Greenwich Village (4)

Greenwich Village (10)

Croisement de Grove street et Bedford street, it tells you something ?

Last article of my trip report, j & rsquo; hope it will give you the desires and ideas ! New York is really a city that gives me every time l & rsquo; d want & rsquo; return soon.

On my last trip I & rsquo; had lived 2 weeks in Greenwich Village and I & rsquo; had loved.

The area was made famous by Carrie Bradshow who lived there in the series Sex & FRIENDS the city and since the building often appears in the series as that of Monica (croisement de Grove street et Bedford street). L & rsquo; architect with whom I did a little tour was the & rsquo; air a little regret the now very touristy side places. I find it out, c & rsquo; has yet Midtown !

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L & rsquo; architecture is very typical of what & rsquo; we see in movies, and there is that little something that makes “un village” : streets lined with tall trees, small businesses…

J & rsquo; I pushed a little south of the neighborhood to go test “big gay ice cream” whose m & rsquo; both had spoken. I must admit that ice-coated vanilla and melted chocolate pretzel leave me an imperishable smile. A tester ! Very close, there are the “five guys burgers and fries“, I don & rsquo; but we have not tested the & rsquo me is highly recommended.

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The Highline (5)
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meatpacking district (2)

Sweat Asos, short Topshop, bottines Steve Madden, tights gams box, accessory bun Asos

You can not make more explicit the title ! J & rsquo; spent a few days in the corner my camera around my neck and beat the pavement of meatpacking, d & rsquo; admire the view from the High Line and ask me in small parks in Greenwich Village.

As I l ​​& rsquo; have said, j & rsquo; was invited by Narciso Rodriguez brand for 10 years of perfume “For Her” and discover the inspirations of the designer in his neighborhood. C & rsquo; left !

Le standard

J & rsquo; so had the chance to stay at Standard and its famous windows built along the rivière.C & rsquo; d was pretty crazy & rsquo; Meatpacking be open every evening and watch the lights of the city on the river. C & rsquo; is not given, but you must at least go have a drink there the view was crazy.

The Standard (9)

The Standard (4)

The Standard (2)

The Standard (6)
The Standard (3)

meatpacking district (11)

Meatpacking District

Old district slaughterhouse (comme son nom l’indique), now we find it full of luxury brands, despite crapouillous streets and & rsquo; super industrial environment.

meatpacking district (18)

meatpacking district (8)

meatpacking district (22)

meatpacking district (9)

meatpacking district (1)

meatpacking district (10)

J & rsquo; have had & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity, see a little hidden places : visit the district with a brilliant architect and attend dinners in amazing lofts. C & rsquo; was crazy : take a freight elevator from the street like in the movies, to arrive on a plateau a little dirty, take a corridor and arrive in a crazy apartment with fantastic views. Many surprises.

Narciso (2)
Narciso (1)

The roofs (6)

The roofs (4)
The roofs (1)

The roofs (3)

The roofs (2)

La High Line & Chelsea

Just below my hotel, il y avait la High line, a great rehabilitation d & rsquo; old railways promenade planted in place to be a walk, s & rsquo; install to sunbathe and read a book while eating an ice cream.

There are very cool d & rsquo galleries, art (everything is of course free) Do not miss the side of the 24th Street, The collections presented are quite impressive (This one had for example Jeff Koons at Gagosian)

The Highline (5)

The Highline (2)
The Highline (1)

The Highline (4)


New-york-soho (18)

New-york-soho (16)

Soho sur Broadway

New York makes it totally bulimic at all levels : so much to see, to taste, to buy, to photograph. Hard not to lose your head especially when you only have a few days.

I did so not focused on shopping (c & rsquo; was duuuuuuur), if j & rsquo; have a mission d & rsquo; a day at the & rsquo; must Century 21. So I went to spend a few hours in Soho, to go home Madewell (486 Broadway) my little favorite American brand (refuel perfect t-shirt and buy a nice blue bag).

New-york-soho (18)

New-york-soho (17)
New-york-soho (21)

New-york-soho (19)

Pearl River Market – 477 Broadway

I don & rsquo; have not resisted a quick visit to Pearl River Market, Chinese products super store.

J & rsquo; had really wanted to take photos and to linger. C & rsquo; s how I came across a nursery for puppies (so funny to look through the bay window) after m & rsquo; be lost in the streets (saw the perfect grid of the city must be balèze to get lost, I’m the best !)

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New-york-soho (3)

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