My small collections


The stars of my collection ^^

I try to get rid up superfluous for some years, my little side collector comes to face my goodwill.

That's the problem when you're a little obsessive : It makes you want to control everything, but it can generate the inverse. I love tidy shelves but my collections take up space. I have the vacuum but I sometimes need to fill. I'm not mad you know.

But I looove collectible, It's a bit as if life was a video game and need to find all hidden items. I have the impression to find treasures at all times, It's a pretty heady feeling. ADO I collected pubs in the magazine, my heart leaped when I made a new find (I épluchais my mother magazines, in the cellar, in the black and the smell of musty for hours). I also collected soda cans, I remember having plunged into a dustbin for a bobbin Morgen x Orangina :D

Growing up, and to learn how to control me and not to turn my apartment into a museum WonderlandHarryPotteroDisney I had to fix myself full of limits and it works rather well. This is how I handled my different collections.


Harry Potter



American illustrated book Harry Potter & the sorcerer's stone, box of chocolates (HP Studios), single snitch manufactured by my great guy for my 30 years old, time turner noble collection, Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows

My small collection, but who would have completely go live when I visited studios there are 2 years old. When I saw in the store all what you could buy I thought you had to be super selective otherwise I was going to fart a lead. The wand ? Apart from gathering dust in a shelf it will me be useless, non. Everything was a little too cheap, non. Everything had an indecent price (Candy by ex), non. It is necessary to create its own criteria and stick to them. I buy only what I find really good quality. Limiting a collection ’ at the outset it quiet very well, It avoids Buying absolutely everything which relates to a theme without discernment.

Here I've put small objects, but I also a love T-shirt, a scarf and pin's slytherin and ravenclaw (Yes I I'm looked long but I got to admit that I was totally team ravenclaw finally).


♥︎ Disney ♥︎


A bit like Harry Potter, There are so many derivatives Disney was forced to be selective. I completely cracked when I went to Japan where merchandising is incredible quality (It is made for demanding adults, not for children). I buy enough little things in general, We really need that I have a big favorite.


Boxes purchased in Japan

Genus these books / boxes purchased in Japan, they were filled with pretty paper and matching envelopes. I use it to store lots of small things in my living room.


Set of the Disney Sea

My madness tea set purchased in Tokyo Disney Sea that everyone wants (It was limited edition, they do more Park I think). I to am so bitten me fingers not to have brought two. It en now on ebay (I searched for you).

For the little story, Dancing with the stars production has borrowed me a few months ago for a sequence, they had looked everywhere and I was the only one to agree to lend. I not even watch the show, but I found it funny :D


Alice in wonderland


ALICE's ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, ALICE IN WONDERLANd illustrated, pouch Central library, tags Alice, box Paul & Joe, card of the hotel the White Rabbit


Teapot Disney Sea, labels Alices (purchased in Japan)

I use too little this teapot I should organize snacks just for it. These labels I also have a Peter Pan that I put in my tree every year.


Rifle Paper book illustrated by Ana Bond, Disney Sea pens

I had already revealed to you quite a lot of pretty things alice in this articles on my books, I have accumulated quite a lot of things these 10 in recent years on the subject. A mix of books, disney derivatives and other. I'm not a super fan of products based on original prints for example.

I have pens (I realize looking at the picture it lacks the chat… someone will have the severed head !!), des livres, a teapot, the stationery, a lipstick…


My piiiiiiin's


All my favorite ^^

I had detailed you how it was happening a little pine trading Disneyland, never show you my collection. Here they are ! Finally just my favorite, because I have other :(D) if the subject interests you I participated in a podcast funny on the subject of Pin trading that you can listen to here.

Good otherwise I do not have yet an idea is nice for hanging with me, they are therefore in a beautiful box lined.

I have several ideas of themes : by colors, by film, by genre (wicked, chats, under the ocean…) but I do not yet decided









When I started this collection, I in know nothing, I thought that it was the pin's on sale at the Park and it was the same in all countries. Mais non, It was a tiny tip of the iceberg. I was tremendously fit my collection : characters clipped, pretty colors. Otherwise I nagerais in pine's as Scrooge in the gold coins.




Hull totoro

Right there I'm going to store a little while the rest. Most of it is not true collections because I stopped fast enough history to not fall into drug. CA is my phone totoro hull but I have many others, or I got, but I have given changing phone.


Agenda and key fob Creamy Mami purchased in Japan


Pez Darth Vader, Elsa, My Melody

The Pez is the typical thing in which I didn't want to fall, from time to time we offer me one and I find it cute. But I forbid me to look on ebay (did you know, the creator of ebay has created its website to help his wife to complete his collection of Pez).


Sonny Animal Angels

Ditto for the Angels Sonny, a friend brought me from Korea and I felt the potential danger : they are sooooooo ignons ! Animals are suuuuper cute and there is also of ladurees too pretty.

Pfiouuuuu it makes things ! I am not ready to vacuum me I said to you !

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78 "comments on"My small collections

  1. CLO Green
    25 February 2016 at 9:53


  2. CASS perch
    25 February 2016 at 10:02

    Should I push the walls!

  3. 25 February 2016 at 10:05

    Wouahhhh!! What beautiful collections :) !!! I almost have the impression of having this article so much I recognize myself in… Me also I collect everything from tiny !!! But like you, now I limit myself to the beautiful quality objects… I sometimes have the impression that “hunting” to the object and almost more important than the object itself, Once you pass to another. Sometimes I tell myself that should I stop, I have more room and it becomes obsessive, but there… It is stronger than all, it's like that : I am collector ;) !! So thanks for your article, I feel less alone…

    • 25 February 2016 at 10:34

      It is necessary that you rationalises otherwise after you are lost !

  4. 25 February 2016 at 10:10

    So a fan of your service to the Disney Sea!
    Your collection of pine's is just awesome!!!! <3 J'adore! Je ne connaissais pas ce système de pin's trading! Et ton pin's Là-Haut est trop joli!!! I the veuxxxxxxxx!!!!
    Bises, beautiful day

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  5. Mathilde
    25 February 2016 at 10:13

    I'm quite jealous of your collections.

  6. 25 February 2016 at 10:20

    Your small collections are guns, full of beautiful things ! You are right to keep :)

  7. 25 February 2016 at 10:28

    I love this kind of article ! I too am like everything collectible, I love buy the stuff that appear in movies (glory to the choco frog !) or animated films, you have never wanted to acquire light or even Big Ben ? I know they came out at Disneyland.

  8. 25 February 2016 at 10:33

    A nice article. What nice collection you got there !! I understand you so when you say to settle its own limitations when you want to bring a whole shop at home. This feeling is sometimes frustrating veeeeeery.

    Aaaah this service at The La Belle and the beast, I arrive one day to offer me, but I am still wary on Ebay … *sigh *.

  9. 25 February 2016 at 10:35

    impressive ! some pins are adorable

  10. Elodie Hotlips
    25 February 2016 at 10:39

    Oh I adooooooore!

  11. 25 February 2016 at 10:43

    OMG!!! This collection of pin's….it so makes me dream! I am a mini mini mini player next to you! I'm going to concentrate on the subject of the shot! Very nice article. As usual :) La bise

  12. 25 February 2016 at 10:44

    Wow!! Everything is amazing! Thanks for the Mrs Potts pot and Chip Tea Cup set! ♥

  13. 25 February 2016 at 10:46

    Not but clearly your pin's collection Disney makes me dream ! The series Alice in the Wonderland is just crazy, Oh how I envy you having all these small wonders !!!!

  14. Ely
    25 February 2016 at 11:01

    I should never have to watch… Je suis actuellement sur Disney store en train d’acheter des pin’s

  15. Cassandra Carvalho
    25 February 2016 at 11:09

    Yes I understand that mdr

  16. 25 February 2016 at 11:16

    The time Turner really makes me drool. It is sublime <3

  17. 25 February 2016 at 11:22

    Selamawit the pin's ! When I saw them, It reminded me direk my collection when I was 10 years old, stored in a box of blank VHS, stuck on the card stock to the size, felt-covered blue with a Ribbon to each pad tab. I had done it well you have seen ! I believe that I had been arranged by color ;-) My favorite was the Simpsons, I had the #lisaforever family.
    I'm all collector, It would make me too many nodes in the brain and it food me too too long, but actually I totally understand the potential of madness, the Pez, the sonny angels is just too tempting !
    You should go take a look at a community site as a friend, he same collector ;-) has launched called You Are Collector
    It could talk to you ;-)
    Hugs to you !

    • 25 February 2016 at 13:34

      It is for the trade or just show his collection ? I have not understood

      • 25 February 2016 at 14:13

        The 2 I believe, According to the home page, I am not registered since I am not a collector ;-) I think you can organize them as a sort of Pinterest and Exchange or sell with others in the community

  18. Céline Scampi
    25 February 2016 at 11:36

    Je plaide coupable

  19. 25 February 2016 at 11:36

    All same for me !!
    I dream of empty my apartment, and at the same time, I have lots of pretty things to which I am really attached…. not necessarily collections in themes, but beautiful objects reported travel, or Chinese. Bref, unique, with a great sentimental value.
    Difficult to make drastic choices !

  20. 25 February 2016 at 11:40

    Your pins are sublime !!

  21. Sophie Berthe
    25 February 2016 at 11:56

    Elles sont trop mimi tes collections ! 😍

  22. Larexiste Créations
    25 February 2016 at 11:56

    eh yes! Je collectionne et en plus je crée… :D

  23. To
    25 February 2016 at 12:03

    Un super article que tu as écrit là ! I love it :) on a chacune nos petites collections je crois bien

  24. 25 February 2016 at 12:05

    Han I am such. I started with a draw polabox. J’en ai 300 on my wall. I started with a blue 70's bottle, I have 7. I am unable to control myself on this stuff.
    Where the interests of pinterest, which calm me not evil, compulsively collecting images.

  25. I do exactly the same to channel my collections otherwise it would be the mess in the apartment. I collect figurines Pop but only Disney. Disney's Pin but only the characters simply. The lego on specific themes, etc…


  26. Stephanie Eyl
    25 February 2016 at 12:43

    Mais c est ma tasse 😉

  27. 25 February 2016 at 12:47

    Hallucinant cette histoire de pin’s! I had missed your old article. I also collected with my sister when I was small and I didn't have a TT that it was returned to fashion even if I see you wear!
    Suddenly I'm going eye if I find sth and especially if the inside disney, do we ever know, I'll tell you, especially if you don't have it!
    bye bye

  28. Hilde Bald
    25 February 2016 at 12:48

    Yes just like that too but with bigger stuff : lamp, pots etc…I'll rather put me at pines ehehehe

  29. 25 February 2016 at 12:49

    It reminds me the total tearing when my mother threw my collection of cans… It brought the 4 around the world, it was great! And I drank quite improbable drinks just to have the bobbin…

  30. Alix Papadopoulos Baracco
    25 February 2016 at 12:58

    Oui, moi aussi ! :) trinkets, small trays, etc….

  31. 25 February 2016 at 13:32

    Ben due to / thanks to you, I've sunk into the pines Disney mania, This is one of my great pleasures. I have a few and I am gaining them over the months very slowly, and I weigh my purchases to be really fan of each piece…Here it's a bit pointless as a comment but I wanted to tell you thanks for that. :)

  32. 25 February 2016 at 13:33

    I brake me the most possible because beyond the collection is more possession that pursues me. I have obsessive periods for example at a time I bought everything that was illustrated by Marc Boutavant, This winter I started looking at the Sylvanian Families and for a little, I would have bought tons but not any, the rare, because more are always the most difficult to find which please me…

  33. 25 February 2016 at 13:55

    It's funny, I'm totally the opposite of a collector and you: I rationalized that I buy! I do not like to see things stack up, except the real books say… But it does that I find your collections quite crunchy, I like your pin's, especially that of Ariel (I think recall that you had struggled to have!)

    • 25 February 2016 at 14:09

      Hahaha but if you are a collector of books !

      • 3 March 2016 at 19:56


  34. 25 February 2016 at 14:07

    Keychain CREAMY MAMI!! the piece that makes me drool the most !! I hope to succeed to get hold of it one day!
    In any case your collection is very impressive, everything is really nice ! ;)

    • 25 February 2016 at 14:08

      I dunno if you saw on amazon, There is a small pocket creamy mirror, It makes me serious eye I think I'll crack !!

      • 25 February 2016 at 15:00

        Alright I've seen!! I cry so much it is cabbage but I have to remain strong and not to crack!! ;)

  35. 25 February 2016 at 14:37

    Wow I love your collections and your universe ! Good Alice of course, but pines, It's been some time that you spoke more too or that you wore it less (Finally, it is my impression), and here to see them all together, that's great.
    I bought a few as, albeit a collection, but I am more “old school Disney Princesses”, Therefore the belle au Bois dormant, Cinderella and Blanche Neige power :-)
    My favorite is this one :(http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disney-Pin-Princess-Quote-HM-Snow-White-My-Stepmother-Is-All-Heart-pin932-/331659184240), with his little message I put when I see my beautiful mother who never struck…imolore
    Sinon, I dream to go to the Japan but I know that I could not resist with all their kawaieries and requiring that I bring a full suitcase of lint and other figures which are worthless of course but who are so adorably cute….
    Thank you bcp for this article

    • 25 February 2016 at 16:18

      Go to Japan is a real test, I have done anything with my thune there down I became zee !

  36. 25 February 2016 at 14:48

    (Smiley heart eyes) Mon dieu, all of these collections are highly desirable… especially the Miss Savomar cups.
    Do you remember at what price you have paid because tariffs on Ebay are quite aberrant. Merci !

  37. 25 February 2016 at 17:39

    Trop jolies tes petites collections !!

    J’adoooore !

    Facile j’ai les mêmes passions : Disney, Harry Potter, Alice, Pine Tradding !

    I've always collected also, ADO was thumbnails of perfumes and pubs also like you. But also (attention big Pan) I was a fan of a famous American singer and I collected a whole bunch of stuff on it, the CD including, There is a parallel world also on this topic kind you albums, singles EPS, the singles, the promo discs, editions of all countries with different covers or simply bar code that changes #grossemaladementale !

    I loved search editions that I didn't but this kind of thing you do go to a big beauf in the eyes of people… Must say that fans have never had good reputation, Apart from entering Madhu emissions…

    Growing up I have the “adapter” my passion for the program and concentrate on slightly more respectable subjects.

    At the time I put pine tradding in 2010, and I realized that no, it was not necessarily more respectable and I was so afraid to try that I did this in loosde, already most of my relatives do not grasp the importance of an annual Passport…

    We misunderstood !

    But thanks to you I take confidence in this kind of stuff, a collection that can be stylish while being pointed on the subject can even be of interest to those same people who mocked gently ! (and super podcast I listened just now was very funny !)

    More now I'm young mother, a good excuse to make small collections ! I thus succumbed to the collection of the Tsum Tsum ! But small dose, only the best working and most cute (because frankly some are downright sloppy and does not at all resemble the character !)

    Sonny Angel are also in baby's room, like you I have 4 and I am serious on me to not go live !

    Short collectible it is too well ! J’adore ton article <3

    • 25 February 2016 at 21:11

      But yes he must live his passions to the fore, those who mock you are often people who would dare, or who are narrow-minded, It's not worth. Good post it's easy for me to say that I'm not bad in a medium ultra geek where everyone has his devouring passions !

  38. 25 February 2016 at 18:46

    Your pin's collection is impressive ! I'm envious

  39. 25 February 2016 at 20:22

    For you who like Alice, have you seen here
    http://www.emp-online.fr/alice-in-wonderland-disney-couture-alice-in-wonderland-key-bracelet-bracelet/art_322488/#reviews ?
    Beautiful evening

  40. 25 February 2016 at 21:39

    Me if I was listening to me, I collect 36 000 stuff!! But I manage to keep the House more or less in order… Your super gives collection envy in any case!! Your tea service!! OMG!!

  41. 25 February 2016 at 22:11

    What superb collection!
    And then big favorite on the teapot with three openings! <3 Merry unbirthday!

  42. Ambre Blanes
    25 February 2016 at 22:33

    I love reading this article while returning from the network ! Merci !!!

  43. Marie Christine
    25 February 2016 at 23:10

    When I was little I dreamed of being billionaire to have my own sleeping beauty's Castle (the prince from snow white or belle and the beast) (I hear myself talking like a crazy lol)

  44. Marie Christine
    25 February 2016 at 23:11
  45. Marjorie Bonnemoy
    25 February 2016 at 23:32

    les sonny angels 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 j’ai commencé la collection ……. *-* I try to restrict me also because that otherwise it is a blow to have bare ass pti everywhere ^. ^

  46. Adelaide Friou
    26 February 2016 at 0:50

    I collect cups Wizmo. I use them, so it's a rather useful collection. But a very useless, This is my collection of movie tickets (I never threw my tickets of cine even when I was a movie twice) and the coins that I started when I was a brat and I stopped since…

  47. Virginia Feistl
    26 February 2016 at 6:04

    Coca, Disney, final fantasy, pins, Pokémon, Magic, YuGiOh, manga, coins, Lint….
    I made several collections, and to different part of the year I devote myself more to some than others.

  48. Sylvie Syed Shahid
    26 February 2016 at 6:58

    Well be wouai!!! Y' other!!! But that is what it is very nice to snoop, find, expose, exchange,…….ER……etc!

  49. Sylvie Syed Shahid
    26 February 2016 at 7:09

    That girls comments!! No dudes who collect???? I do not believe!!!! I know full!

  50. 26 February 2016 at 9:25

    J’étais un peu comme ça. Je collectionnais des gommes à formes, de la papeterie et des albums stickers quand j’étais petite. Je continuais avec la papeterie, des bijoux et plusieurs autres bibelots jusqu’à que… un jour, je me suis rendue compte que je n’avais plus rien, plus de superflu dans ma vie. (Oui, déménager très souvent de pays aide à s’en débarrasser de tout ce qui n’est pas essentiel). Mais maintenant ça fait plusieurs années que j’habite à Paris et j’ai de moins en moins de choses. J’adore la légèreté de ne rien posséder. Mes tiroirs et mon placard sont à moité vides et je me débarrasse très régulièrement du moindre truc que je n’ai pas porté dernièrement.
    Tout se trouve en format électronique. Avant j’adorais mes murs hyper décorées, des étagères pleines à craquer toutes joliment décorées. Plein de belles magazines, d’art, de design, d’architecture… Maintenant mes murs sont blancs, le parquet est en bois très clair. Tout est blanc avec des touches de noir à la maison et ça me repose. Je ne sais pas du tout quand ni comment cela s’est produit.

    Mais toi c’est intéressant. Je te suis depuis longtemps (en fait je crois que j’avais trouvé ton blog parce que on s’est marié exactement à la même époque, à quelques jours près) et je vois ta “simplification vestimentaire” au cours des années. C’est génial que tu t’est trouvée et tu saches ce qui te convient. Et s’est aussi intéressant d’observer qu’au fur et à mesure que tu simplifies ta vie côté cosmétiques et vestimentaire, d’un autre ta collection augmente. C’est n’est aucunement un jugement de valeur, au contraire ! je trouve cela intéressant. Comme si tu te définis, tu assumes tes passions… et tout ça n’est peut que faire du bien =)

  51. Justine Charpenel
    26 February 2016 at 15:50

    Je plaide coupableQuand je commence une obsession pour quelque chose, ça finit par des heures sur Internet à les chercher, la seule chose qui m’arrête c’est mon budget limité inexistantOu mon copain qui me regarde avec des gros yeux en me rappelant qu’on n’a pas la place. Ton article sur les beaux livres m’a tellement tapé dans l’œil, j’ai déjà commandé deux livres sur Amazon… :3 mais merciii de nous faire découvrir ces belles choses 💛 de la couleur et de la légèreté, c’est le summum de ma journée ! ❤️

  52. 26 February 2016 at 16:48

    Oh but it is lovely stuff ! I have also some pine's Disney (White Rabbit of Alice and Peter Pan) as well as Ariel, on the other hand the model I have Ariel is ugly compared to the like (Yet it comes directly from the Park shop) Finishes, to do that… but I still bought it because I'm a fan :). Is that wish comes from elsewhere or to another collection ? (I am disgusted because the Little Mermaid is my personal favorite).^^

    • 26 February 2016 at 20:56

      Aaaah le Ariel c’est celui que j’ai eu le plus de mal à obtenir. C’est une édition limitée 300ex il s’est vendu 30€ il y a 2 years on disneystore.fr and now it is in the €600 minimum on eBay even more…

      • 28 February 2016 at 12:34

        Raaaah ! heck ! But why they are still the impossible things that please me (the side quest, peut-être) ? Bon ben I'll content myself with mine so ^^ thanks for the reply.

  53. 26 February 2016 at 21:44

    Disney, Harry Potter, Magical EMI… Ohlalal I love !!! Very nice collection !

  54. Sonia LaseuleLavraielunique
    3 March 2016 at 13:47

    Voila Juju, you know who to thank for the mega super good idea to collect Disney pins :)! thanks WHO??? Thanks Eleonore Bridge

  55. 4 March 2016 at 20:02

    I love you I love you that I you aimeuh!!!
    Fucking the collection of pin's what!!!

  56. 8 March 2016 at 8:28

    Oh the your small collections make dream !
    I started a pine there is little ! But unfortunately I lost one of my faves ( a huge and superb tik tok only available on the castmembet strips)
    Sinon ma collection de goodies Harry Potter est interminable comme toi je suis obligée de me mettre des barrières !
    I love this kind of article ! 😁😁

  57. Hélène Albini
    14 March 2016 at 14:28

    Madame Samovar et Zip sont toujours disponibles au Parc Disney Tokyo, une amie les a pris pas plus tard qu’hier :)

  58. 24 March 2016 at 6:14

    I love your beautiful tea pots. Really cute and fun to have tea in those.

  59. 14 September 2016 at 17:30

    Hello everyone

    Tout d’abord j’adore trop tes collections.

    Je suis une mega fan de Disney ainsi que quelques mangas de notre enfance du club dorothée.

    Tout particulièrement merveilleuse creamy dont je recherche des objets mais malheureusement je n’en trouve que sur des sites japonnais.

    Est ce que quelqu’un connais ou l’on peut s’en procurer ou éventuellement demander à quelqu’un qui va couramment au Japon et qui pourrait me les acheter sur place ???

    Je suis désespérée de ne pas en trouver ici 😢 lol

    Thank you in advance

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