Mean girls


“We were just trying to drown her”

Today, for the first national day against harassment I wanted to tell a little story that I've never really told : petite, I was the whipping boy in my class even during my school 3 years old, and I always thought I had a bit sought.

When I was 8 years I was a little girl like the others : can be a little rowdy and insolent than average but I had friends and I thought it was cool recess. And then my parents separated (War atmosphere ole roses), and I was inevitably disrupted, I folded a little about myself. And as I was also the smallest in my class (therefore already almost apart), I officially became the sick animal from the herd and made me pay, especially girls (Aude and Julie will forever plagues of names in my mind).

It was damn long time ago, so I have few memories in snatches today, but I quite clearly remember the day that the children played to send them a rather special ball, since the ball was me. They were all encircle me and pushed one against the other, shouting “I send the baaaalle”. I had also inherited the sweet name “riquiqui rotten” and I was alone most of the time, I had no friends.

As bizarre as it sounds I never really saw myself as a victim, I went every shot even what is still hate me.

I had a year of respite last year of primary school following a forced move before returning to college, decked out in a cast and crutches as if my small not enough to give children a reason to bully me (I forget my wonderful family name “Gerberon” what gift of life).

We were very fortunate to welcome “footeux” Clairefontaine, American football atmosphere US series, and I was immediately their favorite target. I do not count the number of times they threw me in the trash.

The same, I do not remember what suffering it could cause home, I still ripostais and ended up taking the crazy party to ward off unwelcome (very very strong shout like crazy was a wonderful foil for my 4 college years).

I had the character to stand it, it gave me the will to win, I was a little lucky finally.

But I think of all the “squint”, small wholesale jogging, timid, and originals that suffered the same treatment (without strange is thought to support each other…) and did not have had a rather nice journey anyway.

I also think of all “dominant” who worshiped put me on the ground and those who, not daring to say anything, laughed when they saw me on the ground instead of reaching my hand. Their parents were light years to imagine their behavior.

Aussi, if you are reading this article and relatives and all who are devoted to this awareness day, even if you refuse to imagine that your little blonde head can be in the camp of the executioners, ask the right questions to find out what role they hold in the school yard and learn empathy their foremost, the little girl who was waiting for the end of the recess forward that I will thank you.


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99 "comments on"Mean girls

  1. Vanessa Adt
    5 November 2015 at 11:00

    Very nice article and welcome to the club of suffering pain… I hope one day change mindsets…

  2. 5 November 2015 at 11:05

    When I read this article, I find myself quite, because-it's true that when you get small or even being heckled during adolescence (comme moi), is strongest in spring, but when you think its still remains a painful memory. I can not imagine now with the new generation how its should be in school for those who took target…

  3. 5 November 2015 at 11:05

    Hi it's me Julie, your executioner of primary school… (Nan j'déconne ! OK this is no joke…)
    Children can be very cruel, I find it crazy that nowadays 1 kid on 10 or harassed at school. it kills me because I have always been educated in small country schools where there was a kind of “solidarity” between kids, we escaped this pattern executioners / victims. Bref, luckily I have never witnessed this kind of scene you describe.
    I sincerely admire you for having managed to cope and your success today is a sacred hand I find.
    This here is my review does nothing ahead but I am sending you kisses (although I'm Julie <3)

  4. 5 November 2015 at 11:06

    Salut, I never leave comments on your blog, but wanted to thank you for this article which changes tone. I have never experienced harassment but I could go into the mold like everyone else and have unintentionally hurts people my age in making fun of them. I have however never aggressive but today I deplore this lack of reflection on the difference. I am now working with autistic people and am aware of the difference in my job. I note that today's children are generally more open as the school opens more and more differences but this is the obstacle course for those who are not a carbon copy of leaders (which by the way, often young delinquent as).
    Also thank you for your honesty because it is never easy to raise this type of memory !

  5. Nadia Nizzagirl
    5 November 2015 at 11:07


  6. 5 November 2015 at 11:14

    Your testimony was very moved
    I too have unfortunately experienced the same story than you…
    Thank you for sharing
    Good day to you.

  7. Anissa F. Fischer
    5 November 2015 at 11:15

    welcome to the club, it lasted the whole school / high school, but like you I learned to defend myself. Today my “stalkers” are uneducated and unemployed losers and I admit that it pleases me a lot !

    • 5 November 2015 at 11:26

      The wheel is turning !

    • Virginia Etsescroquis
      5 November 2015 at 11:40

      Fortunately the wheel turns and we finally take pity on his executioners lol especially after a few years of wandering where we end up realizing that we have a pe u talent and that it was jealousy victim… But the lucidity takes time to install and s confidence..

    • Melanie Mahen
      5 November 2015 at 11:45

      And yes like what there is justice, same for me they are all losers now unambitious.
      The only side “positive” in all this is that it gives you lust for life.
      Thanks for your article and I think it's important for those who are living what we could cross.

      • 5 November 2015 at 17:02

        You make me laugh :D !!!! This is exactly the kind of stories I tell my students, popular college are often pourraves tomorrow and it reassures!

        • 6 November 2015 at 9:14

          Popular college are often pourraves tomorrow : but yes that's exactly it !

  8. Virginia Etsescroquis
    5 November 2015 at 11:16

    I can also testify. I was alone in the playground, at least at the college (years that I particularly hated ) .. this is the price to pay when one moves away from the herd or that you spend more time than average in the books.. and I will always remember this book reinforced studied in English ” LORD OF THE FLY” , his majesty flies that completely demystified angelism related to childhood and its so-called innocent virtues attributed to him.. there is no more disgusting mass or the community.. ^ And then I grew up and received sufficient condition to overcome all this but I keep a deep skepticism about human nature. charcoal, watercolor, music help me find a little serenity in this world not given to intelligence or to empathy.. and as sings brassens : not good people n not like…

  9. 5 November 2015 at 11:18

    arf mince, Fortunately, as you say you had the character it was necessary at this time !
    very nice post, moving !
    and you are right to educate parents.

  10. 5 November 2015 at 11:25

    Very nice article full of hope finally.
    I find myself enough in your career, petite, skinny, with glasses and a book still in hand, that's enough. But like you, I resolved to defend myself (always been a feisty, still today, even though I was, and still am, far from the weight) also even be “balance” service going to complain to the competent authorities of the time (ie the cpe, who terrorized everyone), suddenly, they distrusted a little about myself, so that I survived :D In high school, it went much better spent, although my teacher girl side (My father worked in the same high school) did not help… I kept an ability to start at quarter-turn as soon as I feel attacked but also the feeling of not really be worthwhile but ultimately, it is treatable and I have no regrets !

  11. 5 November 2015 at 11:49

    Julie you as a! For me there was Julie, of Ludivine, Nora and so on…
    Difficult remember college, very good student, not very fashionable, one friend, Acne, dental and hair device… Indomitable…
    The knot in my stomach to go every morning, the urge to stop and silent about my parents who know that recently the nightmare this has been. Teachers face a little disarmed all this at the time. My greatest luck? Lack of internet and mobile… I think if all this would have been unbearable. When I hear stories all harassment on the net and at school, it makes me sick and I acknowledge that I have been lucky in the end… My home was my place of refuge and peace, I had at least that, 17H end courses, I was free…
    Finally in the end, these little pests, missed their studies, are unemployed, took easy 20kg… My personal revenge, le Karma…I have a job that I like, I could even make other lot, thanks to this device I have beautiful teeth :) the straightener is my best friend, I have real friends now, Love also, the ugly duckling is rather a pretty swan and I won moral strength… While all this does not really erase, there is always in my heart the schoolgirl left a little ill at ease again that surface from time to time… It leaves a few traces unfortunately…
    Merci pour cet article

    • 10 November 2015 at 13:27

      Hello Dine,

      I find myself very much in your comment having been myself the target lot of my classmates : only child, family rather easy, First Class .. in the middle of 93 I was an easy target and today it breaks my heart when I hear here and there that these are “clichés” on the outskirts … On m’a traité de sale française, filthy rich (while good my parents are far from rolling in money anyway)… For me it is the lived, suffering, not a cliche. I did not participate in class because I did not want it known that I was good. But I still had the best grades in the class and we did charge me.
      Mais aujourd’hui, I studied, I have a job that I like, I live in Paris I am happy at all levels and sometimes I am told that I am “survivor”.
      Et effectivement, I agree with you that if there was Internet and mobile at the time, I'd not pulled me ptete …
      And as you say, teachers are not equipped to fight against that.
      The best weapon, it is a loving and united family I think. Parents listen. Although I have seen some reports showing that sometimes it was not enough because the national education does not always take into account these sufferings.

      Hopefully this changes !

  12. Sandra Storm
    5 November 2015 at 11:51

    Jai was not in pain or suffering stalkers – I was always off herds. Alone and quiet. Maybe because I already knew that people are mostly scrapings.

    • Virginia Etsescroquis
      6 November 2015 at 10:08

      just read the comments of frustrated haters or, all written in a rudimentary French , expressing a barely contained hatred, often in response to a newspaper or a news article to see that human nature is warlike and protest instead of trying to appease the spirits. And we say we are great dipped in the fantastic world , armed with her charcoal………but the worst hatred is silent, crafty and unable to recognize you any talent.. she watches , she watches , lurking in the shadows any Achilles heel, the slightest misstep.. it is not expressed openly (it would take too franchise), she just smiled smugly……..

    • Sandra Storm
      6 November 2015 at 10:10

      If you want me I'll be in my strong castle cushions with my crayons

  13. 5 November 2015 at 12:01

    I went through environments (camp, schools…) being successively considered the coolest girl or bouffone service (and sometimes neutral), while I never felt to behave differently. In the worst case for me it has never been beyond the ostracism, others are much less fortunate unfortunately.
    In any case the social balance leading to so-flop to one side or the other of the separating bariere “stylish” of “Badgers” remain to this day quite incomprehensible to me. At least, it taught me that the idea of ​​an objective social hierarchy was stupid, it was very liberating.
    Ps : I love the most personal item like this, they always give me the impression that I would like to have you as a friend. <3

  14. 5 November 2015 at 12:02

    My name is Julie I was good also suffers pain in college… I know as first names remain engraved in the memory, sebastien, anthony for me… Recess was my relaxes me because it was under me that atttaquait, Teachers of the beard (This is why I support the ad campaign) … Merci pour cet article, and yes, if parents knew ….

  15. 5 November 2015 at 12:10

    I was also a Turkish head in school and college. I think it started in the snow CM1 class where I was treated like a little peasant service with its ugly clothes without brands, his thick glasses multi-color tortoiseshell Kickers (thank you Dad what Mom), and his good grades that were necessarily synonymous fayotterie, I vainly tried to insert myself, pretending to be cool but it has never worked – I could not compete with Cindy and her 90 B 10 years old. I encaissais, I said nothing.

    11 years old, I get to college and it goes rather well. Moi, my clothes uncool (enfin, I still managed to make me an offer for my birthday Scott, I was already a little less zero to others with it on the back) and my good marks fayote, is left alone but obviously, they did not count on my parents who decide at the end of the year to move.

    I landed in fifth in a listed school PTA with a host of already formed clans of last year and big thugs who protected their young (obviously, I do not do part). I am the little white bourgeois that too honest a report card and a father who comes to get in a car with tinted windows (I said that I do not come from a family that rolling in money but live in a house with a garden in a neighborhood without difficulty and have a car with tinted windows, it was enough that they hate me ^ _ ^)

    These three years have been painful and straw that made me freak out came in third. For six months, I was harassed by Jessica and Adeline. My grades were falling and I was going to college backwards. They had fun making me misery and boast throughout the college, obviously : chewing gum thrown in the hair, brushes in the hallway, chair pulled my back to music class where I failed miserably me down before all other, lit seals thrown on my clothes, etc.

    And one day, on entering the room of biology course, Jessica comes to me : “Yeah, seems to c'qui you called me a whore”. To which I reply : “I did not say that but that does not stop me from thinking”. And she threw herself on me to tear my bun and I retaliated. I grabbed his long hair and I slammed his head against the bench. I really was out and my frustration was exploding… She had a bloody nose, me a damaged ear tip and the CPE had the good idea to stick us together, ONLY, in the same room. We were spat on without anyone being there.

    I have been excluded from school for a week, I had the same punishment she, and I remember my dad who revolted asked to see the headmaster – without that change anything to my fate. No one had paid attention to these two girls ride for two quarters and I, necessarily, I never said anything either. Après, I had a royal peace and had gained the respect of the whole class and by extension the entire college since it was quickly known.

    I have around me a lot of girls who have been harassed (often by other girls) at school, college or high school. In all cases, no teaching team has intervened, all this happened in the most perfect impunity. A cousin who was harassed at college, was told his mother that it was the game of life, it was going to harden… !

    So I think it's great that we talk FINALLY ! And thank you to you to confide in this article and to invite us to do it too, and realize how much it has spread. You feel so alone when it happens we :/

    • 5 November 2015 at 17:06

      It is outrageous that a teaching team dared say that to the parents! I never take lightly something like that myself. Proof, I go on Tuesday and output I refused as the stalker of one of my students is the part because I do not want him to take the opportunity to enjoy!

  16. 5 November 2015 at 12:34

    This is “funny” because this morning, I was reading from the book of Houellebecq (“elementary particles”), and his character who'll take full of cum in her boarding. This brings us to our animal condition, with this report dominant / dominated to be found in some species. Well kids it's the same I believe. Before a certain age, I think the notion of empathy is simply not, it's just the law of the strongest that prevails.
    That said, I believe a plague or an asshole else all his life: j’ai eu la “chance” to see when I backcrossed some years later. Julie also including a huhu.

    • 5 November 2015 at 13:10

      Children are little cruel beings, I learned very young and I always leery !

      • 6 November 2015 at 19:40

        I think instead that does not happen wary… I find it a bit silly to say this.
        I have no children, Of course, children “without filter”, but suddenly, also have much less shame when they love someone, they find funny qqchose… :)

        I am very wary of adults more than children perso !

      • 7 November 2015 at 10:44

        I am wary of the parents of these children. Children are only a reflection of education given to them.

    • 16 November 2015 at 1:40

      ” Before a certain age, I think the notion of empathy is simply not, it's just the law of the strongest that prevails.”

      Completely gear. First, kids are not animals incapable of empathy ; indeed even the beasts are capable if you're knowledgeable on the subject minimum. Secondly, the logic of dominating / dominated does not end with the school leaving. For some people, bullying become vexations more or less violent in their adult life . These behaviors are recorded in the wild (man) but it is the responsibility of everyone not to indulge in these primary instincts. The child is by definition more primary than adults, it is the responsibility of adults (parent or teacher) set an example.

  17. 5 November 2015 at 12:43

    Thank you for this nice article that puts words on a pain that I kept inside me all my college and that has so defined how my relationship with others (scholastically, professionally) always held in reserve and not to leave decision on a way to hurt me. Because as being fat, little or glasses it was an ordeal to be “the brainy” who loves to read and learn things.

    I had tears in my eyes, thinking back to all this suffering that too often parents do not detect in time, violence and others do not lend their dear little blond head which is nevertheless the terror of the playground. It is time the eyes open and that we finally learn to pass it to our children to accept differences and what it brings to us.

  18. 5 November 2015 at 12:45

    Hehe, it's still funny initially calling your blog “the blog of the wicked” ;). I thought to fall on pedantic Paris and viper early … which is not the case ! I recognize myself in your text with the difference that I did not have the strength to defend me during those long years. Ca forge énormément !

  19. 5 November 2015 at 12:54

    As I'm in your article. Hailing from the suburbs of Rouen, puberty has been an extremely difficult time for me. I spent the whole school suffers the pain of my comrades ignoble. Plump acne and I certainly do not have all the physical attractions of the other girls. This earned me several times nickname “big ugly”. Chewing gum stuck it into my hair at recess, then avoided me I was alone all the time… Can cell phones arrived so we took a picture of me to run and laugh. To make matters worse I was the first in my class. This aroused much jealousy. I did not want to go to school. But it was necessary. I was deeply die. Just that. I have not received any help from my teachers who never noticed the problem. I hung and my mom helped me a lot. Dermatologist, nutristionniste… A few years later, I regained confidence in me and the taste of life. Finally graduated from a business school, today I'm sick of recross them in my childhood town. Effectively, the wheel is turning. :)

  20. 5 November 2015 at 13:05


    After reading your article, which made me a shot at heart, I'm on lunch break in the middle of my great colleagues. We laugh while eating, mais là, I also remembers me my “years of hard” : the 4 years of primary school. I find myself in your words, except that the ordeal was arrested on the day of my departure from this school.
    I felt relive the day of my college entrance.
    Another feature : teachers lent themselves to the game.
    Fortunately, I fell into a great college that saved me from it all !

    • 5 November 2015 at 13:09

      Oh I almost forget the worst : CE2 my teacher who regularly humiliated me before the entire class hilarious. I remember that day when she threw my notebook on the floor saying “miss you never get anywhere in life” (sic).

      • 6 November 2015 at 19:00

        I am extremely shocked by the words of your teacher !
        I am a teacher in EC1 and I always tell my students that they have the right to be wrong, we are at school to learn and if they already knew everything and do, it would serve no purpose they are there.
        And especially, I tell them that we form a set (the term class makes sense) and which must be secured to each other ! A year working together every day is not nothing, then everyone must find its place ! I do not stand my students come to school backwards !

        • 7 November 2015 at 20:01

          Pareil.Je am a teacher of schools and I know of no sadistic teacher! Some are more fired up than others-sec( and sometimes they do not wrong) but not wicked like this!

      • 8 November 2015 at 10:58

        The proof that this narrow-minded lady was wrong all along the line.

  21. 5 November 2015 at 13:09

    As a former teacher (College / High School) and intervener (Primary / College), I can guarantee you that things do not change. Always a pool of scum on the lookout for easy prey and supervisors unscrupulous adults for whom harassment is a game that makes you stronger.
    It awakens only when schooling or suicide. Yet it is easy to spot the outstanding student profiles and find tricks to spare them the school life time outside class.

    Perso, I suffered 7 galley years with some buddies laughed at the establishment during sports classes. You know, always among the last when we choose team composition. Insignificant, bullets, those for which the teacher is totally plug and already out in the field. Similar to that at the high jump even the low limit is an achievement … and a few years later, even in the staff room, it is the dialogue of the deaf, no it is not excluded, should not dramatize, then they only make an effort. Non, are humiliated by all classes combined saw you are mixed groups but all is well. While not to understand affine functions there it reaches anyone's ego. L’effort, is pray heaven to have an exemption for the year, but unfortunately you do not know conciliatory doctor.

  22. 5 November 2015 at 13:18

    What sweet revenge !
    I was always the smallest in my class too (1,50m, difficult to least !) I also got a nickname in my shit 2 early college years, but fortunately it stopped nickname and words, it weighed me enough already.
    And even today, to 30 years old, on ose me demander ” how much you measures ” ? but finally !. Is what I ask a perfect stranger ” Health, how much do you weigh ?
    I always try to divert it as a joke, but I laugh yellow and I just want to jump their necks!
    Thank you for this testimony, and a big Fuck Julie and Aude !

  23. Coline Blanchard
    5 November 2015 at 13:23

    Oh, but you were in Vivonne ?

  24. 5 November 2015 at 14:14

    It's super hard to be heard at school, college pawns are often collude with students and CPE are overwhelmed, they think that parents dramatize a bit. When one is teacher was nose to the grindstone, we do not always see what is happening in our courts. Since I am small pupils do not always pay attention to my presence, it allowed me to discover two cases of harassment. My colleagues had realized nothing…
    J’ai un radar, generally I feel when one of my students not doing well. Et ça, thanks to Cathy and Cécile, sixth of the plagues that made me drool !

  25. 5 November 2015 at 14:16

    the concern is that my daughter tells me nothing, So she said nothing to me whether victim or executioner I would never know … it's not in his character to be ugly so I do not think that other shit but I would really like it tells me …

  26. Julie de Myfirstbox
    5 November 2015 at 14:21


  27. 5 November 2015 at 14:51

    I am very touched by your testimony, very moved …
    I've never been in the situation you describe , I was very happy at school, but I have always been very sensitive to injustice and cruelty that we unfortunately found in the world of childhood and school course. Today mom I want my children to live their education with confidence and that they are happy, I am very vigilant and I hope that I will not pass next to their possible distress … I invested a lot in the life of their school and I admit that I have great affection for children that look sad and alone … I do not know where it comes from me … I hope my children will never be the executioners side, and they will be kind and empathetic, it is a true workhorse for me, a real mission more important that parents teach them to say hello or good morning sir madam …
    Très bonne journée

  28. 5 November 2015 at 15:31

    Your testimony touched my lot, I myself “a bigleuse” comme on dit, I wear glasses 6 to 10 years old, but strangely the harassment was at home with a big brother who called me “Snake in glasses” “the fat cow” and many more, no school has. But actually I was like you I went ^ p neck blow to those looking for me;. Harassment rather been in high school when I was in a class of girls only, pestilences, she physically threatened me but I never give up and I always sided with the oppressed I remember a little girl “Reinforced” crying little, I am talking about me, but in fact there was an emotional shock that trigger all. Today I discovered there is little that I am a “hypersensible” and everything touches me deeply. I believe in fact that it takes, when you're a parent as you say, teach your child to respect others. In your case all these bad experiences but beneficial summers, it's like stress there is the good and the bad, some people keep an extremely traumatic and negative experience and self-construction term.
    I knew that advertising on the topic of harassment was shocked teachers but I rarely saw or heard a teacher come to the defense of a child harassed, usually we pass without looking except when it's too late, I am for that to wake a little awareness, Congratulations to the government for this clip and this campaign.

  29. 5 November 2015 at 15:37

    Young mother and faithful reader, I agree with what you write. I pay attention since my little boy returned to school, even if we do not know everything far away. The worst: Once, after being brought back into the playground one afternoon, I see in the course a little girl strangling a baby boy, both 4 huh years! I shout at them and because of the uproar they do not hear me!! So I seek an adult in the courtyard, I warn but at the time it was over. The other children did not react when they saw that the little boy crying, they consoled and taken to the mistress. None had really understood it was serious. And this little girl, where had she seen / known / learned 4 years we can do that to someone??
    Another example: my son has made a group of buddy-girlfriends, they are 3 boys and a girl, well it's always the same that cause leaves. They obeyed, the'm everywhere, lets himself go completely. And so they take advantage because he always plays the role of “victim” in their games. When I say victim is with my adult eyes, I mean for example when they play to give orders he never advises and lets himself go. Sure they are small but on the contrary it is at this age that we must react!! Beyond the fact that the future of this school boy worries me a little, last year I have not stopped to tell my son what limits, that when we play check that everyone is agreed and respected etc..
    Furthermore I think it reassures many parents that their children are not victims and executioners, and it does not help the situation I find…

  30. 5 November 2015 at 15:48

    Thank you for this nice article, I almost pay my saying so larmette. I am currently reading a book to my son 2 years 1/2. The title is just : Rikiki (the terrible pirate of the seas). it speaks of harassment but the difference, exclusion and the will to win anyway, despite the social rejection. So, Rikiki shouts in his case very very hard.
    I promise as a young mother to be very careful and try to detect the executioner or the victim may be lying dormant somewhere in him ;)
    Thank you again and super long life to your blog!

    • 6 November 2015 at 20:18

      moi aussi, I promise, the end of your post reminded me of my duties

  31. 5 November 2015 at 16:05

    Like a lot, I have never commented on your blog but this article resonates so much in me ! Especially your last sentence “the little girl who was waiting for the end of the recess forward that I will thank you.” Oh the bad memories that date back to the surface…
    I suffered 2 years little harassment. In fact at the time I did not see it like that. It started in 4th, I had just moved, I was a year ahead but I was very large in size so a big baby in the eyes of girls in my class who were having a field day to demean me and humiliate me. My mother talked to my main teacher / sports teacher, who believed good to talk to the girls directly affected at the end of sports classes…. Nice return to the locker room :-)
    Bref, as you all, it made me downright callous, and now that I am the mother of 2 daughters, I really want to pass that they want to live for oneself, not for others.
    I regret that some teachers or supervisors do not pay more attention to small remarks, stories to “anodyne” and the violent behavior of some students.
    Non, it is not normal to develop an ulcer or having anxiety attacks at the thought of going back to school.
    And no, it is not a rite of passage that can harden.
    Like you, I often tried to find my tormentors with the horrible afterthought to note that they had missed their lives…
    Thank you anyway for having dared to talk about your story.
    And congratulations on your great success !

  32. 5 November 2015 at 16:42

    Merci pour cet article. I too have been a victim of bullying during much of my tuition, especially in primary school and college. I was top of the class, rousse, with overweight and ultra-shy, the winning combo… I was very lucky because despite all throughout primary school and then to college 4th to 3rd (my years of 6th and 5th were hell), I was in the same class as my best friend. My one and only childhood friend who also suffered him as a treatment for our little friends (the “sale PD” and “hair carrot” were a bit our daily lot…). We have always stuck together and I think if he had not been there, my childhood was a nightmare. At the time, I did not have much character today, I let myself be too (it's easy to say with hindsight), I was super shy and I did not dare answer (at least not systematically, because it was almost every day).

    Finalement, despite all that, I do not have the feeling of being a scapegoat in my class either in primary or after, except for 1 who harassed me throughout my childhood. A person who amused himself by insulting me, push me, laugh at me with all his unsavory cronies band… To enter college, they settled in the back of the school bus and screaming their insults to make sure that I can hear (with the rest of the bus). Ditto to the canteen for lunch, in the hallways, etc… Humiliation, fear, death wish, it was all the time in my daily.

    And worse in there ? That person, it's my cousin. That now ... Today, I do not have any relationship with it, although I have always news via my parents and indeed, I have not seen 10 years old. And I agree with all that has been said above. When I see her life today, although it looks like the wheel turns ...

  33. 5 November 2015 at 16:59

    I also experienced the scapegoat effect because I was not in boxes, I was a bit intrigued the original college, but I finally managed to stand up, je m’en fichais.
    It is strong in high school, I was in boarding school in a class applied arts (with people more in my profile yet), camaraderie was not for everyone. I suffered a lot of loneliness and ridicule but other girls were in much worse situations with a violent and destructive harassment.
    In short the three worst years of my life.
    True friendship I knew after, during my last two years of study.

    Thank you for your testimony anyway, it is important to talk and not act as if it was not serious or as a must.

  34. 5 November 2015 at 17:04

    I find myself well in this article, and for some time that the subject of harassment in schools seems to attract the attention of all, I think more and more to my difficult years. it started in primary, and lasted almost until the end of the college. When the greatest left high school, I was quieter, but they were my only torturers. Oddly, at the time, I endured it with great courage, I never cried. Finally, if, Once, when a small band has found that more blows and insults, sputum would be a damn funny game. My parents have known almost nothing, they feel guilty a little when we talk. Anyway, I am not alone in this case – far from there, even – and I think we are all deeply affected by these experiences. I am pleased to have been as worthy during this period, but there are some words that make me lower than the earth because, even if they are said without malice, they were the ones that pronounced to hurt me. At the time I dreamed of becoming a beautiful adult, and very important for me to show off those who made me suffer and bring them to their miserable conditions. I did not arrive at this goal, but I'm still better than them !

  35. 5 November 2015 at 17:39

    Worry… it reminds me of bad memories coughed.
    I was always the class nerd, we put next to me only if I copy and pretended to hide my sheet, on me menaçait. I was head girl in a pretty rural worker so, inevitably, a “sale bourge”.
    In addition I was regularly “the new” with the repeated removals, it does not really help to develop my social side.
    With boys, it calmed down with puberty (Cuckoo boobs), although I'm not sure that the “Tania shows your breasts” are much more fun to live. Besides the furious crazy who felt that I drew too much attention and their idiot, suddenly, mocked my looks (aaah complex that last into adulthood), I found dreadful nicknames, I flew my business or waiting for me at the end of classes with their older brother and their 2 dobermans (true story).
    Teachers do not always help, It's certain. When to 12 Photocopy your teacher your year “fantastic writing” to be read in class everyone, it does not make you especially popular.
    I could finally melt into the mass 16 years old, after moving more but in a big city and a big school. I was new again but it was more fun this time.
    And it's crazy as is frequent, as does not speak. My goddaughter 7 years has had problems in school and on this occasion, j’ai, for the first time – to 26 years old – told certain things to my mother who did not return.
    If I have a child, I will pay attention to that but the worry is that the executioners will always be there and it is scary to say one is sometimes so helpless.
    Bel article, vraiment. It feels good to talk about it for once.

  36. D
    5 November 2015 at 18:16

    A beautiful testimony (sad anyway…). It's good to talk. And it has even more weight now, you're a recognized blogger, and many of your former torturers must envy you (and perhaps regret?) We sometimes forget how children can be cruel to each other… I liked to read you. Bises!

    • Virginia Etsescroquis
      6 November 2015 at 9:38

      I am sure that among artists, people who have forged careers, future or simply live in harmony with themselves,, an adult, were all a bit rushed jeune..cette narcissistic injury is such that it gives to advance fishing can be more than for those who have a childhood and schooling without stories.. without necessarily push vengeful cry , we savor the serenity, once past the tempête..Parmi current celebrities, many are being heckled, apart.. A no..

  37. 5 November 2015 at 18:41

    I only write but never read you and see that you speak of soccer players reminds me of Molières in Essarts King…..and fights with techno classes
    Although it can be crossed !

  38. 5 November 2015 at 19:20

    Thank you for your post, si personnel.
    I think it is an illusion to think that we can change the micro-society of a playground or school… We all been there, it's actually quite like animal behavior. We can and must of course take care to educate our children with the values ​​of sharing, empathy and tolerance… But I think the campaign com’ the government is wrong, at least in part.
    One must especially, if one feels pain in children, teach him to defend himself ! Because there is ultimately only one who can permanently reverse the situation; feeling quite strong and capable of confronting and return violence against his harassers.
    This may shock as about, but a summer reading opened my eyes and I changed tactics to accompany my daughter 7 years old, harassed at school all last year. For all practical purposes, I therefore strongly recommends this book “You do not leave” Emmanuelle Piquet.

  39. 5 November 2015 at 20:11

    Ta phrase ” I have always believed that I had a bit sought” brings tears to the eyes. Guilt.
    And all my work ( I am a psychiatrist) is to restore the self-esteem of those who were victims .
    Cruelty , child or adult will always exist , it belongs ( Sadly ) of it is true, single word
    can bring to humanity…

  40. 5 November 2015 at 20:26

    Very nice article, it's ugly years of school :( I also had a bad year in third, difficult, the charlotte tiphaine are not my friends ah ah ah
    And if I am a college supervisor and frankly it's painful every day. You say on one hand but on the other we go again. A girl was wearing a skirt today she was treated whore Oo I exploded so it bothers me.
    Not to mention the way the boys talk about girls… Misery… It feels démunit when we explained that it was not good but we're told we have nothing to say… Bref…
    Your article is very beautiful!
    Merci :)

  41. 5 November 2015 at 20:26

    I read you in a while but this is the first time I comment. I like more and more come here. Often your thoughts echo mine, and, unlike many bloggers, you know to exercise self-deprecating, it's nice. Thank you for your items, and in particular for the latter, I find touching (especially as I am a teacher : very sensitive about it necessarily challenges me ! it is a complex problem, it is sometimes, Sadly, difficult to see what happens in the classroom).

  42. 5 November 2015 at 22:10

    It hurts to read this… Moi aussi, I have been persecuted for years, and my parents were far from imagining that I was forced to suffer every day. The horror. And the worst is that everything that happened to me ten years ago and I'm not ready to forget.
    But a certain side, if I am what I am today, it is also thanks to his years there… I'm not afraid of anything!

  43. 5 November 2015 at 22:27

    Thank you for this post although I confess I have tears in my eyes. I was bullied in primary school. Nothing major but when I think unlike you, I do not defend myself.
    As silent protest, I finally stop eating. thank God, my mother gets things going to see the mother of one of these “comrades”. It was a bit of shame still but the next day I had peace.
    I really hope that my daughter will not have to go through it.

  44. 5 November 2015 at 23:23

    I will not expatiate but I also experienced this

  45. 6 November 2015 at 1:21

    The topic joined many…
    I found myself faced harassment as a primary teacher: LA was a student target. I asked the class to write down all the times they had been harassed. Each filled his column. Then another column where they wrote all acts / words they had posed as a stalker. I picked these anonymous sheets, ca m’a glacé… At least, the silence was broken, awareness held, a working class have been done.
    According to me, is necessary but insufficient to encourage speech: Victims may not have sufficient confidence in them / for adults to do (Parallel wobbly, but it's like for rape). It would also be necessary to address the stalkers, to face the bands (that can intimidate even the teachers who, instead of confronting their fear sometimes flee…) and trigger a real work of education. (As for rapists. ) This is not to victims of do all the work!

  46. 6 November 2015 at 1:38

    Beautiful testimony,it's brave to speak on the side of me faibles.pour, puny and timid I have never been harassed at school…because my brother told me years later he broke the jaws to those who made fun of me!
    Sometimes the force is the side of the good guys. ^^

  47. 6 November 2015 at 1:58

    The chance exists suddenly for you ? I laugh. I remember that Julie whom I had pulled my hair one night when you go to Tardais, this plague angel face who deceived his world. But at the time speak of complaint, harassment, it was off topic. I remember that bitch your mistress you had placed side by side and when I went to complain, she retorted me “oh the stories between Elodie and Julie it must stop”. She thought she had solved everything !
    Otherwise you would have told me, but I'm in no position to notify the. I myself was a victim of harassment at school, and, more serious, Sex between my 10 and 14 years old, in the cellar where my bike was stored, then my mob…
    I have NEVER spoken to your grandparents, I myself am determined that 30 YEARS. I am still unable to 57 years to say why I have not spoken to my parents about anything. Pourtant, you knew your grandfather, for TYPE, it would have been farting mouth.
    I have an article about it in reserve : it's not because your kid do not say anything that has nothing to say.
    I do not know if you remember your sister who suddenly not want to leave college without you : I immediately imagined the worst, one I had lived.
    You do well to discuss the subject. For your CM2 I talked to your dear teacher you have so loved,r who had noticed nothing special; that you confirm. For him, on the contrary you were not excluded from anything, y compris in sport, and you were fully accepted. Sinon, he would not have supported….
    I think you will not know tell me why you hid me some tips (College), because I, I always look for the reason for my silence facing terribly serious stuff.
    Where you strong strikes is that you ask a kid good about yourself, what can happen around him, and which it may participate. BRAVO !

  48. 6 November 2015 at 7:58

    Wow, it's good to écricre this post. Moi, I was not popular, I was doing some dross (because I was brainy and nerdy sister, not dressed in fashion, I lived far away and you get the picture?) We necessarily suffers a bit but it forges character. mine is that to excel, to go further (no competition with other, since often for “dominant” lack of education is responsible for giving them a shitty life)
    I lecture to children, and just yesterday I was thinking that myself, why are they already so cruel? TO 7 years are cows, make unpleasant remarks (Gender, it is not spoken to him, she is ugly, or why you have short hair, you look like a boy…)
    I'm not certain whether it be only because parents, if so why plagues already?

  49. 6 November 2015 at 9:24

    Middle School, the 4 worst years of my life. It is a period that I fear for my son (which only just started acole but I still think).
    Little girl model, studious, unbranded, too high, who has no boyfriend… I have not experienced violence but mockery, pettiness…
    Do not close your eyes, especially not. I am happy to talk about it today.
    Oui, I give you my word, if my son is in his sneakers to school I would ask him how he sees things around him, what he does, to which he participates.
    You can not throw the stone all the time teachers but there still, in some harassment have some responsibility…
    Elodie thank you.

  50. 6 November 2015 at 9:32

    Thank you for this topic…I measure as it could be difficult to write.
    Pour ma part, my college and high school years were hard. My parents had little money, so I was dressed in the clothes that my brother two years older had put forward. So dressed boy clothes, and not fashionable. They made fun of me for that reason. But I never dared to claim something my parents had their difficulties. I was also good in class, may be to have the impression that at least something was. When, sports teams should consist of two captains students who choose that would be part of their team, although I was good at sports, I was always chosen last. Every time I dreaded that moment still explode or discharge to everyone. I was ashamed. There was also the lists made by boys or girls in the class was classified by beauty. I was voted the ugliest of the class, invariably, me and my glasses myopic. I tried to hang myself to a radiator because I had no desire to do anything and I just saw me no happy future.
    I read above that for some of you this has forged the character. For me yes and no. I heard myself say, I have a job that people say, I am 1.79m-high- and where I am going to judge me now the prettiest. So much for the external appearance. I remain convinced that I am the ugly, la laide, if everybody judges me so pretty it is thanks to this eyeliner and mascara that layer, that the deception will be discovered one day. When I have a lover, I'll remove my makeup when he falls asleep, and I say love the dark morning. If I love him so much this morning darkness, it is because I cried so much in the past that nature has made me so ugly. Then I get up, I make up, street complimented me, drag me to work there and they call me “Angel Face”. But I'm still in my head the ugly little girl and rejected. Oui, the traces of the past are indelible for me.
    Thank you for your article. Merci…

  51. Daughter of the Mountain
    6 November 2015 at 9:55

    Nice article which also reminded me of some dark years, from primary to the end of the college, where at this time, by some sort of higher power, I was delivered by integrating a high school far away from my tormentors. This was followed by friendships and forgiveness.

  52. 6 November 2015 at 10:04

    Oh how I understand you, Alas, I was one of squint, I squinted and I suffered 9 a-year operation that settled everything but before that I was alone too and I was hiding, I was trying to make me forget, to go unnoticed in the playground. I was treated (maltreated) of all the names …
    Later I saw some of my torturers as part of my job and did not recognize me and even made me kowtow, I had the satisfaction to note that some with age had become very ugly.
    Thank you for this nice article that points to real situations of suffering.
    Beautiful small victorious war day !

  53. 6 November 2015 at 10:38

    1m50, not very bright intellectually and as badly dressed as wearing. My college years could have been a purge if I had not had the ability to lock myself in my thoughts, even amid jeers (I dreamed that in general Babylon Zoo singer came to save me and we got married).
    I see it now says that all those who have been bothered as children then had a great life (humility ? rabies to get by ?) and small stalkers have a life that deserve to spend an intimate confession.
    But I am not magnanimous enough to complain : well done to their mouths.

    Courage for harassed parents and children : be careful !

  54. 6 November 2015 at 12:06

    quelle force…
    You are powerful.
    Post triggers empathy, but especially thinking ; Post hired because it calls for action. A move to. To turn things.
    Congratulations to speak well. With reason to react, act ; with an emotion that affects us , because you have been touched, because you have been a victim.

    My comm is a bit poorly written and concon. I'm in between classes and I watched your blog “like this”. Your post made me a punch effect that asks me to react. So sorry for the agreed hand and my clumsy syntax.

    Thank you for your invitation to the end. Education at home is the first way to fight against harassment.
    I'm not a parent. But some become aware of it. Others are still far.
    This is why this kind of day is important. That the tools are also. I think back to a past documentary on France 2 last year, during the spring.
    A testimony parents, Child.
    The first reaction : “…”
    Then the revolt, memories. Then questioning : what to do as a teacher, how much, How to Avoid “it”?

    I am a teacher, same main prof (good and very young too, still very inexperienced)… It's not easy to spot harassment, not easy “do” talk to the victim, but we try. I am shocked by what I read, from what I hear on some profs, real monsters (pq but if we do this business is so con???? If not caring????), by being afraid sometimes to become one without the express do (by not taking seriously a sign eg)
    Currently, I manage a pb harassment : schoolgirl passed insults on an autistic classmate. On l’a su tardivement (3 semaines) autism because this boy does not allow us well for signs, and because he speaks little, even when one creates dialogue. We learn that there are more serious in recent days, this girl is not at his first attempt. So punish, then accompany the class to work on respect, in a reflection on harassment… oui. But what this kid does not change anyway ? The return, so she finds other victims elsewhere?
    The forward ? We have no power over it outside the classroom, and it is precisely here that change can actually do. In family.
    I am really disoriented facing all, trying to do my best. But I know this is still insufficient… So I search : tools, advice… But the work can not be done at school.
    I would like to mount a roundtable on bullying. For parents. Because it is at home that things can move (for stalkers mainly I think. For victims, this is the school of what to do)

    Thinking of you (and US…) everyone who have (have) suffered at school.
    And waiting, hope for school : she learns to manage these sufferings, and educate guilty.

    • 6 November 2015 at 19:02

      It is true that we have very few tools in our profession.
      With my colleagues, when the conflict stalled in the College and we have exhausted the various sanctions, parents are advised to filing complaint.
      We experience harassment at this time ds a 4th class, and we are blocked by the family of the victim who does not want our sanctions are too harsh because she fears reprisals.
      To appease the victim, we released the stalker of the class and made passre classroom relay… But we will have to re-integrate a given time. What if suddenly the educational arsenal does not bear fruit…?

      I am also of your opinion regarding teachers who, willingly, blind eye: it's a shame, well this is proof that they are not made for this profession!!

  55. 6 November 2015 at 12:26

    I thought there would be more to your readers Aude ;-)
    Vanessa me this is the first name that I can not stand… She actually not very tour (hihi) and the worst is that she was always super friendly with my best friend (which does not often defended me and wants more !)

    It's amazing what one can suffer as a child.

    I have a friend named Halloween (truthful), I knew in high school then it was already too big to laugh but I know she had a rough time younger. A 30 years it is sacred, which I think is BIG part due to his name, by adult against it made him laughed because everyone remembers her with such a name !

    Anyway thank you for this article which awakens many memories not always very good but it is important to remember to try to better understand our future darlings !

    Aude (which is nice promised) from

  56. 6 November 2015 at 14:06

    Superb article!
    School harassment, I KNOW VERY WELL. I was in college, in the suburbs, I do 1m50, morbidly shy, with 95C. You can imagine. It jammed me toilets, we laughed, I was given nicknames, we detach my bra.
    It was awful.
    Then, my sister was dragged by the hair done in high school because it was the best of the class. My mother had to force it out, with a doctor's certificate, to put it in another school.

    Then my daughter. Ma Margot, it is an anguished teen. It's always been. But nice, ready to help, who says hello, merci, goodbye. Who picks up the teacher who fell to the ground after a crooked foot of a student. Mais Margot, few little girls have decided to hate. We talk aloud to her class time, we surrounds 45 kids for fun. They make fun of her on facebook or it is excluded from a Halloween party. So I called the director. AND THERE, then, it's the best. “Yes but you know, Stress has your daughter is the cause of the class of problems”. Pardon ? Hein ? So, if you want to survive in college, Simply, you have to be a sociopath, not be reached and cry when kids laugh during the homage of Charlie Hebdo, not be destabilized by kids who watch reality TV. Not because it, it is not anxiety.
    We are preparing a generation of idiots head, brainless and vicious, all blessed by the administration. Bon courage.

  57. 6 November 2015 at 19:55

    This is a very nice article, as you know so often do. Bravo for courage, not only that of this tiny little girl but never dismantled. But this courage that makes the woman you are today to be able to stand back and talk about sensitive subject that we arrange so easily under the carpet.

  58. 6 November 2015 at 20:21

    Your ticket me want to make a my turn on this important subject, I would like to put the link here:


  59. 6 November 2015 at 21:15

    I never write but read you and see that you speak of soccer players…..Wow thought of Recollections.
    What memories as this rivalry foooteux and techno classes….pfiou the essarts !!!
    It seems to me that it might be well crossed.

  60. 6 November 2015 at 21:32

    As usual it's perfect, no sentimentality, but many other things. I am the parent of which you speak, and I ask the questions, We will see what it gives…

  61. 7 November 2015 at 15:26

    Same profile as you, petite, egghead with 1 an d’avance, mais j’ai eu de la chance, I had real friends (they are always 40 years old) and it really bothered me not, or primary, or college, or high school. I am very found unprepared when my 2nd was harassed in 6th (same profile : tiny, 1 an d’avance, 1st Class). FORTUNATELY, the teaching team, teacher and principal in particular, has responded really well and everything is back to normal soon. There was a meeting with all the boys in her class, and my son told all this before he underwent. The teacher recalled that harassment is prohibited by law and that we, parents, could complain. The vast majority of kids who were attacking my son simply were not aware that what they did was just nasty and unfair, them they just thought it was funny. Most came then apologize to him, spontaneously. Bref, my testimony just to say that this day is excellent, more we talk about, the more it progresses. When the teacher called to report the problem, she told us right away “do not worry, harassment problems in 6th,in 20 years old, I have set full”. She has not minimized, it is mounted to the front. And I thank her with all my heart.

  62. 7 November 2015 at 19:31

    Eleonore beautiful thank you for this post and thank you to all those that are given in the comments… and hello my sisters. I was noodle college, necessarily, I liked to read books, I had good grades and I was playing the clarinet. My mom loved me dress up lace blouses at a time when all the cool girls wore t – shirt Naf naf. It was hard but it has also forged my difference… Today I have lots of nice friends a little crazy too and I work in a very very serious but open minded environment where one appreciates me as I am. The girls who made fun of me today are those that spend their time telling their kids gastroenteritis on FB. I feel sorry for them…

  63. 8 November 2015 at 0:39

    I am a teacher and I fight against harassment. I can tell you it is not easy. We are way behind in its recognition and, that stalkers are punished, we must fight. More, when I see the progress that child victims are once eradicated harassment, Is it worth it.
    So I appeal : do not tell it does not matter, it's a boy or a matter that is peanuts (when they are adults). The stalker may harass that if peers are silent or encourage. Then react.

  64. 8 November 2015 at 11:00

    Thank you for your article. Enfin, finally something is being done to combat what has gone unpunished for years.

  65. 8 November 2015 at 12:18

    I read the comments and I fly over and as every time I hear about bullying, I am very uncomfortable.
    In college (since this is the worst college) I was rather popular among, head of a band but in the hypes of 6EB. I have loving parents, I'm not a rebel, I am high.
    I have never been stalker but I do not have to look far to find examples where I have been witness harassment. Silent Witness, witness who does nothing but laughing for like everyone else, accomplice witness.
    Today I have children, just thinking that they can be harassed lead me to tears. Today I am an adult with two watchwords in life: gratitude and kindness, even impersonate couillonne. But to 13 years old, I laughed the little fat plastered who were flying crutches, or girl to whom fell the pants.
    There are not only victims and harassers, there are witnesses and there are many, they too must open their eyes!

    • 8 November 2015 at 17:21

      It's brave of you to talk about that's for you to do well and make you aware of what you have left to do shows that fortunately accomplices know to question ;)

      • 8 November 2015 at 22:18

        It seemed important to me to reading the reviews : there are not only victims. There are stalkers. There are many witnesses.
        The roles are not static in my opinion: I was also harassed at another time, over a short period, it was hard. That did not stop me, before and after this event, follow the herd witnesses that say nothing. Child or teenager, it was not zero setback?

  66. 8 November 2015 at 15:28

    And one more in the Vic-team #! I too have been harassed at school, then in high school. 4 years with a band, 3 with one another, believe I was looking for since it did not stop. Inkjet me pdt class, spittle, insults, mockery of the genre invited to fake appointment… The knot in my stomach that makes you invent excuses to spend course time in the infirmary instead of the first rank and receive pellets during the course, la posture voutée, tears in his eyes when you pass THEM, especially loneliness. Misunderstanding that inhabits us still other victims are attacking you, it was so easy and loose.
    I think my parents did not have suspected in either, or so they told me too that it will pass that this was not serious. I remember a teacher who was interested in my case, and to cut short I told him I was just shy.
    Fortunately the wheel actually turns, but the satisfaction of seeing our stalkers have a shitty life (this does not always hold and more) Only short.
    It was there 15 years but it is still there in a corner. My insecurity is, lurking, and does not hesitate to jump at my face any difficulty. This was to be written in big letters on my forehead, VICTIM, because you're right-it's all a question of parental education, that one has harassed children or stalkers. In fact self-disrespect this is the first value which inculcated me.
    I am a mother now and I make sure to convey primarily positive values ​​and respect to my children, to themselves and others.

  67. 8 November 2015 at 15:30

    It's crazy to realize how important this is common. In college I spent a year insulted me, they laughed at me, nobody spoke to me in class, I had some crazy techniques to get the first being to sit immediately in class, not to be told that I was “friendless” if I sat next to someone. My main teacher had called my parents and told me she thought I had changed, I was not the same in 6th, but we have never tried to find out why.. Fortunately, it was quickly passed and I moved (in another country, even better :D), and I soon left it all behind me. But now, years later, I realize that I was a victim of it.

  68. 8 November 2015 at 15:46

    This is a nifty item, and with a fine conclusion !

    Just a note that seems to me not quite good : surname instead of “heritage”, non ?

    cool kisses

    • 8 November 2015 at 17:17

      Oh thank you ! I reread many times the article without me realizing more !

  69. 9 November 2015 at 16:15

    I read your post on harassment carefully…. and also a lot of concern. I was there in the courtyard of the playground, close to you since we were in the same class CM2. It's very weird sensation as: I tried to relive those moments through your stories,( your last name was actually an easy target), and I realized, even if it may seem to you “too simple” as an explanation, I was not aware of the impact it had on you. I never doubted me your side ” hargneuse” hidden injuries … I just hope it is not too late to ask FORGIVENESS you have followed the movement without straining your hand. De mon côté, I still have fond memories of this year and you too especially during a birthday party at Valérie, laughter in the garden and a beautiful successful party ;O)

    • 9 November 2015 at 18:14

      It's strange to read you… This year CM2 is my only good memories of school, I do not think you have been able to participate in what I describe in my article, I experienced this in my previous school.

      Thank you instead of you to be part of the few classmates with whom I spent good times when I was a child ;)

  70. 10 November 2015 at 8:33

    I do not comment often, but then your article to reason in me.
    I also suffered harassment at school.
    I was a little girl spontaneous and full of life. I arrived in the 6th class of repeaters or good students were misperceived. I could not participate in class just to insult me (“fayote” “licks c **” “nerd”…) or hit. I gradually withdraw into myself. Recess was the worst time of day (with a break from 12:00).
    Bref 4 rotten years ( because some of my stalkers have found themselves in the same class as me) who literally trampled my ego and my confidence (I spent recess locked the toilet). Arrive at school, I got (my goal was to make friends than to work (Conversely college), even mock the weird girl in the class to get there (I'm not proud). I redouble my second, I started in theater (to regain confidence in myself and be able to face the looks, learn to speak in public…), I went to see a sophrologist, I did hypnosis to get to get out.
    It took a very long time to regain confidence in myself, stop telling me that I am zero, I worthless (Legacy of college teasing and bullying others).
    Today I am a teacher in college and I am particularly sensitive to the problem of harassment. The worst is that as a teacher, we do not necessarily see this phenomenon happening in our classrooms.
    I am pleased that now the school is trying to fight against the phenomenon, create actions to educate youth. If I had had this kind of action in my college, I could feel that I was not alone and I might be talking instead of suffering.

  71. 10 November 2015 at 18:35

    It is both reassuring and at the same time sad time to see that we have not only one to have suffered for a time of cruel classmates. But what warms my heart, is that I realize that I hear this kind of testimonials from people I admire today (as you and your lovely blog =) ). When we reach a pass through such mishaps without too much damage, it forge a certain vision of the world.
    Thank you for this testimony, (and kisses as the internet it becomes the playground in which she sometimes more stupid ;) )
    Good night!

  72. 12 November 2015 at 6:52

    Merci pour cet article! I experienced harassment at school at the end of the college and high school, and eventually leave the school system first. I was the girl who spent her life reading for recreation or to make music. In the end, I spent my tank and my remote license while working abroad. This is not so much wickedness students hurt me the most but indifference or even contempt for teachers who remained in their certainties and inked destined me to become unemployed just because I left high school and was aiming for a career in art. It was a very difficult period, but looking back now, I am very proud of what I've completed, and in a sense, I have no regrets over the years because I had to learn to be autonomous and to defend myself at great speed. All that to say : Top hearts!

  73. 13 November 2015 at 11:52

    Merci pour ce billet.
    It hurts the heart to read this………..
    I tjrs very careful that my children do not experience the same thing, and of course, they are not on the other side.
    More, I realize they bcp have empathy for others, and are instead of those who defend “the widow and the orphan”

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