The ponds of corot (2)

The ponds of corot (2)

Les étangs de Corot – 55 rue de Versailles Ville D'Avray

This weekend I & rsquo; did a little quiet getaway along the ponds of Corot. I don & rsquo; had been in the corner (shame on me I don & rsquo;'ve ever put a boot to rock en seine), and I felt a bit like home because c & rsquo; is very close Yvelines where I & rsquo;'ve grown.

J & rsquo; had already had the chance & rsquo; to be invited the Sources de Caudalie last year, j & rsquo; so was delighted to reiterate & rsquo; experience in their school near Paris.

J & rsquo; there have found the same pleasant sensation d & rsquo; operate in a charming place, discreet luxury but in each care taken in any tiny detail (you know those places whose & rsquo; acoustics are perfect and you do not even hear yourself walking in the corridors ?). I really feel that nothing may disturb this tiny inner peace that settles the time of stay.

J & rsquo; ate like a queen, took tea near the fountain, looking up to the sun, slept earlier than ever for me to wake up by the birds, had breakfast on my deck watching the children play on the edge of & rsquo; pond, picnic beside fucked & rsquo; an illustrious statue with all the & rsquo; paraphernalia j & rsquo; dreamed, and that & rsquo; hotel had available to me, closing his eyes d & rsquo; Marie Antoinette was almost.

J & rsquo; also got one of the best massages of my life : Hot Stone, never tested, I think c & rsquo; is what I & rsquo; d have always waited & rsquo; massage !

I went by subway watching my carriage turn into a pumpkin, but I & rsquo;'m keeping my glass slippers ;)

The ponds of corot (19)

The ponds of corot (6)
The ponds of corot (36)

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The ponds of corot (43)


The ponds of corot (23)

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Trianon palace versailles (13)
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Escarpins Mellow Yellow, carpet War Trianon Palace

When I travel, I'm rather looking small apartments to live a bit like the people there. I am less and less trendy hotel, c & rsquo; is another world.

So j & rsquo; I tend to forget how c & rsquo; s nice to be pampered and spend a holiday or a weekend carefree.

J & rsquo; have been invited to test the Trianon Palace Versailles, a few weeks ago and it m & rsquo; gave good ideas Short breaks to half an hour of paris.

People often ask me if I know good spas in paris, and my answer is still no. Now I will give this address (c & rsquo; Paris but not c & rsquo; is not far :D), because the Guerlain spa is top and the fact d & rsquo; to be on the edge of Versailles park really gives the & rsquo; seem to spend a king weekend.

If you are looking for & rsquo; a somewhat regal hotel for Valentines c & rsquo; is a good address (d & rsquo; so that & rsquo; they eat like princes – chef Gordon Ramsey oblige).

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As I said yesterday breezed, j & rsquo; spent a delightful weekend with the girls for my girl bachelor party in Provins. No session & rsquo; humiliation scheduled, barely j & rsquo; had to wear my headband rabbit Topshop all day, you talk d & rsquo; punishment…

The city is super pretty, d & rsquo; as much as we had a wonderful time : the gardens are sublime, l & rsquo; church is worth a visit and the rose garden where we had tea and a snack also !

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They m & rsquo; then took her to LA unknown destination of the weekend, I don & rsquo; had absolutely no idea of ​​the sauce with which j & rsquo; was going to be eaten but I knew that & rsquo; they had an ingenious idea as I saw shine their eyes when they were plotting to me that was completely dropped with my rabbit ears on head.

J & rsquo;'ve done the last few meters down the street blindfolded, before that & rsquo; they make me a wrench in hand ten minutes later and let me discover my room Alice in Wonderland. We were in the house Stella Cadente, I n & rsquo; had never heard and which was the scene of the most adorable weekend d & rsquo; bachelor party girl that & rsquo; they could whip me.

C & rsquo; s really & rsquo; ideal place to spend a magical week end, each room is the & rsquo; d & rsquo illustration; a fairy tale or d & rsquo; an atmosphere : puss, peel & rsquo; donkey, Snow Princess, Alice in Wonderland, Russian Suite, Red Mill room. The public rooms were also small wonders : color storm lounge and dining room blue (not to mention the pretty garden course).

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I invite you to visit also les photos d’Anne-so which give a better idea of ​​the place :)

Gentlemen, if you want to impress your girlfriend that's a ready map ;)

Cherry on the cake, I who always judge hotels in their breakfasts, that we had the next day was perfect : fresh products, squeezed juice, jams and teas of choice, meringues… A real nice surprise.

If I had to make one caveat I would speak of & rsquo; insulation : j & rsquo;'m afraid we don & rsquo; have a little broken the trip of our roommates to giggle like little turkeys. On a eu beau faire attention, I think that & rsquo; they heard us, sorry :(

Maison Stella Cadente
28, Rue Maximilien Michelin
77160 Provins