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Passion combi


Combi neoprene Roxy *., short Madewell, Chelsea Jonak boots *., Nature backpack & discoveries, Asos Cap *.

During the holidays I made a change a little special level Beach and swimming : Porter a combination of surf. I could not choose best timing this summer 2016 you don & rsquo; no idea !

I'm a big chilly, the girl no fun that doesn't want to go messing in the water if it is close to barely 20 °, and that screams when we splashes it into the pool. And when I let myself be tempted, I'm shivering at the end of 5 minutes and I get out of the water, shuddering.

I me am so not bad private swimming almost always so.

And then l & rsquo; last year, like this for messing around and make fun of me as a little, My sister told me : You should bathe in surf combi. J & rsquo; did “gna gna gna” and I think more about it until this summer where I thought it would be not so bad for the Canada.

So, It is as if it was stupid because the water of the lakes we saw in Alberta were not far from being frozen : 3 or (4) brrr so not even in dream I was putting a toe.

But not bad I wore this neoprene suit because I thought it was so cool and it kept me warm. I kept a passion of the gym body just (I am seriously considering to buy me) the distant time when I did the GRS and where I was looking all Gym competitions on TV with passion. And this combi almost gave me the feeling to wear one just to the body.

And, back in France, I went to spend a few days near Bordeaux at my dad, with my sister, little fish that swim whatever the temperature of the water. And for the first time in years I went catch waves in the face on a beach at Lacanau through my suit that protected me from the cold.

I'll spare you the stunned looks of the people watching me bathe in combi (where's the Board ? What's doing in combi water ?) in full news burkini. Great timing I warned you at the beginning of article. I was super happy to finally go back bathe cursing me to have not thought of that earlier. And then I hate to burn in the Sun that I had a good half of the body protected without me spread the back of cream yay !

Voilà, This summer has been a revelation and to the cold like me I would recommend, ridicule in combi without Board at the water's edge or not ^^

I also want to show you these pictures of Maligne Lake I forgot in my article on the Canada ;)









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11 "comments on"Passion combi

  1. 26 September 2016 at 14:21

    Yes but uh… to pee, It's not a hassle (from galley) ?

    • 26 September 2016 at 14:24

      As jumpsuit or swimsuit one-piece ^^
      But it's not practical hyyyyper

  2. Séverine toil
    26 September 2016 at 18:21

    Too bad we can't see the combi ;)

  3. 26 September 2016 at 19:03

    It's true that he had to think! But for the Frisky, Finally it's just perfect. And then it's all pretty then why not? (and these lakes…^_^)

  4. 26 September 2016 at 20:51

    Hi hi funny that you're talking about the Leotard because I started classical dance ( and yes, same adult ;) and at the same time I discovered that the dance leotards were super senior ! Built-in Bra, so no need for bra, Nice figure, for me this will be my must have this winter, not only in the studio but on a daily basis … I'm sick of not having discovered it earlier, with a midi example skirt makes super good !

  5. 26 September 2016 at 23:44

    She is pretty, I saw pretty here actually, for the Lake, but also at the pool. Who loves me the bikini thing struck me at the pool, but you are right, top for the Frisky.
    As there is bcp of Australian here, and it is very popular there apparently, especially for children as a protection against the Sun
    After it is clear that with Pantyhose on the photo hasn't not super well ;)

  6. Geraldine Leroye
    27 September 2016 at 9:21

    Haha, j’adore ! I have one too, the same kind of model and for the same reasons !

  7. 27 September 2016 at 22:59

    Ah ah me is quite the opposite, I'm the girl Super relou who bathes as soon as she sees water (a little Golden Retriever on the edges). Always the first one out the combination shorty for surf courses, When everyone stays to the integral. When I was little I could go in the water to 13 degrees without problem, I bathed in mountain lakes to 15 degrees in the summer (to the chagrin of my parents that I suddenly learned to swim very young to avoid always come with me) and even Britain in April. As I get older my cold resistance became less good but this weekend I was still the only one of my friends to go for a swim (in Normandy, a 24 September so if). I reassure you, you feel alone also ! Especially since my boyfriend is like bathing shorts/Lycra so water is below 28 degrees. Speaking of lycra, not bad too :) We move better that Combi I find.

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