress.
    I had thought to yoga and meditation also but I note your tricks ;)

  38. 11 July 2016 at 16:40

    Merci pour cet article, I find myself a lot ! When I was younger I was once in the ER because of a horrible stomach pain. This was the period where I was preparing contests but if asked me the question, I answered that I was not stressed at all except that in reality, I was enormously and this is my belly that had everything “centralized”.

    Suddenly now I will do a lot more attention also even if unfortunately I have not yet found real tip for the days where I am a real ball of nerves (of its kind to make lists in my head in non-stop mode). I also really liked your article on insomnia and I say a big thank you for your applications as Respirelax that helped me well. The only one “thing” I found it is the mist of lavender in Nature pillow & Discoveries that has an almost instant effect on me (just like anti-histamines I take right now for the pollen and which me asleep very quickly but it is not a long term solution XD).

  39. 28 July 2016 at 12:24

    Super article! (which is timely because I'm exhausted and tomorrow night are on vacation! PHEW!! :-))
    Pour moi, who am one also stressed, c’est :
    breathing exercises (inspiration by inflating the stomach, expired by the lungs), already well calms
    then meditation (Thank you the CD of Christophe André :-))
    But the bath, It is imperative that I test!

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